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Submit a prayer request by emailing your prayer to our Prayer Ministry and rest assured that your request is kept sacred and confidential. Every request sent to us receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know we are here for you and that you are never alone.

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Light Thoughts from the Prayer Team

Prayer For Health by Elizabeth Searle Lamb
Dear God, bless me with perfect health. Your pattern for my growth is one of perfection. I now accept the perfect well-being which is Your will for me and show forth radiant health and strength in mind and body.

Dear God, bless my mind and the thoughts I think. I now think thoughts of health, of vigor, of steady development. I let go completely of negative thoughts concerning my body. I expect only health to manifest itself within me.

Dear God, bless my lips and the words they speak. Bless my eyes that I may see Your goodness and Your beauty all about me. Bless my ears with perfect hearing that I may hear the underlying harmony of the universe.

Dear God, I ask a blessing for every part of me. I am open to Your radiant life; let it pour through me now, washing away every imperfection until I stand before You, perfectly, radiantly, healthy, and whole.

The Butterfly by Donna Miesbach
I’ve caught the sunlight in my wings
And move with ease and grace
For Spirit is my medium
And earth my dwelling place.
But once I crawled on tiny feet
Amid the dust of earth
Until at last I turned within
And found my own new birth.
‘Tis through the chrysalis of prayer
My soul now freely sings
For when at last I did emerge,
Christ light was captured in my wings.




“Each of us is a unique spiritual creation, a divine original with his or her own special God-given spark, capable of becoming a channel for God’s love to pour forth into the world.
This is God’s plan. It is up to us to get into harmony with it.”
~Charles R. Fillmore