“Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
January 5, 2014

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I invite you to close your eyes & to allow the silence to draw you inward. Take a deep breath & let go with the breath any cares or concerns. With your next inward breath, hear the call of the Master to “follow me” (Mat. 16-24). & rise higher & "...Follow me." Rise higher. . .

Here I am Lord of my being, willing to rise higher. I have the inner strength to follow you; knowing I will need even more strength than I feel now. I bring no earthly need; no sense of me or mine. You are not of this earth, so I bring to you that which is like you. I bring love. I bring love as an urge & a desire to experience our oneness. I let go the Earth, so I might rise higher. I come to you in purity, desiring only you; knowing you are the answer. You are the One. You are my source & to know you is to have the windows of heaven opened to me. Truly I am blessed; but more, I am a blessing. As pure of heart as I can be, here I am yearning for you. I've answered your call. I know you hear & so I wait upon you in our Unity, trusting & listening in the silence.

Resting in your everlasting arms, I am comforted, safe & secure. In moments of oneness with You all need passes away & I am content, for you have made me in a way that I can know you, love you, experience you, feel your love & express you as Love & as all the other wonderful things that you are Life, Wisdom, Power, Faith, Elimination, Willpower, Divine Order, Zeal & Enthusiasm, Strength & Imagination. Truly all is well. Now dear one, take a deep breath & begin to bring your awareness back to this place & time to learn more about experiencing & expressing God, building a better life & world. For so in mind, so it is in manifestation. Amen.


1. Do you believe God fulfills our needs, your needs? Well, it's not true. Joel Goldsmith said, "What God can do, God is doing." Spirit never falls asleep & then wakes up like we do, saying, "Wait a minute, I should be doing this," & jumps out of bed to begin doing it. Spirit works continuously doing whatever it is that Spirit does. If God could fulfill a need, as soon as a need rose up in your life, in the life of our church, or anywhere on the planet, it would be done, & dealt with because God doesn't sleep on the job. "What God can do, God is doing." So obviously, God doesn't fulfill needs. A need is not an avenue through which Spirit can express itself. When we wrongly believe that God responds to our needs, our prosperity is blocked. God isn't a sugar daddy who takes care of us - like “I have a need - God do something about it!” A need is not an avenue or the ‘door’, through which God can be experienced by human beings.

2. The ‘door’ is an awareness of ‘The Presence.’ ‘Someone' must awaken to the presence of God - that's the door that must open, that’s the ‘window of heaven’ that must open in order for Spirit/God to pour Itself into that individuals life & through them upon the Earth.

3. Jesus said, "Spirit works & I must work too." Our work is to establish a relationship so close that it becomes Oneness. When we become 1, we get to know ourselves (as we truly are) "the doorway opens"- (we awaken as Spiritual Beings) because we have returned (turned into Spirit - more than tuned into Spirit.

4. We've been a need based species for too long. Bringing our needs to God is not so removed from the 'animals' that we say we are superior to. We were created spiritual beings & made in the image & likeness of God. We are not need based 'animals' but God-based, God-oriented. That's what makes us different. God as Spirit is meant to be the focus of our lives. We still have a tendency in Unity & other New Thought Religions to believe Prosperity is about fulfilling our needs. Mystics who have bills to pay believe the focus is the awareness of the presence of God. It isn't for God to fix my life or to provide for me. The focus is not on the need; the focus is upon the relationship with Spirit. I know this teaching is not new to you.

5. Prosperity teachings keep us on the right track WITH TECHNIQUES to shift consciousness. Techniques like, making a list of everything that you are thankful for. Psalm 100 is the Psalm of Thanksgiving, it says, “Let us enter into God's gates with praise & thanksgiving." Ancient Mystics had an image of God as ‘a walled city that was hard to get into’, but once you were inside, you were protected. To pass through the door or gate, which was imaged as narrow & hard to find, you had to enter with Praise & Thanksgiving. It's another way of saying, “You have to leave the need to feel safe behind, and already feel how great it is to be protected on the other side.” This is a great image of the shift that we must make in consciousness.

The word ‘Mystical’ means “the experience of the Presence.” Myrtle Fillmore had an experience of the Presence of God & she was healed of a terminal condition she had had since childhood & from which many of her family members had died. It inspired her husband Charles to take a spiritual stand in his life. It also inspired them to make a personal covenant with God. It was a contract with God that spelled out what they would do & what they expected from God in return. It was their way of taking a spiritual stand in their lives & declaring that they had turned their lives over to living a spiritual lifestyle & not just a physical lifestyle. No one knew of it until both of them had passed. They made the contract & put it in their desk drawer.

I invite you to close your eyes & see if you can feel the consciousness of the Founders of Unity & the mystical root that was there in our beginning & that is here now. “We, Charles Fillmore & Myrtle Fillmore, husband & wife, hereby dedicate ourselves, our time, our money, all we have & all we expect to have, to the Spirit of Truth & through it, to the Society of Silent Unity. It being understood & agreed that said Spirit of Truth shall render unto us an equivalent for this dedication, in peace of mind, health of body, wisdom, understanding, love, life & an abundant supply of all things necessary to meet every want without making any of these the object of our existence. In the presence of the Conscious Mind of Christ Jesus, the 7th day of December 1892.” Pay special attention to the statement, “without making any of these the object of our existence” because that is the secret of a Prosperity Consciousness & the Jesus Christ way of life.

Jesus voiced his own covenant with God & urged others to do so when he said, "I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear." (Mt. 6:25) When we focus on the external & material goals, most of our thought goes on exactly those things. We focus on visible matter ‘looking out there’ for the Source of our supply of good & not inwardly & to the invisible world of Spirit. The Law of Mind Action also called the Law of Creation or the Law of Manifestation is “thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” In other words, “Where your thought goes the energy flows.

Jesus' way of life is this, "But strive first for the kingdom of God & his righteousness, & all these things will be given to you as well."(Mt. 6:33) By following Jesus’ Way material things won't become the object of your existence & block your Spiritual Vision.

Charles & Myrtle Fillmore understood the bottom line & essence of Jesus’ teachings & the teachings of 1st century Christianity made it the basis for their own lives & the foundation of Unity. The Fillmore’s needed money in order to build Unity Village & support their own family but they understood this wasn’t just a matter of setting goals & raising money. They were Mystics & Metaphysicians who understood that they had to teach people how to raise their consciousness about how a 'need’ is really met & that is by putting the focus of our attention on our relationship with God & not on the need. Needs are supplied not because we give attention to them but because we give attention to God & our spiritual essence & lives.

6. Jesus said, “Take no thought for your life, what you will eat, drink, or wear.” (Matt. 6:5) A life changing idea that I want you to take home with you today is "Manifestation is none of your business." That's the kind of life Jesus was talking about. Incredible things have happened to me that haven't been on my goals list. So incredible I couldn't ‘of myself have come up with them & didn’t come up with them. They entered my life as ‘unexpected blessings & good.’ When Spirit blesses us, it transcends everything & anything we 'could possibly think of.'

So exactly how do mystics pay their bills? Listen carefully to these words from Charles Fillmore's book, ‘Prosperity.’ "It is perfectly logical to assume that a wise & competent creator would provide for the needs for his creatures in their various stages of growth. The supply would be given as required & as a necessary effort for appropriation was made by that creature. Temporal needs would be met by temporal things. Mineral needs by things of like character & spiritual needs by spiritual elements. For simplification of distribution, all would be composed of 1 primal spiritual substance, which under proper direction could be transformed into all products at the will of the operator. This is a crude but true illustration of the underlying principles on which the human family is supplied on this Earth." Mr. Fillmore says this ‘substance’ is available to all of us & can be molded & shaped by the mind & the imagination as what Jesus called “Our daily bread.” The manifestation of ‘our daily bread’ is what meets our needs. It is untouched by the economic conditions on the Earth. It doesn't matter what your education is. The only things that matter are what your spiritual understanding of God is, what your spiritual experience of God & yourself is, & that your relationship with God is a relationship of conscious oneness. We are constantly in a state of unconscious oneness because our lack of spiritual understanding doesn’t change God or what God has created but a lack of awakeness, alertness & focus does effectively block the ‘doorway’ through which God enters into our lives.

7. The 7th idea I want to share with you is about God as ‘Substance’ or what Deepak Chopra calls “the field of pure potentiality” is that energy pervades the universe. It's everywhere. God is everywhere & everything. In his book, “The Revealing Word”, Charles Fillmore says, "Substance means, that which lies under." Moses said, “The place on which I stand is holy ground.” God is everywhere present & aware as the only power in the universe. There is no quality, judgment or limit to it. It is always present no matter where you are & whether you are conscious of it or not. 'Substance' is a consciousness of the presence of God. That's our true & only Source of supply even though God uses many channels through which to transfer that supply to you & to everyone. You must ‘awaken’ to the ‘everywhere presence of God’ & a consciousness of the presence begins to manifest itself as opportunity, new ideas & new jobs.

8. The 8th & final idea I want to share with you this morning is that the interesting & true thing about opportunities is that they come through our lives all the time but now because you are tuned into the Presence when an opportunity comes into your life, you recognize it & with recognition comes the inner & outer resources to take action & bring it into manifestation. This is why Prayer & Meditation are so important in the Jesus Christ teachings & Unity Way of Life.

Everything (Lack or abundance) flows out of our contact with Spirit (unconscious or conscious). Prayer is conscious communion (common union/oneness) with God. Meditation is the activity of lifting awareness & merging consciousness with the One. Meditation isn’t passively sitting in silence. Prayer isn’t saying, “Ok God, here are my problems handle them for me.” We’re created so that we can actively experience the Presence of God by shifting the focus of our attention from the seeming duality of Spirit & Matter to the realization that God has the ability to express itself simultaneously as invisible Substance & visible form. We can’t ‘see’ it with our physical eyes because they can’t see ‘fast enough & small enough to see the tiny molecules that come together & appear as a ‘solid.’ But today science can with powerful electron microscopes & the new Quantum Physics is based on the discovery of Einstein’s theory that there is ‘1 unified field of energy.’

A woman wrote a letter to me several years ago in which she said, "I have found that making the transition to the life of faith you teach is quite challenging. I find myself thinking, I can't commit to this, I don't even understand it. I battle inner fears over & over at the same time I exercise faith. That's why I'm writing, I’m writing to say, this is not an easy life style. It sounds like it would be easy, but making a commitment to this way of life is a tremendously challenging thing." Yes it is. But when you make the commitment inside yourself to take Jesus at his word & believe what he promised & accept his challenge “to seek 1st the kingdom of God” incredible things happen. Not because of something I said or because the Economy improved or you just got lucky. Incredible things happen because your deep personal relationship with Spirit opens the windows of heaven inside of you. Jesus also said, “To whom must is given much is expected.

The ‘much expected is 2-fold.’ 1st a deeper your relationship takes more prayer & meditation time & more awake, alertness to God’s everywhere presence & power. 2nd the more blessings you experience the greater blessing you are to your family & the greater blessing you can be to your church, community & the world. Understanding your relationship of oneness with God & practicing the presence of the Great Giver of All, releases you to be a great giver as well because you know that you can’t out give God. “Giving is practicing the presence & just a recognition that you have received & ‘of my own self I can do nothing & therefore own nothing. Whatever I give I give to myself.” I’m not talking about giving away everything you have. Jesus’ teaching here is that all that you ever truly give is the gift of your own ‘level of consciousness.’ To say, “I’m going to give him a piece of my mind” has an underlying truth to it so make sure you give the highest & best part of your mind, which is your Christ consciousness.

This Prosperity Lesson is been built on 2 questions.

1. Is need an avenue through which Spirit can express? (Answer = No.) 2. What is the avenue or door through which Spirit can express itself? (Answer) Spirit expresses itself through a consciousness of the presence; a consciousness of oneness.

Therefore: Manifestation is none of your business but maintaining a ‘right relationship with God is & being about your Father’s business.’

Our 1st Lesson of the New Year is a Prosperity Teaching that your can build a whole new Life upon so that God continually blesses you & you continually bless others so that they see ‘proof’ of God’s presence & power. Jesus did this & it changed the world. Charles & Myrtle Fillmore took him at his word & followed him & founded Unity. Imagine if 100, 1000, or a million of us ‘followed them’ & did the same. HIGHLIGHTS OF “EVEN MYSTICS HAVE BILLS TO PAY”

1. Do you believe that God fulfills your needs? A need is not an avenue or ‘door’ through which God/Spirit can express itself.

2. The ‘door’ is an awareness of ‘The Presence.’

3. Jesus said, “Spirit works & I must work too.” Our ‘work’ is to establish a relationship of ‘ONENESS’ with God.

4. We have been a ‘need’ based species too long. We’re created ‘spiritual beings’ & made in the image & likeness of God not ‘need based animals.’

5. Prosperity teachings keep us on the right track with techniques to shift consciousness. Jesus taught, “Strive first for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matt. 6:33) Needs and things are not meant to be the object of your existence, God is.

6. Jesus said, “Take no thought for you’re your life, what you will eat, drink or wear.” (Matt. 6:25) Manifestation is none of your business.

7. Energy pervades the universe. God is everywhere present. ‘Substance’ is a consciousness of the Presence of God. That is our true Source of supply. You ‘awaken’ to the ‘Presence’ and a ‘Consciousness’ of the ‘Presence’ begins to manifest itself as opportunity, new ideas & jobs.

8. Opportunities come into our lives all the time but now because you are tuned into the Presence, when it comes into your life as an ‘opportunity’, you recognize it & with recognition comes the inner & outer resources to bring it into manifestation. Prayer & Meditation are vital because everything flows out of contact with Spirit.


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