We breathe deeply, and with every breath, we become more conscious of the peace of the Christ within. We allow this sacred spirit to soothe us to the depths of our souls, to fill us with strength, and to give us confidence to embrace life. We radiate peace to everyone around us.
With a growing feeling of serenity, we rest in the Christ Presence now …
as we pray…

The ever-present light of Christ guides us to freedom and fulfillment.
We are bathed in the glow of the Christ Light within and around us. In this light, any thought of uncertainty or indecision diminishes. As this light glows ever more brightly within, our minds fill with fresh insights.
We trust the Christ Light within to guide us on paths of freedom and fulfillment. With a new, positive outlook, we examine the choices before us with new confidence. We make wise decisions.
As we rest in the quietness of prayer now, we are secure in the knowledge that the light of the Christ within shines on our paths and helps us find right solutions. Centered in the Christ, we relax and pray …

The life of Christ within is our source of continued renewal.
As new life awakens in the world around us, we know that the Source of all life is also renewing our minds and bodies. Through the Christ Presence of vitality and energy that flows throughout our body temples, we are renewed. We cherish this source of life, this limitless source of energy and strength within.
In these relaxing moments, let us breathe deeply and rest in the silence. Let us give thanks for the life within every atom, cell, and tissue that is pulsing throughout our beings to create wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.
Assured that the life of Christ within is doing its perfect work, we release any con-cern about our well-being. We look to the Christ Spirit within and return to the stillness of prayer …

A wellspring of divine ideas flows from the Christ within us. We are prospered.
As we savor these sacred moments in the stillness, we recognize the many ways we have been blessed. Reflecting on these blessings, we give thanks for the prosperity that continues to fill our lives.
We open our minds now to the inspiration of the Christ and to divine ideas that we express to create fulfilling relationships, abundant supply, and enriching experiences. We trust the wisdom of the Christ within to keep us steady and secure on the path of prosperity.
Resting in a growing awareness of the prospering Christ Presence within, we relax and pray …

I hold a vision of peace, harmony, and love for the world.

With a deepening awareness of the Christ Presence within ourselves, we broaden our perspective and see the Christ within all people. With faith in this sacred Presence, we behold leaders and citizens of the world following the path of understanding, compassion, harmony, and peace. Holding this vision in heart and mind, we pray …
This precious time has been an opportunity for us to deepen our awareness of the Christ Presence within ourselves and all for whom we pray. In ever greater measure, our lives are touched by the guiding, healing, prospering, peace-giving presence within.
Aware of these blessings and more, we are united in a spirit of thankfulness, and with grateful hearts, we welcome the blessings that lie ahead.

Let us now return our attention to the present moment and pray together the “Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches
over us.
Wherever we are, God is!