Heart Talk

One day I sat watching a fly trying to get out of the room through a closed window. It flew into the glass over and over until it died. Less than two feet away was an open door. If the fly could have thought, “What I'm doing isn't working. This is hurting me. Why don't I just get still and let God help me out of this.” The fly would have felt the breeze coming through the open door and been led to freedom. Instead, he literally beat himself to death.

Revelation 3:8 says, “I set before you an open door.” When we're having an experience and what we've done in the past isn't working, rather than beating our heads into the wall, believing the wall will give way, the old pattern must give way. Begin by saying, "God, my way isn't working. I'm locked in but I'm not going to be like that fly and just press on with my human will. I’m turning to you and asking to be guided in a new direction."

On the human level of mind, we can get locked into old behavior patterns that worked at one time (or that never worked). Stop trying to handle life’s challenges alone and wake up to the good news Jesus came to tell you about yourself: “You are a beloved child of God and a perfect creation of God just the way you are. It is God’s good pleasure to give to you the riches of the kingdom of heaven.” This is the truth about you.

The Truth about God is that there is no limit to God and to the good God desires you to have. There’s more than enough God to supply everything you need for a healthy, happy, and abundant life. But you must trust in God and trust in God within you. Each day is a fresh start. Tune into God to be empowered by God to move powerfully through every open door!

An individual life is a gift from God, but it's just raw material. Each of us is an artist, co-creating our lives as we wish. With God, endings are always new beginnings.

Life is what happens on your way somewhere else.

In Love and Light, Bernadette

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