“Foundations in Unity”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
May 2, 2010
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Foundations in Unity

There have been many times in my life that I thanked God that I have Unity in my life.  I am so thankful that I have a firm foundation that I can rely on no matter what’s happening outside of me. I am so thankful that I know that God is with me & with my loved ones at all times & that I have a powerful prayer support team in you & in Silent Unity. 

There are times in all of our lives when we are dealing with some kind of a challenge; maybe it’s a healing challenge or a prosperity challenge or a relationship challenge or maybe all of the above plus some. Life can get messy & complicated.  Yet you have to find a way to go on.  You just can’t stop & put your head in the sand.  With God there is always a way.

The question I want you to think about this morning is: “Do you have a firm foundation for moving through that experience & emerging victorious over it? Without a foundation outer conditions can send you into a pit of despair. 

There’s an old saying, “How low can you go?”  Well, you can go pretty low if you don’t have a foundation that you hit at some point.You can get so low in human despair that you don’t know how you’re going to continue on & sometimes the people who love you can’t help or even bare to watch.

Marjorie Gombert was a 50 year Unity student & 85 years young when I first came here.  Her husband Bill was making his transition & I would go & sit with her in the nursing home a couple of times a week & we’d crochet & she’d tell me stories about her life with Bill who was a Train engineer. They had always wanted children but weren’t blessed by any & like everyone they’d had their ups & downs.  When the time came for Bill to go, I sat holding her hand.  They had been soul mates for 68 years.  & do you know what she said to me?  She said, “Thank God that I have Unity.  Thank God that I know that I’m not alone & that I know God is with me & taking care of Bill too.  God has always carried us through & I know he will continue to do so until we’re together again.”

There’s something missing from a lot of people today that those of you who are long time Truth students like Marjorie have.  There is a sense of devotion to Truth, a firmness of faith, purpose & peace that those early Unity students had & that you cultivate that comes through you over time from committing to the Unity Way of Life & Spirit wholeheartedly. 

You don’t get that feeling or give off that good energy when you’re a dabbler … sampling one spiritual path then another & another & never committing to doing the inner work through meditation & prayer because there just might be something easier, something more fun, something that will give you ‘enlightenment’ in a box or higher consciousness while going through a drive-through & getting a tofu burger.

Marjorie she said many things to me over the years including “Take care of your feet. It is the one thing that I’m sorry that I didn’t do a better job of.” She said, Everyday I pray for people that don’t have a belief in God.  Can you imagine living life without any hope? Can you imagine living life looking only outer appearances & only reacting to those outer appearances?”  We bothagreed that that would be hell because something would happen outside of ourselves & we would be going down so low…How would we recover?
We all need a foundation on which to base our life.

Unity means that you are united with God here & now; not in some afterlife.  There is no afterlife.  There is only life. 

Unity means that you are united with your good here & now.  You are united with everyone & everything right here & now.

Unity is a conscious union with God. Do you what that means?  It means that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what you’re facing, you know that you’re not alone; that you’re walking with all the power of the Almighty with you.  It’s coming through you & it’s making a difference in your life.  No matter what conditions look like out there, God is going to pull you through victoriously.  God is your help in every need.  

There is one desire we all have in common. That is the desire to have things get better in some area of our life than they are at this present moment.  We can all relate to wanting to get a new lease on life & that means getting a ‘new hold on life.’

There are 2 ways that we can hold life.  We can take an ‘old hold’ & hold on to that for the rest of our life, refusing to let go, to change, to grow.   Imagine that you’re holding on to a pole & you won’t let go so you just keep walking around that pole.  If we hold tight, we can spin like people holding on to a pole; we can’t get very far from those old belief patterns.

Or, we can take a new hold with God & know that we can tread into new territories, territories that we ordinarily would never have ventured into & know that we’re going to be okay.  In fact better than okay, we are going to be great.

There was once a man who was tired of singing the old song of despair. He waited patiently on the Lord for the voice of encouragement.  In his patience, he caught something of the vision of better things to come.  God heard his cry & his soul’s desire was fulfilled.   A song of praise came from his heart; a new song, a song of rising up out of despair, with a new note of victory.  Here is what it says,

“I waited patiently for Jehovah;
And He inclined unto me, and heard my cry,
He brought me up out of a terrible pit, out of a murky clay;
And He set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.
And He hath put a new song in my mouth of praise unto God.

The person, whose thoughts are on the blessings of a brand new day, can’t at the same time, give his or her thoughts to the failures of yesterday.

Have you ever heard someone tell you in one breath that they want to take a new hold on life but then in the same breath go on to tell you all about their problems? There are a lot of people who seek counseling just to talk about their problems.  They have a firm hold on the problem.

What we have to do as Unity students is to gently encourage them to slowly unpeel their hands from the pole of the problem. They have made a habit of the problem & no matter how bad the problem is, letting go of it is scary for many people because then they’re drifting into an area that they don’t know; a new area of life.  They have to take a firm hold onto something else. Hopefully they’ll take hold of God.

There are many people who have tried & failed over & over again in their attempts to succeed by doing it alone.  They have worn themselves out & have no heart, mind, energy or spirit left for trying anymore. There are people that have done something years before that they are very embarrassed about. They can’t let go of their grip on guilt & shame & go on to what they can become as a beloved child of God. 

There are 2 groups of people in this world:  those who despair & those who have courage in advance.

Now, it’s easy to have courage when the whole world is on our side.  But what if we’re feeling like we’re standing alone against the world or if we feel that the whole world is on our shoulders & everything is going wrong.  How do we go ahead in those times?  How do we walk into the future?

We have to have courage in advance.  We have to take that first step in faith.  We might be shaking in our humanness, but we still have to take that first step & know that as we take that step that the foundation of God is underneath our foot & will continue to pave the way for us, one first step at time.

There are those who believe that the things of the world can defeat them & there are those who KNOW THAT they have with & within them something that is undefeatable.  There is a power inside of you that is undefeatable & it is wanted to come through you. Whatever you feel that you are battling, the truth is “The Battle is the Lord’s.  Give it to God & act as God directs.”

I have another question for you.  “What if I disappeared this moment & all the Bibles & holy books & all the teachings on religion & spirituality disappeared & all the churches & holy places in the world disappeared?  Would you be alone?  Would you not know which way to turn? Or would you, in the quiet moments, discover that there’s something inside of you—an inner urge, an inner quiet voice?  Would you discover God yourself?  Would you then know, without a doubt, that you are never alone?

Would you then know, without a doubt, that God is in the midst of you & you cannot fail?  Now, the human side of you can fail again & again …more times than we can count.  It’s intended to! The human side must reach the point where it lets go its hold on the human & outer & exchanges the hold on the human for a hold on the Christ, which does not know defeat.  The Christ of you is your spiritual self which always lives & moves & has its being in God.  It is where God comes through you as you & sometimes in really magical & mysterious ways.

Do you want a miracle in your life? Are you ready for a miracle?  Turn it over to God.  You have to ask God to help you to let go of the old & take hold of the new.  Turn it over to God & watch God work out a miracle with the higher working of Divine Law. 

The best prayer for any of us is the one that serves to soothe & strengthen the human side of us.  In our human need & anxiety, we turn to God. 
If you are having great anxiety this morning, turn to God now & say, “Father of my own efforts I have failed.  I have tried my best & I of myself cannot do it.  I now turn to You & prayerfully say, “Not by my might Father, but by Your grace. Amen.”

Sense the peace. That peace isn’t coming from me.  It’s coming directly to you from God inside of you.  It can’t come from any speaker in the world or any church building.  It is coming from your direct reassurance.  Nothing can stand against God in you in your life.  Know that.  Feel that today.

Affirm: “God is my foundation, my rock, the strength in whom I trust.”  The last thing before you go to sleep at night, relax & thrill in the joyous realization of that. 

& during your waking hours, say it over & over again- - a thousand times if you have to “God is my foundation, my rock, the strength in whom I trust.” 

God is a reliable God.  God is not moody.  God is not temperamental. In your life, God is reliable & omni-responsive to your needs right now.  Affirm“In my life God is reliable.”  God wants you to be infilled to the utmost with His life, His love, His wisdom, and His power.

God wants these powers to flow harmoniously through you. He wants you to be happy & healthy & abundantly supplied.  He wants you to be undaunted & free.  He wants you to partake of His own divine assurance & strength. God wants to bless you.  As Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give to you the riches of the kingdom of heaven.”  God wants to bless you.  It’s all that God wants to do.  But you have to let go of your hold on old thoughts that God is judging you or withholding from you for any reason. 

Send this message to the furthest corner of your mind & heart:
“God is with me, right here, right now.  God is here with me, even though I do not see it as I want to in the midst of this challenge, I know that I have a foundation in God. Even though I do not see God with my physical eyes, as I close my eyes & go into the operating room to be healed once & for all, I know that God is with me & He is working through the minds of the surgeons & the nurses that are care for me. I know that in the face of any unwelcome situation in my life, I can say to myself, “Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul for I am God’s creation. I am on a firm foundation.”

Fears inside of you are human; they are not from God.  Fears are preoccupations with the human side of yourself.  Jesus said directly to you, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.”

No matter what you are facing in your life, God is bigger than your problem. I don’t care how many problems you have, walk with God; Ask for his help & trust that with God there is always a way. God is going to provide the foundation for you.

God’s love & good will for you, his beloved child, outweighs everything else in your life.  It is present with you now.  It is everywhere working through everything & everyone with great zeal to transform your problems into miracles.

Let us pray:  “As a child of God, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.  There is but one Presence & one Power in the universe; God the good omnipotent.  God is here in my life right now.  God is mighty in the midst of me. God rules the universe.  In every small thing, I am relying on God.  In every huge mountain in my life, I am relying on God. 

Father I thank you for your unseen Presence, for your Protection, grace, peace & power, which fill my world right now & unify me with Your life & all good outcomes.

Father, I am healed in Your wholeness. I know that You are everywhere present abundance & you are making Your abundance visible in all areas of my life. My cup runneth over.

I choose to think about God first in my life from this moment forward. I lay a new foundation in my life. Today, I envision Your perfection in every area of my body & life. I constructively use the Power of Thy Word & let my every thought & feeling carry a blessing.

There is only God so there is nothing that can stand against God or go against God’s will for me.  Today I am going to be cheerful, generous, tolerant, patient & kind.  God is my constant companion. Gratitude flows out & fills my world.  I realize that I am Your beloved child.  I give thanks for Your protection, Your guidance, Your enveloping love & wisdom & your redeeming grace.  I count my every blessing & I give thanks for the countless unseen blessings that are waiting to come into visibility through me.

Today I live my life walking in trust, gratitude and loyalty.  I know that You are at hand.  I think about God & only God.  I take a new hold on life.

In the name & nature of Jesus Christ we pray & say- Amen.


I invite you to close your eyes & feel God’s love and courage flowing in and through & you as I pray accept these words as your own.

Dear God, whenever we find ourselves with tall mountains to climb, rough roads to trod, deep valleys to forge & vast oceans to bridge, may we feel your energy in our bodies & Your healing touch in our lives.  When we arise from prayer, may we stand taller & stronger than ever before, knowing there is no mountain too tall to climb, no ocean too vast to bridge, no race too long to run, & nothing in the world too large or hard to overcome,  for we have Your powerful energy inside us.  Dear God, I run with my arms open wide to you.

For as a shepherd protects his sheep, so You lift me, O Lord, in Your protective arms, above the overwhelming times of life.  As a shepherd guides his sheep, so You sustain us with words of life.  And as a shepherd loves his sheep, so I feel this morning, Your forgiving hand of love heals the hurts within my heart.

In the revelation to John, we read these important facts:  I am the image of God.  I am made a little lower than the angels, but with the capacity to rise above them.  I am the light of the world.  The kingdom of God is within me.  The mystery that has been hidden for generations, but which is now being revealed, is Christ in me, my hope of glory.  I am a self-expression of God.  I have a mind that can think new, creative, adventurous thoughts.  I have a heart that can feel the love of God and share it with my world.  I have a tongue that can speak strong, powerful, creative words of Truth.  I have a body that is the temple of the living God and that responds to constructive thinking, creative feeling, and words of Truth.  I live in a vibrant universe that responds to my attitudes, my actions, and me. 

There is nothing to fear.  I let go of all burdens, cares, resentment and fear.  I freely forgive and find peace, strength and power within.  I now am healed through the power within.  I am calm, renewed, whole, loved and loving.  I am one with all my good for I am one with God.  In the silence I accept these things as true.  In the silence. . . .

In the nature of love itself we pray . . . Amen

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