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Expect a Miracle
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
  December 5, 2021

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This morning is the second Sunday of Advent, and today we focus on bringing about an advent of new peace inside of us. Our first candle has been lit for a feeling of hope welling up from within and our second is lit for peace.

I invite you to relax in the presence of God. Relax into the peacefulness of all that God is and let go of all care and worry. Let go of all anxiety and turn to the presence of peace. In this time, I invite you to use your power of imagination.

Imagine that a strong wind is blowing in your mind, and it is blowing any black clouds of darkness, despair, or disease out of your mind. Directed by an invisible and mighty force, see them moving out of the way to reveal the sun’s warming rays and until you can clearly see them beaming light inside of your mind; a light that signals that a new day has come. The brightest beam of light shines on your face and lifts you into its radiance. You feel its warmth surrounding you. You feel yourself safely and gently lifted into the heavens and into the midst of billowy white clouds. Peace is surrounding you. You have never felt so much peace. It is surrounding you and beginning to radiate into every cell of your being.

Feel yourself being gently lifted and placed in a reclining position on a huge, white, cloud whose essence is peace. Let yourself just rest there on that cloud of peace as it drifts along and feel yourself just drifting with it, not caring, or worrying about a thing.

In this moment you are burden free and body free. You rest in this white cloud of peace, floating effortlessly in a sea of divine blue harmony knowing all is in divine order, knowing all is well. White puffs sooth you with their softness and surround you with contentment. Peace, blessed peace, flows through you and around you, bringing total and complete calm as you are rocked, ever so gently, into profound serenity.  In an envelope of tranquility, in a sea of clouds, you are comforted and overcome by a sensation of awe and reverence for the beauty and wonder of God and rest in the silence of heavenly peace.

As you rest in peace, reaffirm your oneness with the one and from deep within the living Christ of you quickens your mind and heart and you know that Divine Love radiating through you attracts good and only good into your life. You know that the living Christ is a healing presence within you making you whole and well right here, right now in the silence of peace. Silently affirm: “My life is a living expression of the peace of God that is within me. God is with me. God’s peace enfolds me. By the power of God, my life is made peaceful and orderly in every possible way.  My soul does magnify the Lord and my spirit is rejoicing and saying, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to all on earth.” As my spirit rejoices in the power of the inner Christ to make all things right, all things adjust to my peaceful attitude inside of myself.”

“I am calm and poised in God’s peace. God’s good is magnified and multiplied in my life. I am now ready to enter into this new day with peace, joy and enthusiasm for I know that God is with me, and all is well and that I am more than capable of carrying on my life.”

I can rise out of sadness into the light and a life filled with joy. I realize that I am a part of all that God is and part of the upward progressive movement of life. I realize from this peaceful view inside myself that there is good in everything.

As I rest in the realization of the truth about me, the winds come again and ever so softly, so gently they blow me back to this place and to this time and to the place where I am sitting. The cloud that has carried me drifts upward, bidding good-bye but the cloud leaves me changed. I am filled to the brim with God’s peace. I am filled to the brim with God’s tranquility. I rest in peace. In peace. In peace. In the name and the peaceful nature of Jesus Christ. I now open my eyes to a new world that is filled with the tranquility that begins inside of me.” Amen and Amen.

Expect A Miracle

Today I’d like to share a few ideas with you about miracles. Flavia once said, “Life is a miracle. And the right to live it is a gift. It is wrapped in a ribbon woven with dreams. Whether you are young or very old, life is filled with wonder and surprise. Life is a miracle.”

“What is a miracle?” A miracle might be defined as “The normal, natural activity of God expressing amidst the unbelieving or yet to understand thoughts of my mind.”

Whether I know it or understand it or even believe it, God is always expressing. There are times when our thoughts are not high enough or big enough to embrace all the possibilities of God and God surprises us and we say, “It’s a miracle.” We must always leave space in our minds, hearts, and lives for God to express and surprise us. God knows and understands how to bring forth good and greater good, even when you and I don’t.

We may not understand the wind, but we know that a windmill can be used to draw forth water from deep within the earth that can then be used to nourish the land and take care of our daily needs. That windmill can also be used to produce and generate electricity.

God’s Divine Ideas are like the wind. They are constantly moving through us and through every situation and circumstance that we experience. We can choose to put up windmills to harness and use that power or simply let it move on through.

When we choose to turn our thoughts toward God, we are creating a focus of power. We are creating a windmill. Divine ideas are transformed, through us, to create the things we need in the physical world. We determine the nature of what we create with God.

            Years ago, when I was studying at Unity School, the Reverend Jane Paulson told me, “Today my highs are so much higher than I’d ever dreamed possible. And my lows…well, they are higher than any of my highs ever used to be.”  All these years later, I find myself saying the same thing and feeling the same way.

            A good windmill must have a rudder that keeps it turned into the wind. Likewise, a growing individual needs a rudder that keeps their thoughts and feelings turned toward God.  God will not force itself and good into your life. You must make a choice to let God express in your life.

If you make the effort to do this, after a while it becomes automatic to turn to God. Just like it is automatic to turn on the facet when you want a drink of water. You expect water to come out of the facet when you turn it on and when you turn to God, time and time again you learn to expect a miracle; and God always provides.
Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” Jesus lived the Truth and gave it to us by example. Everything he did in His life was an exercise of choice. He knew how to make right choices and he helped us to realize that we can make right choices as well. Life is a miracle and the right to live it as ‘you choose’ is a gift. Life is simply God at work in your life.

In Unity we use ‘affirmations’ as the ‘rudder’ to keep our minds turned toward God. One of the most powerful affirmations that we can use to turn our minds and life around is “I am definite about my life so life can be definite about me.”

Life is the activity of God expressing through me as me. I’ve come to know that when I get definite about life, life gets definite about me.

For example, I’d like to invite you to look at this upcoming week as a gift, given to you by God.  Then asked yourself, “What kind of a gift-opener am I?”

Now before you answer that question, I must tell you that this gift is wrapped in a one-of-a-kind wrapping and that there are seven smaller gifts within this package.

I must also tell you that there will never be another gift like this one in all of creation; in all of eternity and God has freely given it to you as a gift.

Knowing that, “What kind of a gift-opener are you?” Will you shake the gift and try to figure out what’s in it? Will you pick at the edges and try to sneak a peak at what’s inside and try to get a look at what’s ahead? Or will you wait until next Sunday and look back to see what was in it? Will you reach in the package each day and take out each individual gift and discover its special blessing for you? Will you really put yourself into that activity and be a part of it; each and every day, and live one day at a time?

Life is a miracle. Nothing—no person, place, or thing—can take from you what your mind has conceived, your heart has embraced & for that which you have created a good need or space for in your life.  No person, place or thing can take from you what you have prepared a place for in your consciousness. It’s yours. It’s yours by right of consciousness. It’s a gift that is given to you by God.

Each day lived with purpose and intent has the potential to bring forth more of God and good into manifestation; what we call in Unity, “God through you.”

For just a moment, think back on one of the genuine highs in your life. Think back on one of the situations or circumstances that you found personally elating. It may be something that occurred when you were totally alone, or it may have involved another person or a group of people. It may be something that happened one time or an experience that occurs over and over each time you involve yourself in it.

One of the high experiences in my life is having the opportunity to speak to open minded, intelligent people who want to evolve spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is an energy that I feel moving through me and from you towards me when I’m sharing Truth with you that is a high experience unlike any other in my life. It’s the spiritual activity of God moving through me. As you think back on your experience of elation, once again feel the power of that energy moving through you and realize that you can be consciously connected with that energy at any given moment. It is a matter of choice. Give yourself the gift of knowing that there is no low in your life that God has not, cannot or will not lift you out of. It is a matter of choice.
You are God’s child. It is God life living through you as you. It is God life being made manifest in everything you do. God needs you to be all that you can be. So, if there is a low in your life, it’s an opportunity for God to move more freely and fully through you.  It’s an opportunity for God to ‘heal you.’

So, as you think back on that experience of elation, you can touch that high again and let it move through you in this present moment. Do that and it will lift you up. You can choose to ‘move yourself up’ in consciousness. You can choose to allow God to move through you more fully and freely ‘at will.’

There are times when we say, “I’ve tried. I’m trying harder. I’ll try again.” There are times when ‘our trying’ gets between ‘what we’re trying to accomplish and God.’

Sometimes ‘trying’ gets us so involved in the ‘doing’ that we don’t have room for the ‘inspiration’ to flow in from God that will help us will help us to accomplish what we’re seeking.

Today, give yourself the freedom to choose. Today, be willing to let go of trying and simply choose to be willing in any situation or circumstance to let God work through you. Be willing to lift your thoughts and turn your windmill toward the activity of God moving through you and let that good be created.

Choose to turn your thoughts to God in prayer. That choice acts as a rudder on the windmill of your mind. Choose to be willing to let God inspire you in the peak experiences in your life as well as in the challenging experiences and you will realize God’s greater good.

As I have experienced Truth working in my life and seen Truth working through countless other people’s lives, I have found that when a person makes a conscious choice and allows prayer to inspire them and act like a rudder that keeps them turned to God, they experience a greater good in their lives. Whether they consciously see it in that moment, the willingness to be in that present moment and let God work through them keeps them turned toward God and keeps that good being made manifest.

Faith is the willingness to let God be God and to let God do its perfect work through you whether you are aware of how it’s going to work out or not. Life lived in conscious choice is fuller, richer, and lighter than I ever imagined life could be.

As you look at your life, you may have one or more situations that you’d like to let go of and be free from. Most of us have stuff we need to get out of our life.

In Unity there is process for doing this called ‘denial.’ Denial is the process of removing unwanted and unbelieving thoughts from your mind that have prevented good from coming forth through you and into your physical world.

To know that Life is a miracle and your right to live it is a gift, means that your needs whatever your needs are, are valid. As Jesus said about those needs, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give to you the riches of the kingdom of heaven.” It is the Father’s good pleasure to fulfill your every need.

God doesn’t put a boundary line around you or limit your good in any way. Whatever you seek is ready to be made manifest. But you have to take action and choose to turn to God and to be definite.

One of the things I always say when I pray for something definite is, “This God or something better.”

There are times when I really don’t know what I need but I know that God knows exactly what is needed and what I need is to be willing to be open and receptive to ‘yet more of God flowing into my life.’

God has given each one of us the gift of life. You have already received this great gift but it’s up to you to open it. If you leave your gift sitting on the counter and never open it, you don’t know what’s there.

Many people can and do go through life just leaving the gift unopened. But if you’ll open, you’re the gift, reach in and bring forth whatever is there for you, then you’ll experience the richness of blessings Jesus talked about and that the Psalmist said that God has prepared for you.

Your purpose in life doesn’t need to be justified, rationalized, or excused by anyone. You don’t have to tell anyone why you are here on earth currently. You simply need to be here and to let life experience through you.

Choose your own calling. Let yourself be actively involved in all that you choose to be involved in. You are God’s life made manifest. You are a miracle happening right now. That is the truth of you, and you don’t have to explain it to anyone else.

God already knows why you are here. Participate in that gift.

Affirm: “I get definite about my life so life can get definite about me.” Think about that thought for just a moment. Say it to yourself. “I get definite about my life so life can get definite about me.”

Feel how it feels and works in your life.

You can have more of the Presence consciously moving through you in any given moment.

You are God’s miracle. You are God’s life made manifest. So, expect a miracle.

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