“A Healing Booster”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
November 14, 2010
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I invite you to close your eyes & focus your attention at the top of your head & affirm:  “God is!”  “I am!”  Feel the presence of God as a tingling, shower of light moving from the top of your head, down through your face & neck, cascading into your shoulders washing away the weight of the world you sometimes carry there.  Calming light moving through you all the way down into your feet.  The light of God in you as you feels like love glowing from within. Love expanding through every cell of your mind & body.  The light is the source of divine ideas, love & your true identity.  God in you & as you moving through you.  You are the temple of the living God.  You are the light of the world.  Looking to the light that is your true being, allow the joy of the discovery that you are a spiritual being having a human experience shower you in the light of joy & thanksgiving in the silence . . . Connecting with God in the silence fills you with anticipation. You know something good is happening to you right now, through you right now, because God is happening in you & through you right now. In your mind’s eye, see yourself with uplifted & outstretched arms of light, receiving the gifts of God. You need only say, “Thank you God, & receive.”    In the silence

 In the consciousness of thanksgiving, feel the joy of knowing, there is only God.  A joy that shines so brightly through you that it radiates to others & fills this room, touching each person.    A rainbow of light stretching from one to the other, until we are one light in the world. This room is filled with joy.  Know it’s your joy & breathe it in deeply now.  You feel more connected to the Christ within you & to the people around you.   And when you open your eyes, colors will be brighter & your eyes aware of the joy and the wonders of God as Spirit and as matter in this world.   Amen. 


A Healing Booster

There is a power & presence available beyond ‘the human mind.’  You believe that or you wouldn’t be here. The nature of God isn’t just to create in it’s image & likeness but to sustain & maintain creation.  That’s the truth about God, but that doesn’t mean we’ll benefit by God’s infinite, creative, maintaining & sustaining being & nature, because there’s something for us to do.  & that something is, “To know the truth, & the truth shall set you free.” The secret of healing is: 1st that God is & 2nd that I am.  We are Spirit in mind & body & this truth is ‘functional in our personal experience in proportion to our awareness & ability to use it.  

When you watch TV, you are aware it’s a movie drama so you when the actors get into trouble you don’t start sending the actors light. We don’t make an illusion into ‘a power.’

Likewise we must learn to observe our body drama without judging “Matter.”  Without getting caught up in ‘a belief’ in 2 powers; abundance & lack; good & bad & thinking some things are spiritual & some material. God is the only presence & power active as all life & substance; seen & unseen. This is the only Principle to know & apply in our lives. 

When Jesus said, “I am about my Father’s business.”  He was saying, “I’m in the Spirit business not the body business.” He revealed a Principle to enable people to manifest their own freedom, but they didn’t want Principal, they wanted bread.   So Jesus said, You seek me, not because you saw miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves, & were filled.’ They wanted stuff not God. In his book, Homesick for Heaven, Walter Starke writes, “Most people aren’t looking for the principle of healing, they’re looking ‘to get something – a better body or more supply.  I’m not a banker or a doctor. I’m not interested in manufacturing material effect but in revealing spiritual cause.

We are Spirit in mind & body.  3 levels of the same substance like steam, water & ice. Every discord, lack, problem or disease is just a different manifestation of the same mental sickness; ignorance. When we ignore the wholeness of God, we ‘think’ we’re separate & only look in the direction of matter & so we ‘feel’ the fear that something will happen to our body or to our stuff.  The 1st law of spiritual nature is: We’re not dealing with ‘a disease’ but with our own mental reaction tothe perception that ‘matter’ is separate from God.  When we think we have to ‘activate a spiritual power’ to heal a physical ill, we’ve entered duality thinking & spiritual healing is impossible because there is no division between Spirit & matter.

Unity teaches: 1st to God & then to man as God directs. This includes recognizing that we’re 3 fold beings & that healing manifests in different forms at each level of being.

  • At the body level, Physical healings are brought on from herbal remedies, massage, doctors, surgeons, special diets, even transplants.  We can take a heart out of 1 body & put it in another, like taking a dead battery out of a car & putting in a new 1. Physical healings are temporary & limited by human knowledge but they can give us time to correct & transform the consciousness, which sustains the body. & If it isn’t corrected or transformed, a new dis-ease will manifest.


  • Mental healings include: positive thinking, psychology, psychiatry, & other forms of mental projection where the illness is willed away.  They succeed to a degree but are limited by the mind & its laws. We know the human mind directly affects the secretion of glands. A fearful outlook starts a harmful flow of secretions & adds sickness to sickness.  A positive outlook starts the flow of beneficial secretions.  The 3 levels of being affect each other, they’re 1, a Trinity. Many people think spiritual healing is about incantations or treatments that need to be voiced.  Whenever thought is used as a power, or a person or sickness is being analyzed with the mind, when people name, label, define, or recognize a disease as reality, it’s mental healing.  Anything which involves body action or action on the body is dealing with MATTER 1st. & is at the personal sense or physical level & so it’s ‘reacting’ or dealing with symptoms, not an action of Spirit.
  • Spiritual healing is the capacity to ‘wholly’ experience the presence of God as 1ness, in Prayer & to bring 1ness through the various levels of being. Health is wholeness.  In Latin, these 2 words mean the same thing.  All is spirit, all is consciousness, all is whole, all is 1, all is God. When we eliminate thoughts, feelings, or actions that divide wholeness, health on all 3 levels of being is all that’s left. Jesus came upon a man who’d been sick & unable to walk for many years, he listened to the man’s tale of problems & said, “What’s to hinder you.  Take up your bed, walk & go home.”  Most people read this & ‘think’ it means Jesus told him to take up his physical bed & walk home on his physical legs. ‘What’s to hinder you. Take up your bed & walk.  In the 1st half of that statement he’s saying, “what physical thing, what effect is here to stop you?. He ‘nothingize the problem by knowing There’s only God.  Form is Spirit made visible.


Jesus didn’t say, “You’re sick because you’ve sinned or “I’ll heal you.’  He impersonalized the man, freeing him from guilt & blame by knowing his true identity as Spirit. Even Unity people need to understand, there’s nothing wrong with having problems or being sick. Illness, failure, lack & pain are all part of the creative process & simply signals to Go home & complete the creative process by returning to the Father in prayer where the power exists to reverse the situation.

The 2nd half of his statement, “take up your bed, doesn’t mean the man picked up his ‘physical bed & carried it away’; ‘Take up’ means to ‘lift’ his concept of bed to a higher level within himself. Its significance is Spiritual 1st not material. On the physical level we think bed is a place to rest the body, but it’s a resting-place for our Spirit.  Jesus said, “Take up your bed & ‘Walk.”  Walking isn’t merely a physical matter of moving the body. WALK signifies bringing Spirit, Mind & Body together through motion. I take up my ‘bed’ Walk & go home in prayer & experience 1ness with God.  I give my prayer feet as I carry my ‘bed,’ as the experience of 1sness into my thoughts by remembering ‘I am 1 with God, 1 with wholeness.

I walk carrying my bed into my feelings, “There’s nothing to fear, there’s only God.Knowing God is equally present in Spirit & matter, I carry my bed through the 3 levels of my being & this is the secret of spiritual healing. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.” ( I walk with Beauty)

To the degree that I can realize & demonstrate God as abundance sufficient for daily needs, I am ‘the light of the world, an inspiration for others to follow, a light that fills others with hope, ambition, & willingness to spend the time & make the effort to know God.  In this way spiritual healing becomes embodied in consciousness through a light here & a light there.

“What’s to hinder you?  Take up your bed & walk.’   You have the free will to remember God is all & enter the kingdom of Heaven on earth now. You have the power within you to lift up your ‘bed’ your consciousness & walk on.  Life is the movement of God energy through us as us.

Today we are looking at opening our minds to healing. Healing is an inner process, at the soul level. A medical cure is on the physical level. A medical cure may cause a temporary cessation of pain or disease, but unless there is a healing at the soul level the cure may not last. The 3 steps we must all take:

1. The first step in healing is DESIRE. Without a desire for wellness, one is not going to find healing. I know a woman who was very much a proponent of high-level wellness. Her adult son had a most unhealthy lifestyle. She vowed not to interfere with him and his choices unless and until he asked. She said, "I will love him to death." She loved him unconditionally & allowed him to be & do what he chose for himself, without insisting that he satisfy her. In time, he did decide to choose life, to choose health, to choose wellness, and she was there for him.

2. Step 2 is to BELIEVE healing is possible. An accomplished surgeon professed not to believe in metaphysics. But he said he’d learned early in his career to not operate on someone who didn’t believe that he or she would get well. Jesus told us that belief is a key ingredient of the healing formula.

3. Step 3 is to TAKE STEPS IN THE DIRECTION OF HEALING. Make your outer life congruent with your inner life. If we want to be healed, we must adjust our life so that we do the things that we know promote healing. There are as many things that we can do to promote healing as there are people in this room. Different personality types approach healing in their own way.

A. The Myrtle Fillmore Approach: Myrtle Fillmore believed that God is everywhere present. "Therefore," she reasoned, "God must be in the cells and atoms of my body. And Spirit with Spirit can meet." So she literally spoke to the cells and atoms of her body and re-awakened the life of God within them.

B. The Charles Fillmore Approach: Charles Fillmore believed that a person could communicate directly with God, but he was not finding success in his attempts to do so. So, he made an appointment with God & kept it every night. It took years before he was able to hear God’s messages & experience healing.

C. Laughter: Norman Cousins found health through laughter. He did research at a medical school & proved that laughter promotes health! I have a dear friend whose doctor had written him off. At some point, in intensive care, his son said something that made him laugh. He credits his healing to that point when he laughed.

D. Do something on the side of life: There’s a Buddhist story of a man who was near death. His priest told him that he needed to do something that promoted life. The man lived in an area where people loved to eat eels. He instructed his workers to purchase hundreds of thousands of eels & set them free! He recovered.

E. Visualization: Years ago, Dr. Carl Simonton discovered the value of visualization in helping heal cancer patients. The A.M.A. was most unhappy with him. Today it is standard practice. Try it!

F. Let go: Trying too hard is usually an indication of fear. We are not fully trusting God. I know a man who was very ill. He was praying & doing everything he knew to do. Others were praying & doing what they knew to do. One day someone came to his hospital bed & told him, "All of your friends are praying for you." He was in so much pain he yelled, "Well, tell them to stop!" It was at that moment he began to recover & lived many more years.

So let’s take all the steps we know to take, and then let’s let go and let God do what God does: heal!


I’d like to close with a little story about a  woman who wasn’t very successful with healing.

An elderly woman died last month. Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers.

In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service, she wrote, "They wouldn't take me out while I was alive; I don't want them to take me out when I'm dead.




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