Heart Talk

There is a story, which comes from the Sufi tradition about a stream that had its source in a faraway mountain. It passed through all kinds of countryside, roaring through, carving its own way, and being very powerful and strong. Looking at the stream, you got the feeling of the stream as very strong and unstoppable. But one day this powerful stream met a vast desert. There was no way the stream could pass through. What could it do?

Just then, it heard the voice of the wind. The wind told the stream, “Just let go and I will carry you across the desert.” But the stream could not do that. How could it surrender to the power of the wind? It was afraid.

But alas, there was no other way. Finally, the stream surrendered and thewind took it up in the form of evaporation high into the sky. The wind then carried the water molecules across the desert to the far mountains where it rained forming another very powerful stream. It was in this way that the stream did cross the desert and move on to join the sea.

Our lives are like that. There is a power in us that wants to do it all ourselves. Then we come up against the obstacles in life, the desert experiences that we all have. We still want to do it ourselves. It has worked for us before, hasn’t it?

But we cannot and the only way we can cross our desert experiences is by surrendering to the wind. What is the wind? The wind is the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother.

Resting in the arms of the Divine Mother carries us through the deserts of our lives, reunites us again and forms new life and new existence for us. There is so much more to us than we can ever imagine.

In love and light, Bernadette

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