“The Journey of The Soul - Burning Bowl Ritual”
 Reverend Bernadette Voorhees
December 28. 2008
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The Burning Bowl Ritual is a sacred time of clearing our Mind Field of seed thoughts that failed to produce good, giving thanks for those that did & a time of planting the seeds of intention for a prosperous New Year.  It is a wonderful way to complete a year or cycle of your life & cross the threshold to a new Promised Land. For this service you need: 

1. A Unity candle representing God.

2.  A candle for each friend or loved one who has made her or his transition this year.

3. A small piece of paper that burns easily & a receptacle to burn it in.

3.  A larger blank piece of paper 

4.  An envelope

5.  The program with the affirmations & prayers.

God bless & Happy New Year, Bernadette

At this service we honor love & our loved ones who made their transitions to the next level of life this year.  Jesus said, “My Father’s house has many rooms if it were not so, I would have told you.”  We rarely think about the body we must have laid down before we picked up the one we are currently in but since our heavenly mother/father God is eternal life, just as the wave merges with the ocean, only to rise again, we are immortal beings who are always 1 with our loved ones in God as the great house of life.  We are always part of the whole ground of being. We are always on holy ground.

Speak the name of your loved ones & light a candle for them while thinking of the love given & received. 
 Let us pray: To our dear ones we say, “We love you, we bless you  & we release you back into the light from which you came.”  & now let’s pray for ourselves & each other by inviting the healing love of God to heal our hearts & to strengthen our resolve to love & to bring more light into the world. AFFIRM WITH ME:   “God, help me to be a unifying presence. Help me to make every place a holy place.”
Now speak the Prayer for Protection: “The light of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power protects us, the presence of God watches over us, wherever we are God is.  And all is well.”  Amen.

Special Music – Holy Ground                                                                                         Phaedra Karoy


In his essay on compensation, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “For every thing you gain, you lose something.”  Did you ever think about that?  If you get a new job, you lose your old job.  If you get a new house, you lose your old house. Emerson says, “Every phase of life requires renunciation. Every advance requires rejection of something old.” 

As we move into 2009, we leave 2008 behind, That’s a given, but to move on, to advance in consciousness, there are things we need to let go of.  Some of those are good times.  We can keep the memories with us of the good times, but we can’t relive the wonderful times anymore than we can redo bad times. 

Renunciation is 1 of your 12 spiritual gifts from God.  When you use it, it releases God, the Christ in you . . your hope of Glory, but you have to be willing to see the gift of your Christ self & claim it for yourself. You do this every time you are willing to see that you are more that just a physical body & act like the spiritual being that you are. In this way, every act of renunciation takes something & gives something if you let it.” But you have to learn to use your willpower to let God & let God. You have to learn to use your willpower to let go of the little ego you to ‘Be More of the greater Christ you.”

We are going to do this using a 3-step process: RELEASE, ATTRACTION & THANKSGIVING.


The Kahunas in Hawaii have a belief that when we come to this planet, we come as a bowl of light.  Our entire body is filled with light & that light represents the power & the perfection we really are.  The light is gradually covered & blocked out by the stones of negative thoughts & feelings. Every anger thought we hold against someone, every argument we have is a little stone dropped into the bowl of light that we are. When there are too many stones, the light dims & may even appear to go out. But the stones we put in we can take out until we are the light of the world we are created to be. 

Release Meditation

I invite you to close your eyes & mentally join me in prayer as we enter into this sacred time of release.  Mother-Father God, we come to you with a commitment to move on, to leave those things that are past, in the past. We come to make an inner commitment to open our minds & hearts to the awareness of Your presence & know, “wherever I am, God is.”

Jesus taught that “Whatsoever you ask for & believe in faith is done is ‘made’ so in the outer of life.” Use the Christ in the midst of you to remember & write down a word or symbol to represent thoughts, feelings & actions that are concealing your light & limiting your expression of God life.

(Take 5-7 minutes or time necessary to complete)

Affirmation #2: Now fold your list & hold it in your right hand & pray: “God, I no longer let outer things disturb my inner peace. I accept responsibility for my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and my reactions. God, with your help, I express the Spirit of Power, Love and Self-control that you have given me to choose wisely. I now exercise my Power of Elimination in order to make my mind a beautiful place for You to dwell and my body a healthy vehicle through which you can express Your light.  Amen.”

Now ignite your slip of paper & drop it into an urn as you speak the words: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” 
Affirmation #3: Close the RELEASE part by speaking our 3rd prayer: Dear God, through the power of my indwelling Christ, I release this energy back into the light from which it came and ask You to transform it into the appropriate forms of positive, powerful, useable good that I need and will want in my life this year. 


Now we are ready to take the 2nd step on our journey of the soul. 

Take a sheet of paper & as you look at it as a clean slate, once again, pray:

Affirmation #4: “Father Mother God, I come to you open to new possibilities in my life.  I am receptive to Your Divine Ideas and willing to take whatever action is necessary to bring them into manifestation in my life.”

Go deeper within yourself & feel the soft, gentleness of God’s presence washing over you, bringing wholeness to every molecule of your body & healing every aspect of your life.  God is here as loving co-creator inside of you, broadcasting divine ideas for you to hold in mind to co-create the reality that is your life. Knowing power of God working in & through you begin walking towards your future good by making a list of what you want to bring into your life this year.

The list doesn’t need to be in any order regarding time or importance for God is Divine Order. Just as an accord ‘knows’ how & when to grow into an oak tree, God will unfold the seed thoughts you are planting into ever-increasing good.

Hold your list in your right hand & a feeling of jubilant expectation in your heart & pray:

Affirmation #5: Dear God, I am grateful to be on the threshold of a New Year.  I am grateful to feel Your peace and grateful to feel Your peace & grateful to experience Your light, love and Perfect life. Amen.

Now turn your paper over & let’s take the 3rd step in our soul journey into the New Year.  In gratitude, for all the love & other forms of good you have known in your life, write a brief letter to God & tell God what you are thankful for - list the things you are most grateful for, including miracles you’ve experienced, people who have blessed you & moments you have been aware that there is more to you & life than meets the physical eye.  Now place your letter in the envelope, put your name & address on it & bring it forward & place it in our Prayer Box. We will prayer with you & then mail it back to you next November in time for our Thanksgiving service.       
Now close your ceremony by speaking or singing our Lord’s Prayer

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