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One Nation, Under God
Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  June 27, 2021

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Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and feel a sense of relaxation come over you as you swing in mind away from the without and all its seeming problems to the within where your mind is once again bathed in the purified light of God. This is your time to seek inner illumination and the inner light that will change your mind, body, and life. You are endowed with the freedom to live a joyous, healthy and fulfilling life.  God’s presence is at work within you and within all for whom you pray. God is individualized in you as the Christ. The indwelling Christ is your freedom and ability to fill your life with light, love, power, and joy. In Christ you experience such a deep inner peace that outer concerns no longer disturb you. The love of Christ flows through your mind and heart, strengthening, soothing, and calming you. Your thoughts are of God and the abiding love within you. Enfolded in Christ love, your heart is serene. Affirm with me: “The Christ love within blesses me with serenity and peace.” Accept this now in the silence of prayer.

Attuned to the Christ presence and awakened to the light, an unfailing beacon shines from within you to brighten your life and illumine your path. You have a clarity of mind beyond anything you have experienced before. Purified God thought is coming to and through you. You speak lovingly and act wisely. You walk in the way of wisdom and are inspired to live more fully.
Reflect the light of Christ now as you affirm: “The Christ light within directs me to my good.  I am loving and wise.” Accept this now in the silence of prayer.

The life of God is a healing power that fills and energizes every cell of your body temple. Feel renewed power surging to any area that needs more power. God is the healer and God is within you. God’s healing power is flowing is through you in this quiet moment.
Strength, vitality, health, and energy are yours to claim by using the power of the spoken word as you affirm: “The Christ life within strengthens me. I am vitally alive.

Nothing can limit you as you open your heart and mind to God. The creative power of the Christ fills your thoughts with enriching ideas and wonderful ways to use them. God’s indwelling power leads you to greater demonstrations of abundant good as you affirm:
The Christ power within enriches my life.  I am prosperous and successful.”

The Christ is now doing its perfect work in and through you and all with whom you pray. Let us close our prayer time by speaking together our
Prayer for Protection. “The light of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; the power of God protects us; the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is!”  Amen.

One nation Under God –July 4, 2021

 Faith in God and prayer is the foundation of our nation. Prayer in 1620 safely guided the Pilgrims on the Mayflower to their New World. Prayer in 1623 saved them from starvation. Prayer in 1777 at Valley Forge saved the Continental Army and our Independence. Prayer at Philadelphia saved the Constitutional Convention and gave birth to our way of life.

There are many stories about George Washington and how he found guidance and strength in prayer. A farmer told his wife he’d come upon George Washington at Valley Forge, on his knees, his cheeks wet with tears as he prayed for his troops. The farmer stood there in the woods, listening to Washington pray and went home and told his wife, “George Washington will succeed!” When his wife said, “What makes you think so, Isaac?” The farmer replied, “Because I heard him pray and talk to God. I know he holds that connection with God so highly inside of his heart that we will surely succeed!”

Hopefully, every day, our leaders and all of us will go to God in prayer and ask for the strength and guidance to turn our egos and little wills over to a Higher Will so that we can all work together and be that
“one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Our country continuously tries to help guide others to freedom, but this isn’t easy. Our Founder’s had extreme faith in God one trust in God in each other. They gave us a unique form of government and lifestyle.

Did you know that prior to the Revolutionary War, the founders of the U.S. like Thomas Jefferson, Washington and scientists like Benjamin Franklin would meet once a month during the full moon to discuss new scientific ideas, life on other planets and how they could create a country, a United States that was different from all other countries? They called themselves the ‘Lunar Society.’

On July 4, 1776, in the midst, of the American Revolution, when the American Colonies formally severed their ties to England, the men behind this movement risked according to the Declaration of Independence,
“Their lives, their fortunes and their Sacred Honor” to further that ideal society.

They wanted to create more than a new nation. They wanted to create a new world, unlike the monarchies of Europe and Asia. They envisioned a New American government based on the ancient philosophies of Greece and Rome. They gathered to read the ancient Greek classics and to identify ancient principles upon which they founded the United States.

Having a group of people coming together like this at one point in time, all geniuses in their own right and at all levels and backgrounds, to come up with a totally new Experiment for humanity was extraordinary. The Romans called this kind of gathering and planning, ‘Fortuna’, which means, “When the Gods conspire on your behalf.”

After the war ended, on July 16, 1790, plans were announced for a National Capital to be built on the banks of the Potomac River. Named after George Washington, it would be designed to resemble Greco-Roman architecture.
What was the reason for the Founding Father’s obsession with the ancient world?

Well, in the fourth and fifth century before Christ, there was a very active debate going on about the existence of extraterrestrial life. A forward, thinking group called the ‘Atomists,’ which included Democritus, Lucretius, and Epicurus all believed in the plurality of worlds and extraterrestrial life. For the Founding Fathers, the idea of the ‘plurality of worlds’ was well known as one of the cornerstones of ancient philosophy. One that found great popularity in what was known in the 18th century as the ‘Age of Enlightenment,’ a social movement that said, “We should look at the universe in a rational way.”

At that time, about half of all literary people, political theorists, scientists, philosophers and artists talked about the plurality of worlds in their writings. It was very widespread in 18th century thought and one of the greatest proponents of this thinking was Ben Franklin. Franklin has been called, ‘the first American.’ He was a scientist, printer, inventor, politician, statesmen, profound thinker and intellectual. For Franklin, belief in the plurality of worlds was just part of a scientific view of the world. In an 1739 edition of his publication, “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” he wrote, “It is the opinion of scientists that other planets are habitable and there are other beings out there.” In 1728, he wrote, “I believe man is not the most perfect being and that there are many beings superior to him.”

But the ancient Greeks and Romans weren’t the only ones to influence our Founding Fathers. The Native Americans they encountered shared the belief that life exists throughout the universe and believed that they were the decedents of extra-terrestrials. Franklin was deeply interested in the Star Legends of Native Americans and deeply connected with the Legends of the Iroquois Confederacy. He wrote a series of pamphlets called “The Indian Treaties”, published 1730 - 1760 in which he recorded explanations of Native culture. His most popular and bestselling pamphlet, dated September 1736, chronicled the “Iroquois Creation Story of the Sky Woman.” This creation story says that in the beginning before earth really became what it is today, there were ‘beings’ similar to us living in the sky. One day the young woman, who became ‘Sky Woman’ became pregnant and came to the world below and so, the human race begins.

Our Founding Father’s not only believed in life beyond earth they reported several personal experiences including a firsthand account, written by one of George Washington’s closest Aids. He reported an encounter Washington had on a freezing winter night in 1777 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

The British had taken Philadelphia and Washington decided to headquarter his 12,000 troops outside Philadelphia. This was the darkest time in the Revolution. People thought that the United States was not going to win. Washington was trying to figure out what to do and trying to keep the army together. There are stories about bloody footprints in the snow and conditions so severe that Washington wrote in his Journal, “Unless some great and capital change suddenly takes place, this army must inevitably starve, dissolve, or disperse.”

Ultimately, Washington’s resolve to stay camped at Valley Forge forced the British to retreat and proved to be a turning point in the war.
What sustained Washington in those dark hours? Many believe it was a vision he received in a moment of prayer. In absolute misery, Washington went off into the woods to pray and had a vision of a creature garbed in white who laid out for him the victory the Continental Army would have over the British and the history of the new United States of America. In the vision, he was shown a map of the future and as raindrops fell onto this map, cities popped up throughout the entire country, revealing a model of how the United States would look in 100-200 years. We know about this because that Aid to Washington lived to be over 100 years old and told the story to, ‘The National Tribune Newspaper’ in December 1880, of our First President having an angelic encounter. Did this really happen or is it just a story George Washington made up and wrote in his Journal to bolster his army’s morale? Remember this is the man who ‘never told a lie.” Washington’s experience at Valley Forge and others recorded in his diaries are examples of a great many miraculous visions and apparitions experienced by a people during dramatic, defining times of war and bloodshed in earth’s experience. (Like Joan of Arc)

On April 5th, 1800, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Astronomer, William Dunbar reported to Thomas Jefferson that he witnessed a bright glowing light the size of a large house hovering 200 yards above ground. It radiated a tremendous amount of heat and crashed destroying the entire area. This was also reported in a newspaper article dated, June 30, 1880. Jefferson took this report very seriously. As Vice President of the U. S., he presented this report as a scientific discovery to the American Philosophical Society; a group founded by Ben Franklin in Philadelphia of the brightest and best thinkers in the United States, pulled together into one group that could write research, philosophical papers, and conduct examinations of all kinds of phenomena from a scientific point of view.

Jefferson and Franklin were scientists and astronomers who believed in the plurality of worlds and who studied weather patterns. Jefferson personally investigated the possible UFO crash and remains to this day the highest government official to ever to make such a report to the United States Government in American History.

There is more to the founding of our great nation than meets the eye. In Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1752, 20 yr. old George Washington was initiated into a secret society called the Free Masons. Among fellow members are Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Paul Revere.

There are a lot of theories about the origin of the Free Masons and the role if any they played in the founding of the United States. Something we do know is that with the Age of the Renaissance they began studying ancient civilizations to see if there was any lost or purposely destroyed knowledge in those civilizations. According to experts, Free Masons believed in the idea of acquiring knowledge through scientific as well as through spiritual means. This included investigating the possibility of the idea of the plurality of worlds and extraterrestrial life. Free Masonry is the vehicle that brought these ideas and principles to the New World.

The Declaration of Independence had 56 signers, 9 were definitely Free Masons; of 39 signers of the Constitution, 13 or 1/3 of them were known Free Masons. Their values are woven into America’s most important documents and their symbols can be found on our nations’ monuments, architecture, and scattered on money, shrines and buildings all over this country. Their most basic and universal symbol is the ‘Square and Compass and the letter G.’

1. The Compass is the main tool of the individual. You are the point and a primary idea in Free Masonary is that the individual is sovereign. You draw a circle using the compass around you. If you go beyond the perimeter of the circle, that is when you start going toward ‘knowledge and light.’

2. The Square: is considered the symbol of wisdom.

3. The letter ‘G’ represents the ‘Grand architect’ of the universe.

Free Masons were interested in the history of Ancient Egypt and inspired by the idea of ancient wisdom. Many of the symbols found in Washington D.C. are found in Ancient Egypt: The Sphinx, the Obelisk, the Pyramid, and the All Seeing Eye. Pull out a dollar bill and on one side you see a picture of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with the All Seeing Eye at its apex. The Great Seal of the United States is the powerful symbol of the Eye of God watching us. Their perception was that certain ancient civilizations were divine in nature. The founding Fathers were recreating that here in the United States.

Free Masons believe: 1. A ‘source of light’ is needed to help us to become enlightened; we can’t do this from the human mind alone. 2. This ‘experiment’ just didn’t happen. It was directed to help the humanity make a major leap. 3. An alignment of the stars, Providence is up there watching and interacting; something ‘out there is always keeping an eye’ on us.

Why did this group set out to establish a nation based on principles of reason and logic, attach such importance to ‘Pre-Christian symbols and ancient mysticism? Who or what did they believe was watching? The answer may be hidden in an 1866 Lithograph of George Washington in the Library of Congress.  This famous painting is of George Washington as a Free Mason. Over his right shoulder is an unusual scene of Jacob’s Ladder ascending into heaven and into what seems to be a spaceship hovering in the sky.

In the Biblical story of Jacob, from Genesis 28, you remember that Jacob witnesses, angels descending and ascending a ladder from heaven. In this painting the angels are coming and going from a dark oval shaped object emitting multicolored lights. Jacob’s Ladder is a very common symbol of Free Masonry.
“Is this picture trying to tell us about something about our origins?”

Alexandria, Virginia 1791, in a full Masonic Ceremony on the edge of the Potomac River, George Washington laid the first cornerstone, marking the southern boundary of what will become the District of Columbia. In that ceremony Washington poured wine symbolizing happiness, oil symbolizing peace and kernels of corn symbolizing prosperity, surrounded by Masons chanting in response to his actions. Scholars say our nation’s capital is steeped in secret and ancient symbology.

The city’s tallest building is the Washington Monument. Work on it began in 1848, nearly 50 years after Washington’s death. Free Masons built the Egyptian style monument so that the constellation Pleiades is visible directly over the giant Obelisk. The Pleiades is a group of 7 bright stars the Egyptians used as a way to figure out all sorts of judgments that needed to be made. In the ancient world in places of great power and influence they built monuments in alignment with the Pleiades.  
Is the fact that the Washington Monument is built in alignment with the Pleiades a coincidence?

It is the largest Obelisk in the world at 555 feet high. It draws the eye, and it draws the eyes up.
What did the Founding Fathers want us to see? The idea behind the building of an ‘obelisk’ is that it is frozen sunlight. The ancient Egyptians believed that the energy of the God Ra literally came through it like an antenna. The Washington Monument is near the center of Washington D.C. and was built with the idea that it would draw in the energy from the stars and radiate it outward into the sacred precincts of the city. Then they built a ‘reflecting pool’ to reflect the Obelisk. Washington’s monument points to the heavens and with the reflecting pool it also points below to earth: ‘As above so below.’ There is a direct correlation between what happens up there and down here.

The entire city is laid out in perfectly straight lines, radiating from different little hubs around the city that converge on places like the Capital Building and White House. It is a ‘revelation’ of clarity that highlights the cornerstone of our American Republic. Washington D.C. was conceived from the beginning as a sacred space into which the Founding Fathers thought they could pour all of their enlightenment teachings. Pierre Charles LanFont, another Free Mason was personally chosen by President Washington to create a city within a 10 by 10-square mile diamond matrix. He began by aligning the corners of the square with the 4 Cardinal Directions, North, South, East and West. Washington D.C. was designed using specific geometric shapes, circles, diamonds, triangles, rectangles to emphasize that this new form of government was not going to rely just on religion but also on reason and scientific discovery. There is no other capital city or place in the world that was designed like this.

The main triangle at the heart of the city is the key. It connects the Capital to the White House and the Washington Monument. Historians believe that the triangle found in the middle of the city represents the Masonic Symbol of the Square and Compass, symbolizing the Masonic search for enlightenment from above. Jefferson’s’ influence on building Washington, D.C. lies in the use of the shape of the pentagram, which mirrors the heavens. Jefferson believed that the universe was inhabited and wanted Washington D.C. to not just be the Capital of our Nation. He wanted it to be the eventual Capital of the Universe.

Washington and Jefferson were highly skilled surveyors and expert mapmakers and hands on in the layout and design of the new Capital. Jefferson, an architect who designed and built Monticello, laid out Washington D.C. with the expectation that if there were observers in space looking down at us, they would see the star and know that we respected life beyond our own planet. In Washington, D.C., 1791, at a place called Jenkins Hill – Pierre LanFont declared the location ‘a pedestal waiting for a monument.’ For the next two years, he worked closely with Jefferson and Washington to design the building that would sit on top of this hill and house the United States Congress. On Sept. 18th, 1793, the day of the Autumn Equinox, Washington laid the cornerstone for the Capital Building, using the same Masonic ceremony. Jenkins Hill is Christened, Capital Hill and becomes the heart of our New Republic. The concept of the ancient and sacred hill was deeply in the minds of the Founding Fathers who clearly understood the sacred Temple Mount concept. In 1866, when the Capital Dome was completed, a figure called the ‘Freedom Statue’ was place at its top. It is a 19½-foot statue of a Goddess who is actually morphing into an eagle. In ancient times, the gods were often pictured as Eagle Headed and here it looks like ‘Freedom’ is being depicted as a ‘star being.’

Inside the dome, directly in line with the “Freedom Statue’ is an empty tomb designed to hold the remains of George Washington. One floor above it is the crypt, then one floor above that is the Capital Rotunda and soaring 180 feet above that on the ceiling is a painting of George Washington, looking very much like an ancient God. If you go to the Capital Rotunda and look up you see what is called the “Apotheosis of George Washington.” An enormous painting completed by Constintino Brumidi in 1865. Brumidi was born and trained in Rome and had painted in the Vatican and in Roman palaces before emigrating to the U.S. in 1852. The word Apotheosis is a Greek word that means to ‘deify’ – to raise from a ‘man to a Godman.’ In the picture Washington is depicted in a setting much like you would see a God depicted. He sits in a setting of clouds, surrounded by angels and with a big rainbow that runs right underneath his feet. This is in the Rotunda, the dome of the U.S. Capital. Domes are literally considered to be a vortex of energy & places where heaven & earth meet. They are considered to be portals or gateways to the stars.

There is one final image of George Washington that specifically pictures him as a divine figure that I want to tell you about. Congress authorized an incredible statue by Horatio Greenough in 1840, in which Washington is depicted as Zeus or Jupiter. The statue has two key features that identify him as a man of peace and a conductor of both Heaven and Earth.

1. His sword is held out and offered to the viewer of the statue indicating that he is here in peace.

2. On the sides of the statue there is a representation of the God Apollo riding his sun or star chariot. The idea is that Washington is a cosmic being riding through the heavens on his own chariot.

In less than 250 years, we have gone from Benjamin Franklins’ experiments with electricity to actual space travel. There have been vast changes in American Society but what hasn’t changed is our desire to know if there is life beyond our planet.

Today we are exploring outer space scientifically and inner space spiritually in ways that our Founders could only imagine. Or did George Washington receive some special message or knowledge at Valley Forge that he used in the founding and formation of the United States? And if so, did he pass this on to Thomas Jefferson, and the others who would become ‘President’ after him?

After researching this topic, I find that I have more questions than when I started!

What I did find and connect with was the realization that the United States of America is indeed a very special place. It is a rare jewel in the universe that can’t be replicated.

Today I have a much better understanding of why so many people pledged and gave their lives, their fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to protect it.

What do you think?
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