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Prosperity for the New Year
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  January 9, 2022

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Silent Unity Prayer Service MEDITATION

We are blessed with the sacred opportunity to pause for a moment from our busy day to join in a time of prayer.  In prayer, we shift the focus our attention from our problems to God and solutions.  We listen to God in the quiet of our minds and hearts knowing that
“God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways.”

Turn your thoughts to God as Divine Life and to the sacredness of God’s whole and healing presence moving in and through you. Take a deep breath of God life. As you do, look to God for strength.  Trust in God for wholeness. Have absolute faith in God for perfect healing. In the silence, feel God’s healing presence enveloping you, energizing you and revitalizing you. Have faith that every atom and cell of your body is a radiating center of God life and know wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.  Let go, trusting and giving thanks knowing
“God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways." Now affirm the same for all with whom you pray.

Think now of prosperity and the many blessings you have received. Know that each blessing, large or small, is a part of God’s plan for your life—a plan which includes happiness and abundance in all areas. Relax and open your mind and heart to the holy presence of God within and around you. Picture God’s goodness flowing in and through your life. See the blessings of peace, prosperity and fulfillment coming to you in the way that is best and say,
Dear, God, You are my source.  You are my supply.  You are a constant presence in my life.  Knowing this, I feel peaceful and calm.  I am certain that Your abundant supply is filling my life. . .certain that the goodness I seek is coming to me and those I care about at the right time for you God, open ways where to human sense there are no ways."

This precious and most sacred prayer time is now coming to an end. Throughout this time, we have listened to God in the silence and have felt the presence of God within.  As we move on to the activities of the day, we take with us a sense of peace & strength, a realization of the sacredness of life and of God’s holy presence active within us and around us.
“God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

Let us now join in praying the “Prayer for Protection:” The
light of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; The power of God protects us; the presence of God watches over us.  Wherever we are, God is!  And all is well.  Amen.


Have you ever had a situation confront you in your life where you felt that your only reaction was,
"I just can't handle this!  This is too big for me to handle." What happened in those times is that you were overwhelmed with the possibility of defeat rather than infilled with faith. Over the years, I've known a lot of people diagnosed with cancer. There was a time when I thought cancer was a terminal disease.  I thought that every who got it died; that a ‘cancer’ diagnosis was the 'beginning of the end.'  I am pleased to tell you that what I thought was wrong. There are people reading this talk who have demonstrated that a diagnosis is not a prognosis or death sentence. I have seen people recover completely. I have seen people live many, many years past their projected death date. I have seen for myself that “God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

Maybe you have something in your life right now that you don't know how to handle.  Perhaps you need a job, or you’re in a relationship that's not great; perhaps you have conflicts with relatives, insufficient funds to meet your daily needs, or a sick body. Don’t despair and sink into depression because you don’t have to handle it alone.  God is within you and working through you. God is around you and working with you to release you from whatever bondage you find yourself in. You release the power of God when you turn your back on fear & say with faith,
“God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

Think about it. When you can’t handle something humanly it is just a signal to turn within and tap into your innate divinity and release more of what you truly are into the world.  When we do, we energize like the energizer bunny and
“God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

There are people who always leave their stuff lying around the house out-there. Likewise, we can leave our spiritual power lying around inside of us and walk around feeling like VICTIMS of the economy, VICTIMS of poor health, or somehow flawed and unlovable.
Have you ever caught yourself walking around in victim mode and feeling deprived of all the good stuff?

The gospel (which means good news) of Jesus is that God didn’t create victims.  God created over comers.  And for me, that has meant ‘coming over’ to a new way of thinking about God, Jesus, and myself. Nobody ever has to feel deprived of anything because nobody can be deprived of God's indwelling presence.

In Unity we call this kind of thinking, a ‘Consciousness of lack”
Internally saying, “I am sick or poor because for some reason, I have been disinherited by God." At some point you had to buy into that thought and choose to believe that for some unknown reason God has singled you out for suffering and cut off your Divine inheritance. If Jesus were speaking to you right now, he’d say the same thing to you that I am going to say. He’d say, “Beloved, what have you ever done that is so bad that you think God would disinherit and abandon you?”  And the answer is NOTHING. Unity sees much of the suffering in the world as useless and unnecessary suffering.  Suffering that is a result of ignorance. Of your spiritual nature and seeing yourself as merely human. By ignorance, we mean not being taught that we’re human beings with spiritual potential and being taught by people who believed that they were cut off from God. Jesus meant it when he said, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”  We are created to be overcomers.

Prosperity isn’t limited to money. Prosperity is the ability to live a faith-enriched life and bringing everything necessary for
‘our daily bread’ from the invisible Spirit side of life into manifestation; on earth as it is in heaven. When we have a working relationship with God, we can continually infuse our body and physical life with the living waters of Spirit. We build a 'prosperity consciousness’ one overcoming at a time.

Jesus said,
‘The Father works, and I work also.”  He talked about our relationship to God as a partnership. We work with God; God doesn’t work for us. Many people pray, as if, they believe that God works for them.

Let me share a story with you about Unity. Back in the 1940's they were researching for a book about Unity called, "The Household of Faith", later renamed "The Story of Unity," by James Dillet Freeman.  They put an ad in the newspaper asking for people who had known the Fillmore’s to come forward and then went out and interviewed all the people around the Kansas City area who knew or had known Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the co-founders of Unity. They interviewed one woman who was in her 90's. She lived in an old house where people rented rooms to elderly widows in a very bad part of Kansas City. There was one bath in the hall, a plastic shower curtain divided a room, on one side was a cot, on the other a table and chair, with a hot plate, little sink, and refrigerator.  She told the interviewer that she hadn't known Myrtle very well, or spent a lot of time at Unity Village, but that Myrtle had made a great impression on her.  Because of Myrtle, she wanted to be a healer. She concentrated on just that one thing and she did help many people. But she said,
“I concentrated so much on healing, I limited God. I forgot about prosperity and found myself living in a very deprived situation. She said, 'Don't make the mistake I made. Make sure you cultivate a balanced consciousness." But even in her 90’s, God was active in her and sought to bring her out of her poverty.  Through the interviewer, she reconnected with Unity and was offered a job and housing on the village grounds. “God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

A CONSCIOUSNESS is like a gem with many facets which must all be kept polished. In our Silent Unity Prayer Service, we name those facets: Inner Peace; Illumination (guidance and divine wisdom); Life, which includes Health and healing; and Prosperity, which includes love and financial wealth. In Unity, we learn to consciously ‘I.D.’ (identify) ourselves with God’s abundance rather than with lack. During the day, which do you say most often: “I am a beloved child of God. I am a child of infinite health and wealth. I am prosperous.”  Or do you say, “I am poor. I am so sick and tired.”

The gospels tell a story about a woman who had suffered from hemorrhaging for over 20 years. One day, she got sick and tired of being sick and tired. She heard that Jesus would be passing by her home, and she said,
“If I could but touch the hem of his garment, I would be healed.” She did and she was. Bible stories are filled with people just like us who suffer for years and then in one instant of positive thought and absolute belief in the everywhere presence and power of God they are healed.  Then, if you follow the story, another challenge comes up and they again have the opportunity to exercise their faith or not. The word Prosperity comes from a Greek word meaning wholeness. Financial health is one of the facets of our divine inheritance, but it's not the only one. Keep your spiritual facets polished and spiritual muscles exercised, and your physical life will radiate the qualities of God.  We are created to be the mirror image of God in this world.  As Jesus said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”

Many of us were raised in a religion that taught that poverty is a virtue and that if you are poor in this lifetime, you will be rich in heaven. This is a distortion of the teachings of Jesus and the obvious problem with that system is: to get rich, you must die.  Have you ever said or heard someone say, "I am going to be rich if it kills me? I am going to succeed if it kills me.” That kind of 'richness' doesn't appeal to me.  In his book,
Christian Healing, Charles Fillmore says, "PROSPERITY COMES TO ONE WHO HAS A PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS."  Here are five basic Unity ideas to help you develop a prosperity consciousness.

Send out your angel messengers to prepare the way. Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying. Send out God thoughts as your angel messengers.  For example: If you are interviewing for a job or have an important meeting send positive thoughts forward into that interview and know If it’s in Divine Order for me to have this job, nothing can stand between me and my good. Unity people send thought messengers forward to secure parking places, prepare the way before going into the hospital and even before answering the phone or making a call.  They affirm “God goes before me making my way smooth or God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."

Be grateful and bless whatever you presently have in your life. Jesus said, "You have been faithful over a few things, and I will put you over many." Being faithful is seeing that it’s all God. Being thankful is recognizing that it is a privilege to share the qualities of God. The law of Mind Action is: Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.

Be flexible and say, “This God or something better.”  I heard a humorous story from another Unity minister.  A woman came to him for counseling.  She was very attractive and about 30 yrs. old.  She said, "I've been working for other people, but I'd like to go into business for myself."  He gave her a Unity pep talk about how Divine Ideas would come into her mind and that if she’d use them, she’d fulfill her dream. He said it was probably the best pep talk on Unity’s Prosperity Principles he’d ever given. Then as she was leaving his office he said, "By the way, what business are you in?"  And She said, "I'm a prostitute."

He said,
"Wait a minute and sat her down again."  He said he didn't want to be accused of giving a pep talk to a prostitute and getting her to expand her business.  He said he prayed, for a few of those divine ideas himself, "A plan B." He asked her if she really liked working the streets and she told him, no, she hated it.  "Why are you doing it then?"  She told him that her husband had gotten mixed up in drugs and had just gotten out of the penitentiary. They were trying to get together enough money to open a camera shop.  That was their dream, what they really wanted to do, and they were doing the best they knew how to get the money together.

The minister, said,
"Well, maybe that goal can be achieved without the prostitution step."  She said, she didn't know how because they didn't have enough money to buy a shop and stock it.  Her husband had no credit rating, just having gotten out of prison.  The minister said to her, “God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."  You keep saying that and we'll keep you in prayer. He saw her one more time many months later.  That second time she said, "A MIRACLE HAPPENED!  A man who owned a camera shop heard that they wanted to run one.  He sold it to them with no money down.  A year later, they had enough money to open a second shop.” He said, he never saw or heard from them again, but one thing he does know is that they had no credit, no money, no way, until God opened a way where to human sense there was no way. 

Use treasure mapping and Creative dreaming. Envision exactly what you want in life. Make a picture of it and place an image of Jesus or God in the center of it and hold the picture of it in your mind knowing “God opens ways where to human sense there are no ways."  Through the creative power of imagination, you can attract what you want in life to you if it’s for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. If God didn't want our dreams to come true, God wouldn’t have given us the capacity to dream.

For many years, an elderly lady, lived in the same home. The home became dilapidated over the years.  She always said,
"One of these days I'm going to move out of this house and I'm going to get me a beautiful new home."   She kept saying that. Her friends would ask, "When?" And she would say, "Well, one of these days." Then she died.  When she got at heaven, she was met by an angel who said, "My dear, you have led such a wonderful life, you can have anything you want." They walked down the street and on both sides of the street there were all kinds of homes, old homes, beautiful homes, dilapidated ones like the one she had lived in, and mansions.  The angel said, "You can have whatever you wish." Can you guess which one she picked out?  She picked out the same kind of house she had lived in on earth. What had not changed? Her consciousness.  When she made her transition, her physical body was no longer there.  She took the only thing that she could take with her, and that was the contents of her mind.

5.  Give generously of your time, talent, and treasure because that’s how God gives to you.  Giving is a recognition that we have received. Charles Fillmore said, “Do not be 'praying beggars.’” Don't go to God with your hat in your hand and say, "God give me something that you have an that I don't have."  Beware of treating God like a slot machine, prayer in money out. God has already given you everything that God must give and that is itself. Give in the consciousness that you have already received and see yourself as a divine distribution center of God energy in all of its forms and God will open ways in your life where to your human sense there are no ways.

Love Prosperity Prayer by Rev. John W. Adams
(The Twenty-Third Psalm revised)

LOVE is my Financial Advisor.
My Prosperity is Unlimited.
Love fills my Life with Abundant good.
Love is my Golden Key to Infinite Riches.
Love guides me in Its Way of Joy, Peace
And Prosperity because of Its Nature.
Even though I may wander into seeming lack,
I shall not fear, for Love is always with Me.
Its nurturing Substance Prospers Me.
Love provides Abundantly for me to
Easily pay all financial obligations.
Love fills my Life and my Bank Accounts
With Unconditional Money; My Wealth Overflows.
Thankfully, Love Prospers Me
In Every Wonderful way, every day of my Life,
And I forever do business in the Nature of Love. Amen

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