Heart Talk

I watched the story of Pinocchio on television the other night with my 97-year-old mother and my 7-year-old granddaughter Iselin. We all agreed that Pinocchio had a big problem. The problem was that every time he lied his nose would grow. Can you imagine what your life would be like if the nose on your face was so long that you couldn’t even hold your head up straight?

We all agreed that wouldn’t be something any of us would like to experience. Yet, many times we do tell ourselves false things just as Pinocchio told false things to others. We say things such as, “This situation is never going to get better.” or “I don’t have the power to let go of the hurt feelings and resentments I feel toward others.”

The message that came to Pinocchio is one that is universal for all living things. The message is: “The truth will set you free.” Telling the truth stopped Pinocchio’s nose from growing and it will stop us from living with old memories and pains churning inside of us. We can speak the truth and we can live and know true freedom.

What is the truth? The truth is: God is always with you and God can take away any pain even if that pain is buried deep inside of you. The power to set yourself free is in knowing your connection with God. Ask God in prayer to help you and since God is always with you, God will help you to let go of whatever is holding you down.

The Bible says, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” (Eph. 4:23) As you are renewed in the spirit of your mind, you no longer let negative thoughts and feelings dominate your consciousness or accept the belief that it is impossible for things to change. No matter what you are facing in your life, realize that with God all things are possible.

In love and light, Bernadette

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