Heart Talk

There was once an ant who was carrying a piece of straw. When he came to a crevice in the earth, he scurried along its edge, looking for a way around. However, the crack in the earth was longer than the ant was willing to walk. Suddenly, the ant took the straw he was carrying and placed it across the crevice and walked to the other side. The ant’s burden had become a bridge. Any burden we carry can be a bridge to some greater good. The burden causes us to think in a new way, to uncover previously hidden inner resources, and to become a new person. This newborn you will act differently and see problems differently. The solutions which come forth transcend anything the old us could envision.

Jim States, a mountaineer who stood atop Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, tells the story of a high altitude climb in which he grew immensely tired. He would take a deep breath, affirm his faith in God, and take four steps. This process persisted for hours. Not only was the summit mounted, but Jim rose to new heights as he discovered a greater faith in God.

If life’s problems are to be solved, we must put aside the need to find a solution and be willing to know God. Trying to live a spiritual life does not ensure that we will never have problems. There will always be challenges because we are growing and dynamic beings. As we strive to live a life centered in Spirit, we will become aware of principles that will enable us to move through and beyond any problem.

Remember the phrase: “I take one more step.” This is the way mountains are climbed and the way a spiritual life is lived. By approaching the things you do in this way, you are acknowledging that Spirit is the source of your strength. This aids in the revelation of who and what you truly are.

In Love and Light, Bernadette

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