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Light Thoughts from the Prayer Team

IMy Prayer by James Dillet Freeman
“Be still, and know that I am God.” It is
An old familiar prayer.
I speak when I would know that I am His
And I am in His care.
I speak these quiet words and quietly
Enfolding mind and heart
Like a deep mantle of tranquility
I feel His stillness start
And grow until my restless world is caught
Out to its farthest rim
In that pure stillness past desire or thought
Where all is one with Him.

Prayer Of St. Patrick
Christ in the head of everyone to whom I speak.
Christ in the mouth of every person who speaks to me.
Christ in the eye of every person who looks upon me.
Christ in the ear of everyone who hears me today.
This prayer by Ernest Wilson is for the faint of heart who may
give way to despair in times of trouble. Use this prayer to turn a faint heart to a stout heart that awaits and trusts in the turning
of the tide.

“I believe in good outcomes. I expect the good. I await its fulfillment. I let patience have her perfect work. I work as I wait; work as if everything depends on me, and pray as if everything depends on God. As the nature of God in Jesus was mighty to overcome even the ‘last enemy,’ so I know Him to be mighty in me to perfect and fulfill that which concerns me and those I love. In quietness and in confidence I find my fulfillment.”




“Each of us is a unique spiritual creation, a divine original with his or her own special God-given spark, capable of becoming a channel for God’s love to pour forth into the world.
This is God’s plan. It is up to us to get into harmony with it.”
~Charles R. Fillmore