Heart Talk

Someone said that the key to success is to pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you! The Native North Americans say it this way: Pray and row away from the rocks. A familiar proverb tells us: Heaven helps those who help themselves. Our friends in the Church of Religious Science have a practice they call "prayer treatment." They say, "Treat and move your feet!" We are in a partnership with God. We do our part and God always does God's part.

Medical science has confirmed that prayer and an active church life will improve our health and increase our years. And we also know that there are some steps we can take in the outer like eating healthy food and exercising to cooperate with our spiritual practices. The problem, doctors report, most people are not really willing to take responsibility for their health and physical well-being.

The secret of permanent prosperity is: Put God first in every area of your life. Again, we must take action. Finally, let's address relationships. I have two parts to this subject: A. Making amends, and B. Putting love in action. If we are going to have happy relationships, we must take action in making amends. We make amends in the physical sense only when it will not do further harm to the one we have hurt. For example:

A few years ago, the Pope apologized on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church for the harm it did to Galileo. It was hundreds of years after Galileo was gone. But it was a necessary and powerful part of healing to say to the world: "We were wrong and we are sorry." This was a profound activity. It will be a profound activity in our lives when we make amends. In all areas of our lives, we must invite God in. We partner with God when we treat and move our feet! Step into Spring applying this unbeatable combination.

In Love and Light, Bernadette

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