Heart Talk

Once upon a time a Wise Old King called the Scholars of his kingdom together and said, “I want you to travel the Earth and gather all the wisdom of the ages for humanity.”

The Scholars went out to search and were gone for many years. When they returned, and compiled all the wisdom, it filled twelve huge volumes that stretched from floor to ceiling. The King stared at the stack of heavy volumes and said, “I am confident these books contain the wisdom of the ages but it’s just too lengthy. No one could read all of this in a single lifetime. You must condense it.”

The Scholars worked until they presented the King a book, tens of thousands of pages long. The King examined it and said, “It is good. But it is still too long. Condense it.”

They worked until they came back with a single page of wisdom. The King barely glanced at it saying, “It is still too long. You must condense it so that everyone can read it and understand it.”

They worked night and day until they reduced it to a single paragraph. The King read it and said, “You have done a wonderful job but it is still too long. You must condense it.”

The Scholars eventually completed their task, proudly presenting the Wise Old King with a single sentence. In delight he said, “This is it! With this one sentence, all the problems of the world will simply be solved. Let these words be inscribed in stone for all to see and remember.”

“In every moment of our lives let us be aware and live in thankfulness and praise for what God is doing.”

May your faith, peace, love, and joy be increased as you live in praise and thankfulness for what God is doing in your life today and always.

In love and light, Bernadette

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