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Light Thoughts from the Prayer Team

God’s Day, A Meditation

By Martha Smock

God, what would You have me do today?
I open my mind to Your light; I open my ears to Your voice. I am ready and willing to follow You, to do those things that You need me to do today.

God, where would You have me go today?
My feet are willing servants. Show me the path, and I will follow it. Make known Your ways, and I will follow You.

God, what would You have me say today?
I will make Your words my words today. I will speak the Truth that You reveal to me. I will say the words, express the ideas that are from You. Inspire my mind, pour forth Your living ideas. I will speak with Your voice; I will use Your words.

God, how would You have me act today?
I am a channel for You, dear God. Act through me. Make me a channel for Your love today. Let Your power flow through me today. Fill me with Your life, strength, and health today. Renew me with Your Spirit today.

The light of God surrounds us;
 I AM light.

The love of God enfolds us;
 I AM love.

The power of God protects us;
 I AM power.

The presence of God watches over us.
I AM presence.

Wherever we are, God is!
 I AM Divine.


“Thank You, God, for the comforting assurance of Your constant presence in my life.”