Heart Talk

There’s a natural, effortless, instinctive trust in nature that Unity teaches us to have in our own lives. An instinctive trust that knows that the pattern of the Christ within us is unfolding perfectly no matter what we may think or feel to the contrary. Here is a true story that illustrates this.

Two rugged, powerful mountain goats met on a very narrow pathway joining two mountain ridges. On one side of the path there was a cliff with a 1000 foot drop and on the other side of the path there was a steep cliff rising straight up. The trail was also so narrow that there was no room to turn around. The goats could not back up without falling, so what did they do? Instead of fighting each other for the right to pass, one of the goats simply knelt down and made himself as flat as possible. The other goat then walked over him and both goats proceeded safely.

Jesus taught that we are a divine idea in the Mind of God; a God seed unfolding into a Christ. If we can learn to experience a complete trust in that process no matter what seems to be happening around us, we will have a rise in consciousness and proceed safely upward on our path of spiritual evolution.

This is what Jesus did when he faced challenges and what led him to say, “It is not I but the Father within me who does the work.” His human mind bowed down and allowed his Christ Mind to freely pass through and express. This also enabled God Mind moving through him to use him to heal the sick and feed the hungry. This is also what enabled him to rise above his own crucifixion experience saying, “What I do you can do also.” The ‘what’ he was referring to is: To have ‘a rise in consciousness,’ which is exactly what Unity exists to help us to do.

We can absolutely become who God created us to be. Perfect expressions of God Life, abundant, whole, joyous, and peaceful. You and I can have it all by being all that God created us to be.

In love and light, Bernadette

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