We are continuing to shelter in place with no in-person services. Please note the calendar
shows the schedule if the order is lifted.

April 17: tentative date for resuming in-person services.

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Sunday Celebration Services 11:00am

In Marchís lessons will explore Unityís practical Christianity ideas for expanding our consciousness and relationship of oneness with God as prosperity, forgiveness, patience, and peace of mind.

March 6  Increase Your Power to Prosper
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service
Prosperity Banks & Blessing by Gayle Starker

March 13 Forgiving the Unforgivable
Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 20 How to Develop Patience

March 27 How to Develop Peace of Mind

Wednesdays: No Services

by Grace Hall

March is here when wind does blow
Push us out of the speed called slow.
Winter is fine, relax, enjoy T.V.
But at the end thereís so much to see

Look around, God is doing his thing
He told the flowers, Hey, itís spring.
They come from the dirt, they enfold
All so beautiful, to behold.

Now Christ within, that still small voice
Tells each of us, you have a choice
Get outside, run, walk, breathe the air
Or work the garden, that needs care

Find a spot, meditate, and pray
Itís all God, He shows the way.
Or, read a book, page by page
It all depends on whatís your age!


Sunday Celebration Services 11:00am

In our April lessons we will explore the Unity teachings on the Easter experience based on the first century understanding of the teachings of Jesus. 

April 3 What Do You Believe?
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service
Prosperity Banks & Blessing by Gayle Starker

April 10 In the Palm of His Hand
Palm Sunday

April 17 Easter Sunday Celebration
Easter Sunday

Tentative return to in-person services!

April 24 The Week After He Arose

Wednesdays: No Services

Take Heart
By Grace Noll Crowell

Heart, does the day seem endless;
    And the road too weary and long?
Wait awhile in the silence,
    Rest, and you will grow strong
In the strength of One who has traveled
    This same road long ago.
He will come with His might and power,
    He will give you the strength to go
Through the deepest darkest valley,
    And on up the steepest slope.
His hand will be there to guide you,
    There will be faith and hope
Like a lamp for you to carry,
    And courage will have a part
In your valiant upward climbing.
O weary one, take heart!

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