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Increasing Your Spiritual Power to Prosper
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  March 6, 2022

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Let us journey into that silent, sacred space within where God indwells us as life, love, peace, and joy. Begin by seeing yourself safely ascending to a beautiful, safe high place from which to view the physical world. In your mind’s eye you might see yourself looking through the window of your own spaceship or viewing Earth from the moon, another planet or even a star. Looking at Earth from the highest point you can imagine, see yourself settling in to pray. From this high place, you easily see beyond any problems, divisions and fears created when life is seen only from the human level of Ego mind and earthly desires. Life is good, when you can see and sense the wholeness of life and know it is all God and therefore all good. True prayer is seeing yourself, everyone and everything as God sees it, an extension of Itself. Center yourself in God by silently affirming: “God is the light in which I see. God is the Mind with which, I think. God is the love with which I forgive. God is the strength in which I trust.”

In prayer we raise our consciousness from Ego Mind and fear to Christ Mind and faith, knowing that even when our human eyes tell us everything is falling apart there is a mighty Presence here with and within us, a Presence of wholeness, pulling everything together for the highest and best of all concerned. Silently affirm: “God is light in which I see. God is the Mind with which, I think. God is the love with which I forgive. God is the strength in which I trust. There is nothing to fear for there is only love.”

Feel God flowing into your mind and body as light, love, life, strength, and peace. Take a deep breath of God energy. Hold it for a moment feeling the power of God uniting all the parts of you into the image and likeness of Itself. Dare to fill your lungs and your entire being with all that God is and then release the breath slowly. Do not cling to it. There is a great sweetness in the stillness of Divine Mind and the experience of the stillness that comes about with regular deep breathing. Silently affirm: “I live, move, and have my being in God. As God blesses me with an awareness of Its presence, I offer only blessings. I fulfill my heavenly purpose by seeing everyone and everything as an extension of God’s healing light and love.”

In the silence of prayer, ask God to reveal to you one specific way through which you are to bless the world today. When it comes to mind, affirm: “God’s living presence and power flows through me now fulfilling every need in the right way and at right time.”

Now gather everyone who needs God’s protection, power, guidance, love, life, and prosperity into a circle of prayer. In your mind’s eye, once again see yourself looking at planet Earth from your high place of prayer. Take a deep breath of life and drink in the goodness, beauty, peace, harmony, and unity of God’s diverse and perfect creation. As you see only God and good in everything and everyone, feel yourself becoming a beam of brilliant white light and let your light shine into the minds and hearts of those with whom you pray. Let your light shine and affirm: “I am the light of the world, that is my only function, that is why I am here. I am the light of the world.”

Let us pray: “Every moment of everyday and in every way, I choose to be a blessing. I let my light shine and trust God to transform and uplift all minds and hearts to Itself as a willingness to express love, unity, and peace.”

And now, to close this time of prayer, slowly speak the Prayer of Protection. As you do so, see the words of this powerful prayer flowing from your mouth, written in light, and radiating light on Earth as it is in Heaven. “The light of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; the power of God protects us; the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.”

Life is good, when we can see and sense the wholeness of life and know it is all God and therefore all good. Thank you, Spirit of Christ.  Amen

Increasing Your Spiritual Power To prosper

1. We reap what we sow. Humans are energy systems. By focusing thought, we channel the energy of the mind in positive and constructive ways or in negative, limiting, or destructive ways. As co-creators with God, we must learn to examine our consciousness and eliminate any thoughts of lack we are habitually holding in mind. We must then fill the void created by releasing thoughts of lack with true thoughts (affirmations) that will produce prosperity. Thoughts are like seeds. If you want apples, you must plant apple seeds. The Law of Mind Action is: “Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind.” Author and spiritual teacher Joel Goldsmith writes, “Prosperity isn’t something that just happens to you. It’s something that happens through you. Consider the branch of a tree. That bare branch doesn’t just stick out in space and suddenly all these leaves start floating by and attach themselves to that branch and then flowers float by and start attaching to it and then fruit comes by and lands on it. It all comes from within the tree itself. Likewise, if we’re going to sit around and wait for prosperity to fall in our laps, we’re going to be sitting around and waiting for a long, long time.”

2. Prosperity is experiencing more choice in life and the power to handle the consequences of your choices. Author Shakti Gawain said, “Two changes in my consciousness enabled me to create a more prosperous life. The first was giving up being a victim and taking total responsibility for my life. Taking responsibility didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow process but when I did, everything shifted radically. The second part was my conscious commitment to growth. I made the decision to give up anything to follow and act on the truth inside me. The act of that commitment is the single biggest cause for my prosperity. I can no longer blame any outside force for not following my own inner guidance. Prosperity is experiencing more choice in life and the power to handle the consequences of my choices. The more responsibility I take for the circumstances of my life and for the consequences of my actions, the more power I’m claiming. I did it, so if I don’t like it, I can re-do it.”

3. We’re winners by nature. We Always Prove Ourselves Right.  (We reap what we sow.)
In his book, The Way Out, Joel Goldsmith writes: “A friend recently lost her job.  Several weeks before, she mentioned to me that business was poor, and they’d laid off several people with jobs similar to hers and she feared she’d be the next to go. I tried to show her that that attitude of mind would bring her what she didn’t want. But two weeks later another friend reported that she’d said the same thing to her, and I don’t know to how many others she voiced it. But a few days afterward, as she had pictured it, the notice of her dismissal came. By focusing her attention on the condition of the business, by talking with others in similar bad straits and with those who’d lost their jobs, she increased and intensified fear and built a mental picture until she proved herself right.”
God endowed each of us with free will. Free will is simply our power of choice. We choose how we interpret an event. The way we choose to interpret an event (positive or negative) is what determines whether we create a positive or negative win.

A positive win and prosperity are created when we realize we can overcome any ‘thing’ because within and back of every problem, form, or manifested thing lies the solution as God, Spirit or Cause. It’s all God and therefore it’s all good. If what we are experiencing (our health, prosperity, relationship, job, etc.) isn’t what we want, in Unity we don’t try to change the outer. We don’t try to wish or pray that an orange magically transforms into an apple. Knowing that “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind,” we realize that the ‘effect’ or ‘our present experience’ is a result of formed, spent, or used God energy. We clear our mind field of the error thought seeds (beliefs) that produced the limited form and plant seed thoughts that will produce the abundant crop we desire. We, prove to ourselves by demonstrating as Jesus did that “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world.” The priority principle that Jesus taught is “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you.”  In other words, put God first and know that (God) Spirit creates matter. Matter doesn’t create Spirit. God or Spirit is eternal and always moving and being transformed through the law of mind action (the formative power of thought) from unformed substance existing as pure energy in the invisible side of life to the visible, usable, or experiential side of life. The prosperity or lack we experience is a direct result of the quality of our thoughts.

A negative win and lack is created when we see ourselves as one-dimensional human beings separate from God (Spirit) and habitually hold limited thoughts about ourselves and our potential such as “I am not enough” or “I am only human.”  A negative win is created when we choose to believe that a problem is insurmountable. In other words, we believe the problem, “He that is in the world”, the ‘effect’ is more powerful than God. A negative win is always a sign that we have reversed Jesus’ priority principle and believe matter is greater than God. Emilie Cady author of Unity’s Lessons in Truth said, “All suffering is useless, unnecessary and a result of spiritual ignorance of our three-fold being. Just as ice, water and steam are three-forms of the same substance H2O, we are simultaneously Spirit, Mind and Body.”  If you find yourself thinking that a problem is too big to handle it is time to expand your concept of God and your concept of yourself. Affirm: “I am a spiritual being living in a spiritual world governed by spiritual law.” You aren’t here to try to become more spiritual. You are already Spirit and as spiritual as you will ever be. Your three levels of being exist simultaneously and must learn to communicate with each other. This is done through mediation and prayer.

On the mental (and emotional) level of our being, we must also be willing to recognize and give up negative wins. One important step in learning to give up negative wins is learning to recognize the pay offs in low self-esteem we receive from them. For example: By staying in an alcoholic or abusive relationship or job, we may be expressing a need to be put down or to feel like the healthy one in a relationship; or a need to be the miracle worker who transforms the other person; or to be the hardest worker or getting to play the martyr. We’ve been conditioned to think that playing the martyr and being the Christ are the same thing. Honestly examine the situation you’re in and ask yourself: “What Am I trying to prove is true about me in this situation?  Giving up negative wins sometimes requires us to grow in self-love so that we can release ourselves from shame and guilt. We will repeat negative wins until we get a clear message about what we’re trying to prove is true about ourselves in a situation or until we understand what we don’t want to prove is true about ourselves.  As Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

As Goldsmith writes in his book “The Way Out,” “You’re placed in unhappy conditions by your Higher Self so that you seek and gain the knowledge, power and the ability to choose to free yourself forever from them and to become wise and strong enough to claim and assume your true place in life and receive the heritage of good that’s here for you.”  When you understand that every situation whether negative or positive is really a ‘win,’ you can begin to ask yourself different questions such as, “What am I getting out of this situation that I couldn’t get any faster any other way?” “What negative win am I so hardheaded about and addicted to that I can’t learn to let it go without experiencing the pain of a cosmic 2 x4?” We must change internally before we can tolerate prosperity externally.

4. Prosperity is an attitude. Responsibility is the inner position you take in thought, your attitude toward outer events. My Prosperity is blocked when I choose to play the victim and reject responsibility for creating the situation I’m in by confusing responsibility with blame, by thinking, “If I’m responsible, then I’m to blame for being in this situation.”  Or “If I take responsibility for being in this situation, then the other person gets off the hook.” Blame has no place in prosperity thinking. Blame is only a judgment superimposed on the event and anger at oneself for feeling stuck. You gain power every time you identify the choices you’ve made that created the situation and the benefits received – positive or negative.

5. Prosperity is a sense of power that comes from knowing you have all the resources you need to handle whatever happens in life. This Personal power is dependent upon having a strong sense of integrity. The root meaning of integrity is to act as one so that the three levels of your being: Spirit, mind, and body, are in alignment and like an arrow shooting straight into the center of a target. The power that comes from acting with integrity is like a group of people pulling a rope in one direction, versus the same group of people pulling in different directions. We have more ‘pull’ when we act from integrity.

6. Being honest about your intentions and keeping agreements is an example of being honest with yourself and being in integrity. For example: Being late to work or for an appointment; of course, you have a good excuse, and the other person accepts your excuse, but inside you feel a crunch because at some level, you know you chose to be late. If the appointment had been to receive a $10,000 bonus, a ticket for a free cruise or a new sports car, you would have been there on time. Pay attention to how you feel the next time you give an excuse. No matter how good you are at acting justified, you devalue yourself when you don’t keep your word and your integrity drops.  Be honest and clear with yourself and others and only say, “yes” to agreements you intend to keep.

7. Prosperity is feeling full of life and love. To enjoy emotional abundance, we must release our intense need for love. Love is a spontaneous outpouring of feeling from your inner being. There is no bargaining or conditions involved in love. You can’t really love someone you need. Coming together out of need just feeds each other’s weaknesses.  For example, choosing a partner because he or she plugs a hole in your personality; you’re shy so you get together with someone who plays the outgoing role for you, then you never have to grow in this area.

8. Prosperity is providing security and approval from within. Being true to yourself and loving yourself doesn’t take away from loving others. It is a prerequisite before genuine love can happen. God is everywhere always. Feeling that you must wait for someone or something to happen or to give you pleasure is creating separation from God and that is another way you can create lack in your life.

9. Your life is a reflection of your choices. There is a relationship between the power of choice, responsibility, and prosperity. To be prosperous, you must take responsibility and deliberately choose to be prosperous.

10. You are one with God and an expression of Divine Love. We must learn to love ourselves unconditionally as God loves us. Here is a poem to help you practice self-love. Tape it to a mirror or to something that you use daily and read every day for a healthy reminder of the ‘person’ you must love first. Read it aloud now to close today’s lesson.

I love myself

I listen to what I want, and I respond to what I want.
I make my own rules to live by.
I give myself credit often.
I surround myself with beauty.
I create an abundance of friends.
I nourish myself with only good food.
I allow myself to have abundance in all ways.
I reward myself appropriately.
I trust myself.
I give myself pleasure in a variety of ways.
I enjoy the sensations of my body.
I enjoy my sexuality.
I forgive myself.
I have fun.
I talk to myself gently.
I regard my needs, wants, goals, and welfare as being as important as anyone else’s.


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