“Moses and the Mayflower”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
November 19, 2010
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How many of you have heard the nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb?”  Sarah Hale who lived in the early 1800’s wrote it.  In 1828, Sarah decided this county needed a national Thanksgiving Day & everyone thought it was a great idea, except, Thomas Jefferson, who said, “This is just plain nonsense.” 

In 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed 1 day of Thanksgiving. On this day, he urged everyone to lay down their arms & celebrate the glories of God.  It wasn’t’ until 1941, 113 years after Sarah had made her request that the U.S. Congress ratified a “National Thanksgiving Day.”

Thanksgiving is the symbol of American blessing & the one holiday that marks the union of God, the people, and the land.

Our service this morning, the reason we come to church is to remember what God is doing in our lives.



I invite you to close your eyes & open your heart to receive by quietly affirming, “There is only 1 Presence & 1 Power active in the universe & in my life, God the Good, omnipotent, & I am 1 with that presence & power.” In this prayer time, invite that presence & power to flow into you as peace & wisdom so that you can view the world through love filled eyes & be able to be patient, understanding, grateful & wise.

Feel your oneness as an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the good that has come naturally into your life. Give thanks for the life & health in your body. Give thanks for your home & the warmth & peace that it brings into your life.  Give thanks for your family & for the opportunity to love & to nurture & to forgive that they provide you with. & now in this quiet moment of gratitude, bring to mind someone very special in your world; someone for whom you are particularly thankful this morning.  & as you bring their name or their face to your mind’s eye, see them surrounded with light & quietly affirm, “I am thankful for the very special light you bring into my life; thankful for your gifts of joy, laughter, peace & goodness.”

Now bring a situation into your mind’s eye; perhaps a job, an activity or even a condition that has been healed for you this year & for which you are especially grateful.  & Say, “Thank you God for this very special occasion in my life.  I am so grateful.”

Now as you go forth from this moment of prayer let your thankfulness shine from you as goodness, joy, love, & peace & goodwill to everyone you meet.  Quietly affirm in the face of everyone you meet, “Thank you father, mother God for all the goodness in my life.”  Amen




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