The Key to Being Stress Free
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
October 22, 2017

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We’re going to do an exercise called “Golden Breath” designed to balance & energize your entire being. Establish a relaxed state of rhythmic breathing by breath counting. Breathing in 1, 2, 3, breathing out 1, 2, 3. Breathing in, 1, 2, 3, breathing out 1, 2,3. Continue for a few moments in the silence.

1. Imagine a glowing sphere of golden light surrounding the top of your head but not touching it. Keep your attention on the sphere of light & breathe light in to a count of 1, 2, 3 & out the top of your head 1, 2, 3 until you can feel a warmth & Affirm “I am light.”

2. Now move that sphere of light down until it covers your head, but not your neck & it appears in your mind’s eye that you have a golden sphere of light where your head normally is. Breathe golden light in 1, 2, 3 & out 1, 2,

3; until you can feel it radiating in every cell & fiber of your head & affirm “I am Wisdom.” 3. Allow your attention to move the sphere of light down to your throat & imagine a sphere of light emanating from your throat area. Breathe slowly in 1, 2, 3, & out 1, 2, 3releasing all constriction & tension from your neck, shoulders & back muscles & affirm “Thy will is my will.”

4. Move your attention to the center of your chest & your heart chakra. See golden light, radiating from the center of your chest & breathing in golden light, 1, 2, 3, breathing out golden light, feel energy flowing through your heart into every artery, vein & capillary. See your lungs filling with light & feel the light expanding more and more replacing all tension & tiredness in this area. Affirm “I am love, loving, loved.”

5. Focus your attention on your solar plexus, the area just above your navel; visualize golden light all around your mid-section. Breathe in light slowly, 1, 2, 3, breathing out light 1, 2, 3 & affirm “I am Power, Divine Order & Perfect Elimination. Continue until you can feel golden light flowing freely through your digestive tract & carrying with it & eliminating from your body anything that is impeding the expression of the perfect life that you are; until you can feel that perfect order has been established in every organ of that region & that every organ & blood vessel glows with power.

6. Visualize the light glowing in & around your pelvic area & breathing in golden light, 1, 2, 3, breathing out golden light 1, 2, 3; Affirm “I am all renewing life.” Continue until you feel a quickening, an electrical re-charging expanding from this area. Now visualize the sphere of light at the base of your spine, so that it looks like a thermometer & again Breathing in golden light, 1, 2, 3, breathing out golden light 1, 2, 3; & affirm “I am light.”

Do this until you can feel light energy radiating & expanding gently upward through your spine, forming a tube of golden light uniting all 7 of your energy centers, from the base of your spine & up through the 2nd chakra at your pelvic area, to your 3rd solar plexus just below the navel to your 4th heart chakra at the center of the chest, to your 5th throat chakra, to your 6th chakra at the center of your head to your 7th chakra at the top of your head.

Continue breathing in golden light until you energize & unite your chakras from root to crown so that your body is like a golden strand of jewels, radiating energy. When all 7 centers are connected, bright & beautiful take a deep breath & as you exhale, imagine energy flowing from the top of your head down along the outside of the left side of your body to your feet & as you inhale, imagine it flowing up along the right side of your body to the top of your head. Circulate it around your body then affirm: “I am the light of the world.”

Tell your body, “I love you, I bless you & I appreciate you. All darkness is gone. You are free to be perfect now.” Now merge your body of light with your human body & return into this moment. Fully awake, alert & feeling fine. Amen

KEY TO A STRESS-FREE LIFE – October 22, 2017

Once comedian Carol Burnett was riding in a N. Y. City taxi. It pulled to the curb; she got out & paid the driver, & didn’t realize her dress was caught in the door. As the cab pulled away from the cub, she realized she had 2 choices: either be dragged down Broadway or run alongside the cab. She chose to run. Fortunately, traffic wasn’t moving very fast because she couldn’t get his attention. A pedestrian finally flagged him down. The driver was very apologetic as he freed her dress & asked Are you ok?” Carol replied, “I’m ok, but how much more do I owe you?” Today our topic is– THE KEY TO A STRESS-FREE LIFE.

You hear the word stress everywhere. I’ve heard children talking about how stressed they are. Rev. Eric Butterworth says, “We use the word stress as if it’s some new disease.” But stress isn’t new.

Even when we lived in caves & wore animal skins we had stress. In his book, The Naked Ape Anthropologist Desmond Mores writes, “The brains of higher primates like apes, dolphins & humans thrive on the stimulation presented when we face challenges. The higher primate brain was designed for challenge.” Challenge, says Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical school “actually keeps the brain healthy & vital.”

According to science, the more challenged we are the healthier & more vital we should be. Jesus taught that the only problems we have are in our own minds. In Mt. 10:36 he says, “A man’s foes will be those of his own household.”

We’ve been conditioned to think the stress response is our only response to challenge. The stress response frustrates the giving flow of life through us & causes our mental & physical ills.

To illustrate his point: How many of you have ever ridden a roller coaster? You get on, get strapped in & off you go. You have ups & downs, you scream & have fun & all the while someone else is at the controls.

In your life, have you ever felt you were riding a roller coaster & someone else is at the controls?

I wrote these words down from a past Daily Word. “Because the Holy Spirit is accessible to me always, it’s not necessary for me to know how to respond in every challenging situation. In receptive moments of meditation, I am clearly guided in what I am to say & what I am to do.” This means that when you’re plunging downhill you can scream & still say, “God is right here with me, isn’t this fun!” Isn’t that what you’d say if you were riding a real roller coaster?

Or instead of saying, “This is too hard, I can’t make it” when going uphill, you control the direction of your mind, you can choose to think, “I’m ascending to something good” rather than “in just a moment my life will be going down the tube.”

Back in the days of the Pony Express, the mail left St. Joseph, Missouri & traveled 1900 miles to Sacramento, California, in just 10 days. Postage was $5.00 a letter & letters had to be written on very thin paper. Each journey required 40 men, who rode 50 miles a day, using 500 of the best horses available. & they had to travel light. Clothing, was light, saddles & mail pouches were small & as thin as possible. The horses wore small shoes or none & no weapons were carried even though they traveled through highly dangerous areas. Yet each rider carried a full-sized Bible because the Postmaster General said, “This was a very stressful job; constant speed, movement & threat, at the end of the day, we want our men to relax & find peace again.”

The Bible is 66 individual books bound into an encyclopedia. The word Bible, means library. It is a library of books about how to find peace where ever you are so you can live your daily life stress free.

Now, where’s the peace in this book? Is it on page 1, or 50? No, the Bible is simply a triggering & remembering device to help us find peace by discovering the power of God within us so that we can overcome the 5 great error beliefs in life.

1. I am separated from God. Many think, “I’m here & God is up there somewhere,” So, when they’re immersed in the stressors of this world they believe they’re in it alone.

2. Physical power & might make right. Growing up, many of us are taught that the way to get ahead in life is to out think, out shout or over power others. This extends to using battering rams form of prayer, in an effort to get God to do something, rather than going into our closet, shutting the door & becoming still.

3. I can think as I please. I can believe destructive thoughts & have all this anxiety & fear inside my mind it won’t hurt me. & 4 is similar.

4. I can get mad if I please & do anything I please, it’s my life. Without inner centering, you can get caught in these beliefs because you believe that your life is something you acquired rather than something you’ve been given & are experiencing as a result of Being, being you.

5. Suffering is simply a part of life. There’s that roller coaster again. The belief that what goes up must come down. If it’s good, then it’s going to get bad at some point. If I’m sick, I’m going to get sicker.

The appearance of any of these error thoughts is a signal to you that you need to reexamine your priorities. Think what it means to be an individualized expression of God. BEING is being you by opening out into the expression that you are physically, mentally, & emotionally. At the point of connection or 1ness, the Christ, there’s an unlimited flow of life, substance & intelligence giving forth through you to meet all of your needs.

Stress is the result of a loss of priorities. It is a form of breaking the 1st commandment, which is to always put God 1st in our lives. When we put being me before Being an individualized expression of God our human mind gets caught up in error beliefs & thoughts about “What I’m working to acquire rather what’s working through me.

Paul said, “We have in us the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.” Today, Psychologists are saying that we have 4 other minds in us as well.

The 1st mind is the never thinking, just existing mind. Experts believe 45 million people are living in this state: performing daily tasks & never thinking about their lives in any way. They estimate this mind is in fear 100% of the time, just trying to stay alive.

The 2nd mind is the hive mind. Experts estimate that 165 million people are living in this mind. Have you ever observed how cows automatically walk on the same trail generations after the original cows are gone? The hive mind never thinks of deviating from where others have gone before & is in fear 85% of the time.

The 3rd mind is called the heroic mind. This mind breaks with the herd & out of the mold. You’re here, so you’ve obviously experienced the Heroic mind. It’s estimated that only 22 million people alive today have ever experienced this mind. This mind has an inner impulse to go forward, it knows it should & it does, but at this level, it does so reluctantly, because this mind still has 55% fear. This is the mind that feels the fear & goes through it.

The 4th mind is poetic mind. This mind reflects on its own thoughts & the world: Is this the right way? Could there be a better way? It can always see more than 1 way & wants to break & go any way it possibly can, often without really knowing why it wants to go there. About 5 million people have developed this mind. Sometimes a serious illness or other change is what stimulates us to activate this mind & as begin to reflect on our priorities we sometimes move on to:

The 5th mind is the ultimate, FREE OR Christ mind. This is the mind that discovers that everything ‘out there’ is simply ‘evidence’ of what has come through you. It takes wings & transcends all systems & human problems, & says to the other types of minds “Follow me.” It really doesn’t matter that 17% of the people in the world live in the just existing mind, 65-75% in the hive mind; 10% in the heroic mind; 5% in the poetic mind; & 1% in the ultimate or Christ mind. What matters is in which mind do you choose to spend the greater part of your day?

Robert Browning said, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a Heaven for?” When pressures exceed our human limits, we must not keep trying to meet new challenges with old strategies. As Jesus said, ‘Don’t pour new wine into old wine skins.”

Experiment with these new ideas this week.

1. Observe how often 1 of the 5 error beliefs creeps into your mind.

2. Observe when & where you experience yourself in each of the 5 levels of mind.

Be ye not conformed to ‘this world,’ but be ye transformed by the renewing power of your Christ mind, is the key to a stress-free life.

Offering: Now is the time we have our offering. At Unity, we recognize that it’s through God's unlimited supply & abundance that each of us are prospered. When we give freely, without fear of lack or limitation, we demonstrate that we trust that God is meeting all our needs with abundance. & so, with that in mind, please hold your offering in your hand while we say our blessing.” Divine Love, through me, blesses & multiplies all that I am, all that I give & all that I receive."


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