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Resurrecting the Power of the Christ Mind
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  February 21, 2021

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Here are some metaphysical interpretations and insights into the significance of the 12 disciples, the meaning of resurrection, Lent and Easter from Jesus and Paul to aid you in understanding today’s lesson. Remember to go back to The Book of Genesis and reread the two very different stories of Creation.

In Corinthians 15:43-46, Paul is talking about the nature of the physical body and the process of resurrection that takes place as we become aware and wake up to the fact that we are first and foremost Spiritual Beings living in a spiritual universe governed by spiritual law.

Paul says, “It (the physical body) is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness it is raised in power.  It is sown a physical body it is raised a spiritual body.  If there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual body. Thus, it is written, ‘The first man, Adam, became a living being’; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit.  But here (referring to the physical world) it is not the spiritual that’s first, but the physical and then the spiritual.”

Paul like Jesus taught that there are two minds inside us. We are continually choosing which mind (human or Christ) to be centered in and to live and make choices from. There is the Adam Mind of Genesis and the awakened Christ Mind through which Jesus Christ expressed, reflected in the New Testament.  In the Creation Story, Adam urged by Eve (the feminine or emotional nature) ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge which resulted in Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden.  In Bible metaphysics, women represent the emotional nature and men the thinking nature. As human beings we all have a masculine thinking nature and a feminine feeling nature regardless of our physical sex. The feminine emotional nature provides the desire that propels us toward a goal and evolution in consciousness.

Interpretation: Adam’s emotional nature was triggered, and Adam Mind rose from instinctual consciousness to self-consciousness and became self-aware. Like the Prodigal Son awoke in the pigsty and realized “I was better off in my Father’s House.” But, according to Genesis, when Adam Mind became self-aware, it also went into a deep sleep from which it never awoke because it wrongly concluded that because it could reflect on itself, it was actually an island unto itself and separate from God. Thus, Adam Mind creates the idea of ‘separation’ from God by misjudging the nature of reality. For this reason, Jesus continually cautioned his followers saying, “Judge not lest you judge righteous judgment.”

Q: What is righteous judgment? Righteous judgment is using your faculty or disciple power of faith (your spiritual eyes) rather than just your physical eyes to see past the illusion of form. In a ‘solid appearance of form’ there is more space than condensed atoms. By using your spiritual sight and seeing by faith, you see only God and good everywhere. There is only one presence and one power, but the unique trait of that presence and power is that it has the ability to remain as invisible substance or it can become visible and express as useable form. Because of this unique trait, Adam mind can misperceive and misjudge its relationship of oneness with God and judge (see itself) to be a separate entity far away from God and superior to all other people and life forms. Adam mind concludes: “I think therefore I am” rather than “I think therefore God is.”

As a result of faulty sight, Adam mind believes itself separate from God. Rather than living in the awareness that “I am created in the image and likeness of God. I am already as spiritual as I will ever be” it begins to seek God and trying to become more spiritual. Moses said, “The place on which you stand is holy ground.” Paul said, “You live, move and have your being in God.” Describing this critical error in human judgment Paul said, “But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead. And since death came through a human being, the resurrection of the dead has also come through a human being; for as we all die in Adam, so all will be made alive in Christ.  But each in his own order:  Christ the first fruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ.” (I Corinthians 15:20) Let’s look at his teaching in terms of the social world and times in which Jesus and Paul lived and taught.

The teachings and celebration of resurrection go way back in time beyond the Egyptians. In the time of Jesus and Paul, every year at springtime, the High Priest of the temple in Jerusalem would hold a prayer service. At the service the Temple Priest would wave, the first fruits from the field because that represented what was to come from the barely seen stubbles in the fields.  The first fruits represented the unique pattern for life inherent in the seed and the fact that with the proper environment a seed would progress in Divine Order to an abundant harvest.  Every spring with the planting and every fall with the gathering the harvest, the temple priests reminded the people that man’s job was planting the seed and reaping the abundant harvest.  God did the rest, and the rest is a mystery. Each seed contains a perfect pattern. An acorn grows into an oak tree and not an apple tree.

Likewise, Jesus taught that we are all God’s children. In other words, we are God seeds created to grow into a Christ. We must individually plant that idea in the soil of our minds and then let go and let God until it is time to harvest the good. As Jesus said, “Except a kernel of wheat fall to the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.” The dreamer must die so that the doer of the dream can be born into expression. The apple seed must die in order to become the apple tree that bears fruit. In God’s Divine Order, the Adam mind must die for the Christ mind to fully live through us.

In the Bible, we can see a diagram of this change in Jesus. Before Jesus began his ministry, He was called Jesus or Jesus of Nazareth or often just the carpenter’s son or Mary’s son. Then he experiences hearing God’s voice speaking to him from the heavens as John the Baptist baptized him. Jesus heard God say, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”  Metaphysically, this means that He (Adam Mind in Jesus) awoke from its mental slumber to the realization that He was a child of God, a God seed and not just a weak, Human Being with no spiritual potential. With that shift in consciousness, (movement from instinctual conscious to self-consciousness or self-awareness and the power to make individual inspired choices through free will) Jesus became Jesus Christ, and we see him referred to in that way in the words of the Gospels. After he awoke to who and what God created him to be and the power of free will and choice, he began to teach, pray, meditate and identify himself as a ‘A son of God.’ He grew in stature. This is our evolutionary journey: Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the carpenter’s son, to Jesus Christ, to Christ Jesus, to Christ.
You can see the progression of putting Matter first or seeing the human first in the name Jesus Christ. With awareness it changes to Christ Jesus signifying that at first, we live from the outside in seeing Matter first and trying to change things in the other world to our liking.
Christ Jesus signifies going to God first as the higher mind in us and the beginning of seeing life is lived from the inside out; that Spirit creates matter. Then his name changes again, this time from Christ Jesus to simply Christ after the resurrection and ascension. This signifies that it is God or the Christ Mind is thinking through him and his humanity and Ego are no longer blocking the fulness of God moving perfectly in and through him.

Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore said, “It is not at all surprising that the very dear friends of Jesus were filled with astonishment and fear when they found that He wasn’t in the tomb where He had been laid. They couldn’t understand that for years He had been training his soul to accomplish this very thing. He had spent whole nights in prayer and meditation and through the intensity of His devotions, He had made a perfect union with divine mind.  This union was so full and so complete that His whole being was flooded with spiritual life and power and substance and wisdom and He used them in divine order. In this manner Jesus had projected the divine body idea. Through it His mortal body was transformed into an immortal body. This was accomplished after the crucifixion and ascension. Jesus knew that he had so strengthened his soul that regardless of what Rome did to His physical body, God through his indwelling Christ Mind could and would restore His physical body, no matter how harshly His physical body might be used or abused by destructive man.”

Jesus became in the flesh the over comer of death and moved from Christ Jesus to the Christ in the darkness of the tomb. This illustrates the tremendous God power that can and will be released when we are centered in God and living from God mind rather than Adam (human) Mind. If you meditate and think about a divine idea like eternal life long enough and identify yourself and affirm that identity rather than saying and thinking “I am just sick, weak human being”, the Christ mind within you will inevitably reverse itself. Instead of you thinking and affirming a pure and true spiritual ideal or quality of God, as you get your Ego out of the way, divine ideas and the pure unimpeded aspects of God are set free to express through you.

THE POLARITY naturally REVERSES. Instead of the action beginning with you/Ego and you acting on and affirming an idea you want to see made manifest, the action is now taking place within the idea and it is moving you, animating you. This is the miracle/mystery of the three days in the darkness of Tomb. The 3 days in the darkness of the tomb represent a time of mystical, powerful completion. It represents the completion of the mystery of God’s miracle of healing.

When the polarity reverses as it did in Jesus Christ, consciousness continues to work even after by all appearances the physical body is declared dead. For this reason, many of the great mystics like Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and Parmahansa Yogananda asked that their bodies rest for 3 days before they’re prepared for burial or cremated.  This is the time needed for the spiritual body to raise the physical to the spiritual and conquer death. Jesus Christ was resurrected by the divine idea of life itself, which he had thought about and meditated on and called on to heal and work wonders. The Divine Idea of life continued to work in him for the 3 days in the tomb and rolled away the stone.  As Jesus said, “Whatsoever you believe in will be done unto you. And whatsoever you have seen me to, you too shall do and even greater things shall you do.” So, in mind so in manifestation. This means that it is never too late for a resurrection to occur because God is eternal life.  Any dying or dead aspect of your physical life can be resurrected according to this process.

Mary discovered Jesus’ body was gone from the Tomb.  Mary represents our feminine nature and the feminine nature is more than just our emotions. It’s the part of us that feels and touches ever new life. The part of us that gathers impressions. From the cradle we have been taught to gather impressions through our 5 ordinary senses. In the teachings of Jesus, you’ll find many references to an additional 5 inner extraordinary senses.  Again, quoting Paul, “If there is a physical body there is first a spiritual body. If there is a human mind, there is first also a Spiritual or Christ mind.” The 5 physical, ordinary senses have as their origin the 5 inner extraordinary senses or Divine Ideas. Mary (the emotional nature) can gather impressions from either the 5 outer senses or from the 5 inner ones.

In telling the story of Easter, Mary arrives first in darkness. Metaphysically this means that our emotional nature is initially ignorant of our relationship of oneness with God. With her 5 ordinary senses, Mary saw that the stone had been removed from the tomb. Mary looked with her outer physical eyes at the appearance and concluded (judged) that someone had stolen Jesus’ body and she wept.

Now the physical world is full of sights, sounds and events which can easily move you to tears, grief, fear, anguish and depression of Spirit. Mary (the emotional nature) was Jesus’ primary companion and disciple. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb.  Being bent over means that she shifted her sight from her physical eyes to her spiritual eyes. Once Mary began to look within the tomb at Jesus with her inner eyes, what did she see?  First, she sees 2 angels in white, sitting where the physical body of Jesus had been lying, One angel is sitting at His head would have been and the other is where His feet would have been.

Metaphysically, our divine power of spiritual understanding has two seats in the physical body. One seat is in the head and the other is in the feet.  With her spiritual or third eye of faith activated, Mary sees that the Kingdom of Heaven Consciousness has manifested in the earthly body of Jesus. But Mary didn’t see Jesus until she bent down and turned around. In other words, she didn’t see Jesus until she shifted the source of her impressions from the 5 outer senses to the 5 inner ones. Once she made that shift, she sees Jesus as a body of light. That’s why he told her not to touch him. Easter challenges us to be like Mary outside the tomb, who weeps then turns her mind around to the realization that life is eternal. Physical death is just an appearance.

I want to share some ideas about the power and awareness of the 5 inner senses that are behind our 5 outer senses.

1. Eye: We think we see with our physical eyes but seeing is actually a spiritual quality.  We see with our mind through our faculty of Faith.  We see and observe life with either Adam Mind or Christ Mind.  Whichever mind we choose to observe life through acts like a window.  The mind actually thinks what it sees into expression. We see to the extent that we’re spiritually alive, alert, awake and receptive. According to the Bible, our faculty of Faith represented by the disciple Peter is the seeing (perceiving) power of the mind. Faith is the inner sense behind the outer sight. The Bible tells us “to see by faith, not by sight.”  Matthew 9:29 says, “According to your faith let it be done to you.  Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Faith is your ability to see that it is all God. God is all the invisible substance as well as all that exists as the visible world of form. Each person builds his or her life by the use of their faculty of faith and by how they ‘see.’ Mary (the emotional nature) in you is always gathering impressions from one direction or the other; from the physical 5 senses or from the 5 higher metaphysical senses or Divine Ideas that are behind them.

2. Ears: Hearing is more than the sounds and impressions you gather from your physical ears. Hearing is your openness or closedness of mind linked with your Faculty of Imagination. True hearing is the ability to inspire the mind with a sense of newness and openness which when linked with Faith and Divine Order gives form to unformed mental energy or substance. Jesus had absolute openness to the spirit of God. When his totally receptive mind was combined with his absolute faith in God as eternal life, it resulted in the Resurrection and Ascension of His physical body, including his physical 5 senses. His Adam mind awoke and completed the spiritual journey moving from Jesus of Nazareth a carpenter’s son or just a Human mind, to Jesus Christ, to Christ Jesus to Christ. Instead of Jesus’ human mind thinking and saying affirmations and identifying itself with God to get more spiritual, his Adam mind awoke to the Truth of its oneness with God and the Christ Mind began to think only God thoughts and God ideals through him and he arose from the dead. We must shift our whole perspective from thinking that we are thinking about God to the realization that God is thinking us. This means that whatever God created and holds in mind as perfect cannot be altered by our limited human error thinking. This is what Jesus was telling the Rich Young Man. He must rid himself of cherished, ego opinions and metaphysically keep the God’s commandments or Laws of Consciousness.

3. Tasting on the physical level is the outer expression of our faculty of Discrimination and Wisdom. To have good taste is to make wise choices that move us in the direction of our dreams and in alignment with our spiritual unfoldment. Choices and that reveal more of what God is and what God created us to be, It’s image and likeness.   True wisdom and exercising right judgment and thus good taste has three distinct steps:

Step 1. Observe the situation and gather relevant information.

Step 2. Evaluate what information is necessary and relevant to move you in the positive direction in which you want to travel.

Step 3. Use steps 1 and 2 to make a decision/choice based on the impressions gathered from your 5 ordinary senses and your 5 extraordinary senses. There is something within you that already knows ‘The truth that sets you free.’ This three step process gets you in touch with your inner guide or inner teacher that will inspire and guide you in all your ways. Do these things and “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free from any tomb.”

4. Smell is the ordinary sense created by your faculty of Will Power.  “Thy will be done, not my will be done.” Divine Will power is the ability to make choices that move you in the direction of good and God. You must use the renewing power of your mind to keep your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions in alignment with God until you complete your evolutionary journey and bring Heaven into expression on Earth and reveal your true nature.

5. Touch. Love is your sense of touch. Love is your ability to know your oneness with God and all others and to feel a desire for only good for all.  Knowing God is everything and everywhere and all powerful, we are to touch life with our Christ light and love.  Our 5 outer senses are to be used as extensions of our 5 inner senses to bless everyone and everything with the realization, “It’s all God”.  Affirming “I touch life (I touch you) with the love of God” will increase your capacity to feel and to discover that you feel with your ‘heart’ and not with your mind or body.

Here’s a simple story that illustrates this.  Two rugged, powerful mountain goats met on a narrow pathway joining two mountain ridges.  On one side there was a cliff with a 1000-foot drop and on the other side a steep cliff rising straight up.  So narrow was the trail that there was no room to turn around.  The goats could not back up without falling. Q: So what do you think they did?  Instead of fighting for the right to pass, one of the goats knelt down and made himself as flat as possible. The other goat then walked over him, and both proceeded safely. In essence, this is what Jesus did for all mankind. He let us walk over him in ‘belief’ so that we too could receive the knowledge of eternal life.

This is the meaning of the Easter Story. Mary bent over to look into the tomb. Likewise, the Adam Mind (Ego) must kneel down and become as flat and as little as possible so that the Christ Mind can continue upward to the mountain top and fulfill its spiritual journey as evolution from Christ consciousness to Ascension consciousness. The message of Easter is a challenge all of us. We must remember this lesson and that life is eternal when a loved one dies to the flesh or physical body and passes over the threshold we call death. Otherwise, we will grieve and find ourselves depressed and even thinking about our own death.  Remember, you always have access to two minds within you; Adam Mind and Christ Mind.  You also have Mary within you as your emotional or feminine nature which is continually gathering impressions with either your five physical senses or your five  extra-ordinary senses.

 The very last words Jesus spoke to the 12 before his ascension are recorded in Matthew 28:20 where he said, “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”   “The end of the age” isn’t referring to the end of the earth.  It is an Aramaic idiom and is specifically referring to the completion of a cycle of a thought being held in mind and how the mind you use gathers inner or outer impressions until that thought moves in you and becomes manifest by producing after its kind. Every time that process happens, ‘moving from a thought held in mind to producing after its kind.” is the ‘end of the age’.  When your life is touched by death, open your mind to Christ mind and you will find that it’s not the end at all, but a continuation and indeed a new beginning for you and those you love.  At some point on your spiritual journey, you will wake up and say, “I knew that Jesus could do these things, but I’m surprised that I can do them also!”

When Jesus was on the cross, there was a Roman centurion standing there watching him going through this terrible ordeal in total faith, trust in God and love. Perhaps it was the compassion that Jesus expressed for his mother, when he asked John to take care of her or perhaps it was the love that he saw on Jesus’ face, when he turned his eyes heavenward and said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Whatever it was that he saw, he responded by saying, “Truly, this was God’s son.”

This is truth each of us must awaken to.  The word ‘east’ is in EASTER. In metaphysics, the word and direction ‘East’ refers to new life. East always refers to the within. Do you need freshness in your life today? Do you need more life in your body?  Turn from Adam mind and lift your awareness to the Christ Mind.  Be still and let Mary within you feel God-life circulating in and through you, cleansing, purifying, freeing, vitalizing every cell and atom of your being from the crown of your head to the very soles of your feet.  Know that this life is a river of living water that is with you. "For as the Father has life within Himself, so He has granted the Son also to have life with Himself." (John 5:26).

Think of the miracle power of God working inside your body and mind.  Think of the silent rebuilding that is continually going on. Know that there is no condition beyond repair, no circumstance beyond healing. Begin today to clothe your thoughts with God-Life. Begin today to bless your body and see it alive with the life of God.  See it as the Christ sees it beautiful, radiant and perfect. Right where you are, in the midst of whatever you are doing, even if that place is a place of crucifixion, tomblike darkness, or death. Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and give your body into the safekeeping of God. Then rest in serene confidence.


I let God’s will and life be done in me right now.

I let God’s abundant life be expressed through me.

I let the divine purpose of my life be fulfilled.

I follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ knowing that the spirit of God is a living presence within me, expressing health, harmony and perfection.

I am strong in God. I am whole in God. I am abundantly blessed.

I am becoming all that God created me to be.

In the nature of the Christ, I so decree.
Thank you, God!  Amen.

I invite you to use the following prayer as we move through the preparation for Easter called LENT.
By  Grenville Kleiser

If I can do some good today,
If I can serve along life’s way,
If I can something helpful say—
  Lord, show me how.

If I can right a human wrong,
If I can help to make one strong,
If I can cheer by smile or song—
Lord, show me how.

If I can aid one in distress
If I can help to make a burden less,
If I can spread more happiness—
Lord, show me how.

If I can do a kindly deed,
If I can help someone in need,
 If I can sow a fruitful seed—
Lord, show me how.

If I can feed a hungry heart,
If I can give a better start,
If I ca fill a nobler part—
Lord show me how.


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