“Unity Only Works If You Work It”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
January 2, 2011
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Today for our meditation we are going to experience Unity’s Drill In The Silence to allow the Truth of God—the power of the spoken word – to work in our lives. As you enter into this time of silence, feel the presence of God freeing you from every thought of tension. Let your whole body, every muscle, every cell relax & let go into the presence of God.

“Be still & know that I am God.” Say that softly with me, together “Be still & know that I am God.” Know with every fiber of your being that you are in the Presence of God & that God is moving in & through you. Your faith & love unify you with God & all that God is. Make your mind His mind, your body His body, your life His life, your will His will.

“I am the light of the world.” Say it with me. Together: “I am the light of the world.” Be still & feel the light of God moving in you, through you, over you & around you. Feel yourself immersed in a sea of light. Your whole being is illumined, awakened & exalted. The light of the world is inside of you.

“I am divine intelligence.” Say that with me: “I am divine intelligence.” Divine Mind is a reservoir of ideas & it is yours to draw upon & use. You have opened your mind to the inspiration of God & you are alive, alert, awake, joyful & enthusiastic about life. You are now one with divine intelligence. Hold that thought in the silence of your own being.

“I see with the eyes of God”. Speak those words with me. “I see with the eyes of God.” Your eyes are the watchful servants of a mind that sees only the perfection that is God. Your spiritual vision is renewed. You see with the eyes of God.

“All power is given to me in mind & body.” Let’s affirm: “All power is given to me in mind & body.” The power of God is working through you to free you from every negative influence & limitation. Nothing can hold you in bondage. You are a son or a daughter of God & God’s over comer. All power is yours through the Christ Mind, which is the power in you to control the direction & quality of your thoughts, the power to visualize wholeness in your body, to gain success, & to help others. Accept the power in the silence.

“I am unfettered & unbound.” Affirm that: “I am unfettered & unbound.” No false condition has any power over you. You are a son, a daughter of the living God. You are poised in the consciousness of your Christ mastery. Your yoke is easy. Your burden is light & you face life confidently.

“I am the perfect expression of divine love.” Together: “I am the perfect expression of divine love.” Love fills your heart with harmony, your mind with kind, helpful thoughts, your lips with words of praise & cheer & fills your life to overflowing with happiness & peace. Whatever the need or problem, an increase in divine love is your answer. Allow God’s love to infill you now, in the silence.

“I am satisfied with Divine Substance.” Together please: “I am satisfied with Divine Substance.” The substance of God erases fatigue from your body, renewing tissues & organs & replenishing energy inside of you. Divine substance is prospering your affairs. Every longing of your soul, every need of your life is fulfilled right now.

“I walk in paths of righteousness & peace.” Together please: “I walk in paths of righteousness & peace.” No longer do you keep the knowledge just in your head; through the power of the spoken word you now manifest it into your life as you walk a path of righteousness & peace. The light of God’s intelligence shines around you so that your way & your life is made plain. God’s spirit goes before you so that your way is made successful & joyous.

As you allow these ideas to rise in your mind & assimilate them into God’s temple of your body you let the activity of Spirit do its perfect work in & through you.

And now realizing that you have been fed by the power of the spoken word & the truth about you, you now quietly & gently return to active awareness, spiritually renewed & revitalized. Thank you Mother, Father God. Amen.


There was once a sculptor who had a piece of clay in front of him. In that moment, that lump of clay was just potential. It was just clay. He went to bed & asked God to inspire him & woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea from God. He knew that if he used this God given idea to sculpt the clay, he would create a magnificent work of art that would inspire humanity. He got up immediately & went to the clay & put his hands on it ready to begin putting God’s inspiration into form. & then he said, “Oh, what’s the use? I have an ache in my thumb & a pain in my back today. Surely I’ll do a better job if I wait until tomorrow to begin or until I feel better & more inspired. I’ll try it tomorrow.

I know a woman who is a gifted artist. She often tells me about the magnificent dreams she has & describes amazing colors & things that she sees in meditation. She has great talent but she has never tried to paint any of the inspiration she has received. Is there something that you want to do or to have in your life that you have not been able to manifest? Is your dream stuck in your head or is it out pictured in your life right now as visible good you can enjoy?

There is always a struggle involved in bringing forth something new. Edison had to struggle to bring forth the light bulb that is illuminating our Sanctuary right now. Thank God he did it but it did take over 1,000 tries before he got it right. But he didn’t give up until his dream moved from the invisible 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension & became a reality we all have benefited from & use.

I’d like to read a poem to you now called “The Building Site.”

There is a building going on in me,
But please don’t think it’s odd.
There is a reconstruction happening,
And my foreman’s name is God.
We are arranging particles to let perfection shine,
The responsibility is His, the joy is truly mine.
First I let my I AM in, then feel it strong & free.
The next step is the easiest – I simply have to be.
Just let and feel and be: I AM does all the rest;
Rejuvenating consciousness, O truly I am blessed.
As I’ve envisioned loveliness, Oh holy ground I have trod.
I have been renewed, reformed, rebuilt,
And my precious foreman is God.

Often when we are trying to accomplish something, we seek out books, teachers, the Bible & the words of Jesus Christ that tell you what is possible for you to do with God as your partner. But if those words stay on the printed page, if the ‘truth that sets you free’ stays with Jesus Christ or locked up inside of your mind then, your dream won’t be transformed into manifestation because that isn’t where ‘truth’ is supposed to reside. Truth lives inside of you but your work is to allow it to reside in every cell of your mind & body.

There are 2 primary forms of thought.

1. There is old age thought. ‘Old age thought’ occurs when you go to someone or something outside of yourself & say, “Tell me I’m OK. Tell me what to do next.” Or you go to a church that directs your every move & puts you in a cage of limitation. You feel safe because you don’t have to make decisions for yourself or take responsibility for the outcome of those decisions.

2. Present Age Thought - In PRESENT AGE THOUGHT you don’t go to someone or something outside of yourself to give you power or answers. You don’t go to a psychic to find out what tomorrow will bring or to be healed of some condition. In PRESENT AGE THOUGHT you go inside yourself to commune directly with God because you know that you have the power to be transformed by the renewing power of your mind. You have to power to transform your life.

The Unity Way of Life is built on Present Age Thought. There comes a time inside of you where you have to accept the truth about yourself & that truth is that you’ve got all the power you’ll ever need right now. You are as spiritual as you’ll ever be right now in this present moment.

You are the artist of your life, the sculptor & the clay. You determine how your present moment will be. You are the inventor & the invention. You are the painter but you are also God’s canvas. In Unity we say, “God can only do to you what God can do through you.”

A farming community once hired a new minister. Everyday rain or shine, the minister went out to his neighbors’ farm & preached to his pigs. For hours he preached his sermons to the pigs & then on Sunday morning he would get up in front of his congregation, talk for about 5 minutes & sit down. His congregation was more than a little upset. Finally the Board of Trustees said to him, “Why do you preach for hours to the pigs & then get up on Sunday morning & only talk to us for 5 minutes? We don’t feel like we are getting our money’s worth from you.” & the Preacher answered, “All those hours I was talking to the pigs I was trying to convince myself. Once I’ve got it & believe it & can live it then it doesn’t take very long to tell you about it.”

Charles Fillmore used to stand at his office window, sometimes for 12 or 13 hours, saying an affirmation. At first he ‘thought it’ but he didn’t feel it. He said, “There is a million miles between thinking prosperity & knowing it & using it & experiencing it. There is a million miles between thinking & feeling health & experiencing it; a million miles between thinking about illumination & feeling that you are illumined. But the distance is not the distance from here to the end of the universe. The distance is inside of your own mind. That is the journey that you must travel & travel daily. To have success & all the things that you seek in life, you must travel the journey from conscious to super conscious mind. The meeting place with God is inside of your own mind. You cannot fail if you seek God first. Unity is a practical religion.”

Reverend Dorothy Pierson tells this story about Mr. Fillmore. She said, “One day I was walking with Charles Fillmore in the Unity Rose Garden & telling him about an incredible vision I had had in my dreams. Mr. Fillmore stopped walking & looked me straight in the eyes & said, “Dorothy, can you pay your rent? Do you keep the Unity principles in your head & just think these glorious terms or do you make Practical Christianity a part of your life? Dorothy, if you have your head in the clouds, be sure your feet are on the ground.”

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life & have it abundantly.” In Matthew 13:33 Jesus says, The kingdom of heaven is like leaven which a woman took & hid in 3 measures of meal, till it was all leavened.”

I’d like you to imagine a woman baking bread & watching as she puts yeast in with the flour. Then instead of allowing it to rise, she puts the dough in the freezer. Now, what happens to the dough when she puts it in the freezer? That’s right, nothing. The yeast in the dough goes into a suspended state. This doesn’t mean that the potential isn’t there; we just don’t agree to work with it in that moment.

“The kingdom of heaven is like leaven.” The word ‘heaven’ comes from a Greek word, which literally means ‘expanding.’ Now, where did Jesus say heaven was? He said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Ok, but where within me is it? Is it in my ankle? Is it in my little toe? Is it in my knee or nose? No, the kingdom of heaven is within my mind.” That’s where it is located & that’s what must expand. “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven.” What is that leaven inside of you? What causes a rise in consciousness inside of your own mind? That would be a divine idea placed inside of your mind, that is so pure & special & charged with energy, power & force that it can transform your whole life instantly in THE PRESENT MOMENT.

So we have this ‘leaven’ – a ‘divine idea’ such as a way to increase your business, work from home, or an idea to sculpt the greatest piece of clay the world has ever known; a way to do whatever your dream is right now. & you remember the word ‘impossible’ is unknown to God. As Jesus said, “You have heard it said that it is impossible, but I tell you that with God all things are possible.”

This is the truth you must allow to be the truth in your life. You must accept it in the present moment & not put it in the freezer for a more perfect future time. You must accept it & allow it to rise in your present moment consciousness. The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took. Why did he say ‘a woman’. He said this because a woman in the Bible & in metaphysics represents the ‘feeling nature,’ while ‘a man’ represents the ‘thinking nature.’ You have to have these 2 aspects of yourself combined & working together to have a truly miraculous happening take place inside of you. So your feeling nature takes this leaven, not your thinking nature. You can think about ideas all day long, you can think prosperity but when you feel prosperity or feel health that is when the miracle happens in the present moment of your life. “The kingdom of heaven is here, right now in this present moment. You don’t have to wait for it.”

In your consciousness a Divine Idea goes in like a seed. It can be the size of a mustard seed but it goes into the soil that is your mind. Now what is the soil going to do with the seed? The soil is going to accept it say, “Come on seed, I am ready to change my life right now. I am ready to have prosperity. I am ready to be illumined. I am ready to become all that I can be as a living Christ & as an example of what Jesus Christ became & said we could also become.”

How does the soil take the seed? It takes the seed & hides it in 3 measures of flour. Your mind is like flour. It is full of potential, the 3 measures of flour represent the 3 minds inside of you: super conscious, conscious & subconscious mind inside of you.

The seed thought is growing in all 3 levels of mind at once, to create a bond, to create a connection, to create an oneness or a perfection of Christ mind to answer your prayers. You cannot fail because God inside of you has never failed through all eternity & will never fail.

Then the last line of the parable is, “Till it was all leaven.” Does it blow up like a balloon & then go down? No. It expands inside of you & then it radiates out into your life into manifestation as the fullfillment of God as your dreams. The Law of Mind Action or Creation is “Thoughts held in mind express after their kind” express into your body & you become a radiant creature of God. & you begin automatically to work it in your life.

Listen to these words by Unity Minister & writer, Emmet Fox:“You can’t have piece of mind & have your ailment too. You can’t have a sense of divine love & have jittery nervousness too. You can’t have a feeling of tolerance, kindliness & faith & have your digestive troubles too. You can’t have harmony unfolding continually in your life & enjoy gossip & criticism too. You can’t have power in prayer & the luxury of resentment & condemnation. You can’t build a new consciousness & body & live mentally in a dead past too.”

The Parable of the Leaven tells us that we must do something with the yeast, beyond just putting it in with the flour. We must transform the seed into our flesh, blood, brain, thought & feeling. We must take the idea & put it into action through us. God can only do to us what God can do through us. Jesus points to the change from intellectual or physical action elsewhere when he said, “except a corn of wheat fall to the ground & die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” The dreamer must die so that the doer of the dream can be born into expression. The seed must die to become a tree.

If you meditate & think about a divine idea long enough, the action inside that divine idea will reverse itself. Instead of you dealing with an idea, the idea is now dealing with you. The polarity changes & instead of the action beginning with you & impinging upon the idea, the action is now taking place in the idea & it is moving you, animating you – The law of Grace.

Just as the toast you ate for breakfast is transformed into energy. One kind of life is transformed into another & higher kind. This is essentially the doctrine of ‘transubstantiation’. Substance changes form, Ice to water to steam, steam to water to ice. There’s no loss, no reality to the appearance of death other than a change in the outer shape or appearance.

Ideas have no motion until we give them motion & it is our ‘feminine nature, our feeling’ nature that unlocks the life force in an idea & animates it with the enthusiasm, which compels you into the enactment of the role suggested by the idea. Feeling is what transforms ideas into action. It is enthusiasm, animation & the will to act, which makes the difference between the dreamer & the doer. Our work is to infuse the divine idea with the living breath of God.

There are 3 parts to the process of transforming an idea into action. 1st Idea; 2nd feeling; 3rd act & that is why the number 3 is prominent in this parable- 3 measures of meal, 3 levels of consciousness; instinctual, self & Christ, 3 levels of being; spirit, mind, body, & 3 divisions of the life process, thought, feeling, action. (father, son, holy ghost)

I want to close today’s sharing with a quote from Charles Fillmore. “Those who have honestly studies metaphysics, & gone beyond that to apply its rules to the advanced course of living it in their daily work, will tell you that it has made them over physically & mentally.”


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