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Light Thoughts from the Prayer Team

Prosperity Prayer
By R. H. Grenville

TODAY I am healed of the thought of limitation,
and my healing is complete.

Good fills my consciousness to overflowing and
through me blesses and prospers my world.

I can be, and am, generous with the good that
comes to me, for the riches of Christ are my resource.

I go directly to the Source, and that Source never fails me. The riches
of Christ are love’s divine bounty, manifesting for me in personal and practical ways.

The riches of Christ are mathematically exact. They can be added to anything and everything in my experience to provide greater happiness, prosperity, and success.

The riches of Christ can be divided and shared with others, yet never depleted.
The more I give of the riches of Christ, the more I have, to use and enjoy.

The riches of Christ can be multiplied to cover every need, provide for any emergency, and discharge every financial obligation. They are everywhere negotiable and instantly
convertible to meet all the needs of God’s children.

My soul expands in the consciousness of plenty.
It sings a new song, a song of abundant good.

I rejoice and give thanks that the riches of Christ are mine.




“Each of us is a unique spiritual creation, a divine
original with his or her own special God-given spark, capable of becoming a channel for God’s love to
pour forth into the world. This is God’s plan.
It is up to us to get into harmony with it.”
~Charles R. Fillmore