We are continuing to shelter in place with no in-person services. Please note the calendar
shows the schedule if the order is lifted. Please click here for transcripts.


Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am

January’s lessons will offer Unity’s practical Christianity ideas for expanding our consciousness and relationship of oneness with God.

January  2  In the Beginning
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service
Prosperity Banks & Blessing by Gayle Starker

January  9 Prosperity for the New Year

January 16 On the Mountaintop

January 23 Unity Classic: Ten Consciousness Changing Ideas

January 30 Unity Classic: It Only Works if You Work It

Wednesdays: No Services

As a Tree in Winter

Dear Father-God.
I have stood as a tree in winter,
Keeping all life within.
Today I shall begin anew.
I will be as outgoing as
A tree in spring, growing
encompassing all who pass my way.
Thank You, Father, for a new day,
a new beginning.


Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am

In our February talks we will explore more of the Unity teachings that we love.

February 6 Unity Classic: What Unity Teaches
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service
Prosperity Banks & Blessing by Gayle Starker

February 13 True Love

February 20 Created for Creativity

February 27 Moving Beyond Recovery

Wednesdays: No Services

Dear Friend
By R. H. Grenville

I place this letter which I write
Into an envelope of Light,
Stamp it with love’s blessing too,
And send it on its way to you.

When it arrives, please understand
It is my own outreaching hand
That touches yours—a living part
Of me that greats you, heart to heart.

No time or distance can deter
This faith-directed messenger,
For love has magic, love has wings,
And love is what this letter brings.

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