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Let Freedom Ring
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  July 3, 2022

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Good morning and welcome to Unity of Vancouver and our 4th of July Service.

Over 200 years ago, we took our first baby steps into a new territory in consciousness inaugurated by Jesus Christ more than 2000 years earlier. A Christ consciousness that declared that as children of God, we have been given by God freedom to continually go forward into a brand, new life, sure of God’s love and our worth as spiritual beings.  

Jesus said, under this new government, no outer authority has the power to take your freedom from you.  

In 1776, our forefather’s declared our independence from the British and in consciousness, freedom from those little thoughts that march through our heads like the old British troops, telling us that we can’t do this, or we can’t do that. Today we are celebrating our freedom.

Please join me in welcoming today’s guest musician, Jim Fischer.

Now rise and let’s sing “Surely the Presence.”

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Opening Song and Greeting

Prosperity Bank Blessing

Meditation Song

Meditation Leader


This is our special time to unite in love and faith to pray for ourselves and others. As we begin, let us give thanks for this wonderful nation and our freedom to gather, worship and seek God in our own unique way.

Let us give thanks that we can enter, into the silence of prayer and know we are one with God and that God is within each of us as our indwelling Christ nature.

In this moment, the same mind that was in Christ Jesus, quickens in you and comforts your human mind by saying “I am with you always.”   

God’s Peace is available for you to draw upon through your Christ mind. Consent to peace by affirming: “My indwelling Christ, blesses me with the peace of God.” 

As the calm peace of God flows in and through you, extend peace to your loved ones: “Your indwelling Christ, blesses you with the peace of God.

God is your unlimited source of wisdom. It will reveal right answers to you and lead you to your greater good.  Consent to it by affirming: “My indwelling Christ, blesses me with Divine wisdom.  I know what to do and I do it.”

And for others, Your indwelling Christ, blesses you with Divine wisdom. You know what to do and you do it.”  

You exist in God and so you are already whole. But you must consent to God’s Will as wholeness to bring it into your physical self and be infused with strength and vitality. “My indwelling Christ blesses me with ever-renewing life.  I am restored to wholeness.”

Let’s affirm this for those with whom we pray, “Your indwelling Christ, blesses you with ever-renewing life. You are restored to wholeness.” 

Our united belief is stronger than any outer circumstance. Let us now turn our thoughts to God as the unlimited Source of all good and affirm: “My indwelling Christ, blesses me with abundance.”

And let us pray for others: “Your indwelling Christ, blesses you with abundance.” 

Now let us close with our Prayer of Protection: 

The light of God surrounds us.

The love of God enfolds us.

The power of God protects us.

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is.

And all is well!  Amen.

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