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Light Thoughts from the Prayer Team

‘Peace In The Midst’ Unity 24th Annual World Day Of Prayer
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Times of great change challenge us to find our center in the midst of seeming chaos. The spiritual practice of finding peace right where you are, in the midst of any situation, has been the prescription of master teachers through the ages. Unity is echoing this centuries-old practice during World Day of Prayer 2017, calling for “Peace in the Midst.” We’re engaging people all over the world with renewed spiritual energy to:
Pray Peace… Be Peace … Do Peace.

Together we affirm: I am peace in the midst of all matters!
One with the power of divine peace,
I am the very presence of peace in my world.
I am the power of peace expressed in my thoughts.
I am the power of peace expressed in my words.
I am the power of peace expressed in my actions.
Peace is in the midst of me.

Walk In The Light by James Dillet Freeman
We may walk in the light, even through the darkness;
We may walk in the light, when we do not know
Where the turn of the road may take us or the starkness
Of the shadow-land through which we have to go.
We were born for the light, we are children of the morning;
And light is as much in our mind as on our eyes;
We carry it in our thought for the day’s adorning;
On the darkest day the light can fill thought’s skies.
So walk in the light, and have no fear of the turning;
Though there is no road that at last does not pass from view,
The light by which you find your way is burning
Not out in the sky. You carry the light in you



“Each of us is a unique spiritual creation, a divine
original with his or her own special God-given spark, capable of becoming a channel for God’s love to
pour forth into the world. This is God’s plan.
It is up to us to get into harmony with it.”
~Charles R. Fillmore