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Exploring the Power of Love
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  February 7, 2021

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I invite you to relax your physical body and take a few deep breaths in and out. Now gently rest your hands on your legs with your palms up and open in a receptive attitude. Relax even deeper as you center your attention at the top of your head and affirm, “The Father and I are one.” See and feel the energy and light of God as pure intelligence pouring into your mind and as you continue to hold the affirmation, “The Father and I are one” in mind.

With every inward breath feel and see and sense the light of God growing brighter within your mind. Now affirm: “I am one with God as Divine Wisdom.”  and see a halo of white light forming around your head and getting brighter with each breath.

Now take a deep inward breath and affirm: “I am one with God as Divine Life.”  Feel your capacity to receive and respond to the gift of new life increase. Wherever you’ve closed yourself to receive, God life now freely enters and wholeness freely flows through every cell and fiber of your being.

Now attend to a sense of being connected to God as divine order and affirm: “I am one with God as Divine Order.” As you speak words of Truth, fear and confusion are swept away for they are illusions that hinder the expression of God’s perfect life in and through you. You are one with God as wisdom, life and divine order. Any sense of being deprived or having unmet needs is released. You are filled with God’s Presence. All your needs are met for you are complete in God.

Affirm: “I am one with God as Divine Love.  I live this day in total love.” As you attend to a sense of being connected to God as divine love, where there has been any sense of alienation in your life, there is now a sense of unity.

Sense and see yourself looking out from your heart center with eyes of love at everyone and everything in your life. Feel your deepening sense of Unity with God and with God as all Life and pray: “I see all creation as an expression of divine love. I live this day in total love. God is the love that motivates me to create and express love intentionally with my words and actions and to celebrate the joy of living each moment in total love.  I express God’s love now and always, for the light of God surrounds me. The love of God enfolds me. The power of God protects me, and the Presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am God is for I am an expression of God. I am ready and willing to go forth from my time of prayer to bless and fill the world with divine light, life and love. Amen.


You have within you, an infinite supply of latent God energy that is limited only by your ability to believe it is there and to learn to use it. Jesus awakened to this energy and called it his “indwelling Christ power.” He learned to let it express it perfectly through him.  Our work is the same. Today we are talking specifically about our indwelling God power of divine love.

A very important balance must be established in your consciousness between your thinking and feeling nature.  In Bible symbology, the feminine represents the feeling nature or sensing powers of faith, power, strength, zeal, life and love which are used within to raise consciousness.

The masculine represents the thinking nature or the mental powers of will, order, judgment, understanding, imagination and elimination which are used to express consciousness.   Metaphysically, the disciple John represents the faculty or power of Divine Love. The word John means the “grace and mercy of the Lord (law).” Love is more than a mental idea of Unity in Divine Mind. It is Unity. It’s the Principle which unifies or glues all varieties of Creation into a whole. It’s sensing that all form is merely one substance. Lack of balance in this energy center results in over intellectualizing or intense emotionalism.

1. Love is not an emotion. It a faculty or quality of God.  It’s not of body but of Spirit. But it is often confused with emotion because like emotions, it’s expressed through the feeling nature. Within emotions you have extremes ranging from: possessiveness, dependency, jealousy, greed, alienation, being cold-hearted, etc. When a person is in the state of consciousness we call ‘Being in Love’ the emotional nature becomes highly active and sensitive.  The faculty of Love is a spiritual tool to use or to draw upon to balance the feeling nature and to settle emotion.

Oneness cannot war with itself. The emotions which crowd around love are really our compulsive likes and dislikes and they are often more noticeable than the love itself.  So, the personal ego or body sense consciousness of man, which looks out to material effects for love makes the very common mistake of calling the emotions ABOUT love, Love itself.

This misperception results in the mistaken idea that love includes turbulence, stress and pain.  This is untrue.  Emotion can include these sensations and they often accompany conditional love, but not the divine gift of love itself, which is unconditional.

You can tell whether you’re experiencing genuine love toward a person or just emitting emotion by asking yourself: “Do I have any conditions on my love toward this person?”

Divine love is an expression of unconditional giving. It has no expectations to receive or get. There are no exceptions to this. If conditions exist, it is emotionalism and not the unconditional love of God expressing which is always unifying.

Emotionalism always results in ‘conditional love’ which is merely seeking to have ones’ own needs met. Emotionalism springs from the personal sense level of mind and is based on perceived emotional needs.  I need this to be happy and I need this to be Whole.

We all have emotional needs and it is not wrong to seek the fulfillment of these needs from the personal love of another. (Jesus demonstrated this in the Garden of Gethsemane when he asked his disciples twice, to “Stay awake with me.”)

The point here is: Don’t confuse emotionalism, emotions ABOUT love with Divine love.  Emotions can change.  Divine Love is constant as the Bible says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” It casts out all emotions because it comes from a higher level of mind.

If you are experiencing unhappy emotions about love, make the effort to become one with something greater than the unhappy emotions about love and the level of human mind that creates them. When you stop thinking about the object of your love and sense the Source of all love within you, you become one with Love itself and become love in expression.
2. Love is the ability to know oneness with all. The purpose of love is not to just satisfy personal emotional needs but to equip you with the ability to know your oneness with all.  In reality, that which supports the universe, a tree, yourself, other people, everything is God.  Sub-stance: The sub on which you stand is holy ground.  Everything and everybody are parts of the whole energy that is God, individualized and expressed into visibility. Being able to recognize this oneness is Love because it is the ability to recognize God and unity with the One. Think about it. The only way you can see God is through Its various forms of expression such as trees, mountains, animals and people. You have a greater ability to see than just the physical mental process of seeing with the eyes. Through your thinking nature you can recognize outer things, but you can also learn to recognize your oneness with God in/as all with your heart. Love is your ability to transcend outer differences and to join with all in a sense of oneness.

3. Love is the ability to desire that only good comes to all. In a worldly or personal sense consciousness of limitation, we see only with our physical eyes and think “there’s only so much.” With this belief comes the feeling that “I’d better get mine or someone else will get my share.”  This belief leads to hoping someone else comes to ‘dis-advantage’ so you can ‘take advantage.’ Love is unlimited because God is unlimited. Jealousy is the emotion of fear added to a conditional love relationship based on the ‘idea’ there’s only so much love to go around and if another gets a great deal of love, you might not get enough.  Releasing ideas and feelings about advantages and dis-advantages by desiring that good come to all, is moving beyond personal sense mind, in an upward direction, into the higher Christ/God mind. Rather than a human being identifying with the masks you wear which differ in life and lifetimes, you IDENTIFY with God and know “I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, governed by divine law.”  The real you behind the human ego mask is eternal spirit.

4.  Gravity is a high form of love.   Love is a power which gives out and attracts. It diffuses itself and expands.  It’s the energy which brings forth and produces.  “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”  You draw to you and through you what you love as what you predominately think and feel about; positive or negative. You can deliberately start loving what you want to experience in your life. How? The only way you can by expressing what you want to experience. You only possess what you can experience Being, being through you.

5.  Love is the great harmonizer. When you truly love someone or something you free them from personal sense expectations. You set yourself and them free. When people and conditions are free, they are no longer tuning into your emotions. They have the opportunity to be receptive to the natural harmony or divine order of the universe.

Five ideas to remember about Divine Love are:
1. Love is not an emotion.
2. Love is the ability to know oneness with all.
3.  Love is the ability to desire that only good comes to all.
4.  Gravity is a high form of love.
5.  Love is the great harmonizer.

It is important to exercise your God given power of Divine Love ability for 2 reasons:

1.  For the good it does in harmonizing, attracting, and unifying

2. For the development of your personal awareness of the experience of God as love.

I’ll close with a poem by Carlton Everett Knox called “The God I Know.”

The God I Know
by Carlton Everett Knox

The God I know is the God close by;
Not seated on throne in far-off sky.

He's here on this earth, reflected in trees
And mountains and flowers and sweet summer breeze,
In ocean's grandeur, in plains delight
In noontide glare and in stilling night,
In children's prattle and manhood's prime,
From the birth of worlds to the end of time.

For the God I know, with thoughts that free
Is the God of love found in you and me.


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