“Is It Possible”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
June 5, 2016
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I invite you to take a deep breath in, let it go & realize that you are breathing in & out the life of God. Consciously feel God’s loving, living presence moving through you. Now focus your mind on the idea of the Christ presence abiding in you as a presence that is never too tired, too old, too poor or too sick. Feel your Christ Self, your spiritual essence, vibrating beyond the speed of light, healing, harmonizing & restoring your physical being to its natural state of wholeness. Every atom & cell of your body, every situation & circumstance of your life responds to the activity of God in this moment, because you are telling your mind to focus on the perfection you already are. You have risen in consciousness from human mind to Christ mind; from the level of problem to the level of solution.

Having done this, if there is a situation that you’ve been working & struggling with on the human level, or if you’ve been seeking guidance & want to know the direction you should move in, simply ask God, “What now Father/Mother God? What would you have me do? I am open & receptive to the next step of my growth.” Ask in your own words & be sure to ask God to reveal the answer to you in a way that you can easily understand & then wait upon the Lord in absolute trust. The answers will come to you, through you from your higher self for the good you are seeking, is also seeking you.

God is always sending you showers of blessings but you must keep your mind & heart receptive & your eyes & ears open for God often sends a Messenger, a person, place or thing as a part of your answer, for God moves through you & everyone & everything is in Divine Order & working for the highest & best of all concerned.

It is now time to bring your awareness back to this room. You are the body of Christ made manifest, celebrating life in its abundance & you are calm, centered & poised in this knowing.

Now let’s close with our Prayer for Protection. The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us; the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is & all is well Amen.

IS IT POSSIBLE – June 5, 2016

I want to begin with a true story that happened 11 years ago because it inspired this talk. My husband Jim went to California for a business meeting & since his daughter Beth & her 3 kids, Bobby, Max & Raven lived nearby, he extended his trip so that he could visit them.

Jim had recently given 10-year-old Bobby enough money to buy a new bike so naturally Bobby wanted his Grandpa to come outside to watch him ride it. As Jim watched Bobby speed by him, he was surprised to see that Bobby was already riding his new bike without the training wheels. When he asked Bobby how did he learn to do this so fast he said, “One night I had a dream that I was riding my bike without training wheels. The next day I thought to myself, if I can dream it, I can do it. So I got a wrench & took them off. & I could do it,” he said proudly.

Do you think that it is possible to remove all of our limitations that easily & to open ourselves to all of the possible greater good that can & WILL happen in our lives when we work with God? That is the spiritual question that I want to explore with you this morning.

To begin, I’d like you to work with your imagination for a few moments. Imagination is 1 of our 12 gifts from God. It is 1 of our 12 inherent spiritual powers or characteristics of God that we all have because we are created in the image & likeness of God.

Jesus handpicked 12 disciples. Each disciple represents 1 of the 12 powers of man. BARTHOLOMEW is the disciple who represents the faculty of Imagination & the color of this power is sky blue. When you are using your imagination, sky blue can be seen in your aura by those who see auras.

As Spiritual Beings having occasional earthly experiences, part of our task while we are Earth bound is 3 fold. First, we must discover the power within us. Second we must exercise & grow these powers & bring all 12 under the guidance of our indwelling Christ. Third, we are to use these 12 powers & release this God power through us with love & compassion for the betterment of ourselves & all humanity.

Each of these powers is elastic. You can easily see this quality in your faculty of imagination. Hopefully, you are consciously & constantly stretching your imagination to the limits of possible good that can happen in your life when you work with God.

On the other hand, have you ever heard or used the expression: “Your imagination is running away with you.” This usually reflects imagining all the negative or bad things that can happen. For example: It is a cold & dark night around Halloween. You are home alone when a windstorm arises & takes out your electricity & phone. There you are sitting in the cold & dark when the branches of a tree start scraping against the window in your room. At least you think & hope it is just branches rubbing against the house.

Think of a similar scenario but now you are driving at night. You find yourself lost & on a deserted & unknown road near a house that is dilapidated & looking very haunted & dangerous. . . Worry is the negative imaging power of the mind. In Unity we often say, imagination is the scissors of the mind. It ‘cuts’ unseen substance & shapes it into the form or predominant patterns you are holding in mind.

Your faculty of imagination is elastic & you are constantly stretching it in 1 of these 2 ways to the limit of possible good or bad that you can imagine happening in your life & those limits are set points in your mind that define your Comfort Zone. Your Comfort Zone is made up of those things that you normally accept as possible for you.

Now stretch your imagination to the point of mind-boggling good; to that point when a stifling, paralyzing statement arises indicating that you are at the very limit of your possibility thinking & you find yourself saying, “My God it’s impossible!”

For some that mind expanding experience could end right there & snap back to the norm or comfort zone (which I might add isn’t comfortable at all! It is just what we are used to.) You are imaging yourself getting a raise at your job. You see yourself paying your bills without anxiety or fear & going on a wonderful vacation when SNAP the thought, “Who am I kidding? My bills aren’t being paid & my boss hates me. I’m more likely to be replaced by a younger more talented person.” or “It’s impossible for me to find someone who loves me” or “My health is poor & seems to never improve.” or “It’s impossible for me to imagine harmony in my family.” Where is that impossible stretch for you? The one that SNAPs you back to ‘a painful & harsh reality?’

Allow yourself to get to that point this morning because once you can identify that there is a way to get past it.

I truly believe that 1 of the greatest ‘needs’ inside each of us is the need to demonstrate that we are created in the image & likeness of God. One of our greatest ‘needs’ is to be over comers of the physical world & not to be overcome by circumstances. We need to realize that “What the mind can conceive & the heart embrace, the possibility is present for it to be made manifest for us. through us.” What the mind can conceive & what the heart can embrace is, indeed possible.

Jesus said we are to be in the world but to remember we are not of it. He also said, “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” We need to realize: What the mind can conceive & the heart embrace, the possibility is present for it to be made manifest for us, through us.” What the mind can conceive & what the heart can embrace is, indeed possible.

I went to a Minister’s Conference at Unity Village in 1981 after I’d been here just a couple of months. I sat next to my dear friend Jack Bolin. At that time Jack’s ministry in Detroit was 1 of Unity’s largest & most successful. Each of us was instructed to share a story about something that had recently happened in their ministry, good or bad. When it was Jack’s turn, he said that the previous Sunday a man had come to the door after service had ended & handed him a check for a million dollars. The man was someone he had never met but who said that he had been indirectly & positively influenced by his Jack’s Ministry. He said the gift represented his gratitude for the message he had received but hardly reflected the enormous peace & abundance he now felt & was so thankful for.

Jack asked me if I thought such a gift was possible to receive. I said that I thought it was wonderful for him & the people at Detroit Unity that so many generous rich people lived in the Detroit area. He said, ‘Bernadette, there is abundance everywhere because God is everywhere.” I said, ‘I don’t think there is that kind of abundance in Vancouver, Washington, at least not at Unity of Vancouver. If there is someone that wealthy, they are more likely at the Mormon Church, one of the fundamental churches or be among the unchurched.” Then he asked, “How much do you think a generous gift would be to your church? I said $500.00 dollars because at that point I’d never seen anyone give more than 100.00 as a single gift. At that time $500.00 seemed like a lot of money to me.” Jack said, “Then you won’t see it because according to the Law of Mind Action you never get more than you ‘think’ possible & can see happening in your mind.

How about you? Can you see someone putting a million dollar check in your hand?” In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is quoted as saying, something very similar to what Jack said. He said, “All things are possible to him who believes.” Also in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus says, “With men it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” Here the word ‘men’ is referring to the human mind. What was happening to me in mind & in my consciousness at that time is that when I stretched my human mind to the limits & reached that point where I’d say, “It’s impossible. We are $25, 000.00 in debt which is due to be repaid in 3 months & most of the offerings we received are 1.00 bills folded up into squares the size of nickels.”

Truly, it used to take forever to count the Sunday offering, not because there was so much money to count but because there were so many $1.00 bills folded up to the size of nickels! We worked with this idea & changed our belief about what was possible when we work with God. We paid off that debt in 3 months not just from ‘new gifts’ but because several people who had loaned $500.00, 1,000 & even 5,000 dollars forgave the debt. They forgave the debt because they felt Unity of Vancouver had already given them & their family more value & something more precious that couldn’t be measured in dollars & cents. Unity of Vancouver is still in existence today because Jack Bolin helped me to realize that stretching my mind to the point of human limitation is necessary in order for me to become willing to open my human mind up to God by shifting the focus of my attention from the limitation to the infinite possibilities of the Christ Mind that is also in me. As Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

One of the stumbling blocks or mental blocks we face in this aspect of our spiritual growth is that once we can recognize limited thoughts we often get so excited about eliminating them that they become the focus of our human mind. & as we’ve talked about many times: “What you think about all day long, through the spiritual law of MIND ACTION, becomes your experience.” It’s like Mark Twain said, “Worry is like a rocking chair, it goes back & forth but it gets you nowhere.” You don’t go anywhere by just removing the limitations.

Removing limited thoughts from our minds creates space in mind for creative, alive, possible situations & circumstances to come in. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Once you clear a space in mind, good can & will come in if your mind is refocused on & habitually thinking positive, uplifting, prosperous thoughts. That’s why Jesus often told his followers, “It is God’s good pleasure to fulfill your every need & to give to you the gifts of the Kingdom of Heaven.” When you define that need as the removal of limitations, that’s what happens. Unless you refocus your mind on the possibilities, the mind will keep creating limitations that need to be removed. I have an illustration that might help you connect with this idea. Let’s say you’re driving down the road & right in front of you, there’s a tree limb blocking the rode. What are you going to do? 1. Do you stop your car & get out & go & look at the tree limb to see if you can pull it aside & out of your path by yourself so that you can proceed forward? 2. Do you look to see if you need help & if so go seek help? 3. Do you just make a U turn & decide to take another route?

Regardless of which alternative you choose the 1st thing, the 1st step is always the same. You ‘stop’ & ascertain what is needed in the situation. That’s just wise driving. That’s being aware that you might tear up your car if you tried to run over it. Once the limb is removed from your path what do you do? Or rather what don’t you do. You don’t go into the woods & keep moving tree limbs or do you? Not if you are in your ‘right mind.’ No, you get back in your car & proceed down the road. You move on toward the goal that you originally established.

Limitations are like tree limbs in the road. You only deal with them when they are preventing you from progressing toward your greater good. If I need to remove them, I focus on them & I become aware of what is within me that can remove it. But you only deal with ‘limitations’ & focus on them when they are preventing you from progress.

Is something lying across the road in your life today? What is it? Be honest about it, own it & pray for guidance about what you need to do about it. It will take some effort & willingness to remove it from your path. But once you have removed it you will begin to move on & soon this becomes a habit & when you run into a ‘mind block’ you automatically do this process. You don’t have to ‘think’ about it anymore because you’ve developed a positive habit.

W.L Holmes once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions.” That’s the good news. Once you’ve moved beyond the point that is your present comfort zone, you don’t ever go all the way back again. You can’t because you’ve gone beyond the point of limitation. You’ve expanded your comfort zone by embracing a new possibility, a new idea, a new awareness. You’ve become willing to let God work with you & through you & acknowledge God is also at work all around you for God is everywhere present.

Once you’ve let God work in & through you, God opens that new door to possibility. God is always present & willing to help you to bring greater good into manifestation because God is a Presence that ‘desires’ to be known & to be made known. For this to happen & for God to be fulfilled on Earth as it is in Heaven, God needs you to work through because you - not you as body – but you as consciousness - are the translator of its energy from the invisible realm of Spirit to the visible useable forms of man. God uses us to transform energy. We are God’s distribution centers! After that breakthrough, that 1st time demonstration when your need is met because you let God work in you, the door between Heaven & Earth in your consciousness remains open. Once you know what to do, like the Nike slogan, “Just do it.”

Please hear this vital piece of information. There is not a different process for financial limitations or health limitation—it’s all the same; a tree limb in the road is a tree limb in the road. It doesn’t matter what kind it is. It doesn’t matter if it is a Pine limb, Oak limb, Maple limb or Cedar Limb, just that it blocks your way forward. The desire of your heart shines through to God & God showers you with blessings in the form of divine ideas & inspiration.

There is 1 other vital facet to this lesson that I want to cover this morning. & That is how we buy into the limitations of others. Have you ever asked a friend, “What do you think I should do?” & They tell you what they think you should or ought to do & sometimes even what they think you should be or should have or should settle for. This is “letting someone else think for you.” & I like the saying goes, “Letting someone else think for you is a whole lot like riding a bicycle with them on the handle bars & you doing the pedaling.”

When you let someone else think for you, you give up control over the situation. But when you are willing to think for yourself, you are willing to let God express through you. When I think I’ve got it all figured out by myself, I’m not doing as well as when I’m willing to let God express through me. That’s always a sign for me to take a meditation break & to let God inspire me. Each 1 of us has had at least 1 moment of pure inspiration, 1 moment of basking in the purity of God’s presence when we got clear out there to the edge & our mind said, “That’s impossible,” but right there at the edge of your comfort zone if you will ‘be still & know that I am God be still & listen’ you will hear, that still small voice saying, “It is true that you can not do it by yourself but it’s also true that with God everything is possible.”

What is your limitation? What are you willing to let God move through you to get beyond? Everything is God energy & everything has purpose. The persistent resistance in you doesn’t go away. Energy is neither created or destroyed. Energy must be transmuted from 1 form to another. The persistent resistance in you becomes possibility made manifest when you cease banging head against the wall of limitation & simply begin to do the things that come before you which often signals that they are to be done by you. That’s quite a statement.

The persistent resistance you experience within yourself becomes possibility made manifest when you are willing to let go of the limitation & willing to say, “Yes, God I realize that with you it is possible.”

I’m going to sum this up into a series of 8 steps for you to follow. I invite you to do these things.

1. Acknowledge that you are an active participant in your life. “I am an active participant in my life.”

2. Acknowledge the limitation & most importantly, affirm that you no longer need it & no longer need to participate in it. “I no longer need this. I no longer choose to participate in it.”

3. Acknowledge that you’re willing to let God move through you & that you’re wiling to accept life’s infinite possibilities: “I am willing to let God move through me. I am willing to accept life’s infinite possibilities.” Affirm: ‘With God all things are possible.”

4. ASK yourself: “Who is going to do it? Who is going to make it happen? RESPOND: “I am! The Christ of me; the living, loving Spirit of God in me is going to do it. I alone can do nothing but the Christ in me can do all things. I am willing to participate with God in making this greater good manifest! Amen!”

5.When is it going to be done? NOW. When you know this, you’re willing to take that step, make that commitment. Nothing can be done tomorrow until tomorrow is today. Today is the time to let God do its perfect work through you.

6. What is going to be done? What action do I need to take? When you ask this question, you’ve opened the door to let God work through you. Your action in prayer needs to be followed with your belief in knowing & affirm: “God works through me now.”

7. Why is it going to be done? This is the only time the question ‘why’ serves a purpose. It is going to be done ‘for me.’ The only unlimited answer is ‘For me so that I may more fully express the greater goodness of God. Affirm: “I am here only to reflect like a mirror the power that sent or created me.” This releases the personality & also releases Spirit to actively move through you. It is possible!

8. What is it that your mind can conceive & your heart can embrace & that you are willing to express the need for? Ask yourself that question & you’ll begin to entertain the possibility that you are meant to fulfill. When it comes to your mind, hold that thought & affirm: “With God all things are possible.”

I want to leave you with this little poem I wrote. “Where the joy of my heart finds expression through me is precisely where God wants me to be. Divine appointment brought me here to focus on God & not on fear.”


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