Heart Talk

During the depression when things didn’t look very good for Unity or the world, a lawyer working for Unity was discussing Unity affairs with Charles Fillmore and the Board of Directors. He suddenly began to list everything that he thought was wrong with Unity. They were always in the red. They were a bunch of dreamers. They were too idealistic and they were going to fail if they kept going the way they were going. Charles Fillmore listened to him and then calmly said, “You are fired, please leave. We can’t have someone working in this organization who thinks as you do. You can do nothing but limit us by your negative thinking. This isn’t just a business. This is a place of God, a work of God and God never fails.”

Another time Unity’s Board told Charles to stop writing and talking about regeneration of the physical body. They said, “You shouldn’t talk about living forever because you might die and that would be a blow to the Unity teachings and the future of the movement.” Charles answered, “I’m going to keep on believing in regeneration, writing and talking about it whenever I want to because like Napoleon’s drummer boy, I cannot beat retreat. It’s disobedience to Spirit to refuse to forge ahead through all hazards.” That was the Spirit of our co-founder, Charles Fillmore. He marched through life under a banner that said “No Compromise with negation.”

The world often condemns this type of person for being tough-willed, foolish and impractical, but these are the kind of people who have moved the world because they did not let the world move them. This Spirit of adventure frightens some people. We who are Unity today must have the courage of our spiritual co-founders to move fearlessly forward to fulfill our own powerful potential as a force for global peace and healing. Unity has a World View and Vision worth working toward: “Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.”

In love and light, Bernadette

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