Heart Talk

Those of us who perceive the world metaphysically view human consciousness as a divine vessel and the physical body as a vehicle for transformation. We believe God has given us the freedom to think what we choose and that what we think, we experience, for the basic Law of Creation is “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”

When we think with God, we use our divine inheritance to co-create Heaven on Earth. If we believe that we are headed for catastrophe, our motivation is nipped in the bud and we are disempowered-- for as we see the future, so we act, and as we act, so we become.

In Unity, we are neither optimists nor pessimists. We are potentialists. We see the reality of our potential and move to fulfill it. As we remember who we are (individualized expressions of God) and what we can be (Christs), the process of creation aligns itself with and within us and we are empowered by our awareness.

Margaret Mead once said, “Even the greatest among us has only used ten percent of their creative capacity.”
In development of consciousness, the goal is the attainment of Christ Consciousness. By learning to hold images of personal wellness we heal personally and by learning to hold images of social wellness we will help humankind to heal and evolve globally.

Each of us is being called from within to access the eternal and evolving aspects of God. As Spirit in action in the physical world, each of us is responsible to help manifest a desirable future of peace and plenty for all. One pathway to attainment is through adhering to the spiritual principles taught by Jesus Christ and Unity.

In love and light, Bernadette

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