Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am
The laws of cosmic mind power can change your life! Learn to spiritually rebuild your entire life using practical, down-to-earth language and easy steps to bring forth health, happiness, prosperity, inner satisfaction and fulfillment. DISCUSSION GROUP: Led by Grace Conners and Sandy Wilson on designated Sundays. Everyone is welcome.

May 5 Law #1: “What So Ever You Believe You Will Receive”;

Karen Fox Music & Silent Unity Prayer Service; Prosperity Banks (blessing by Gayle Starker) • Board Mtg. • Team Reports Discussion Group Meets
Teen Foodraiser: Cinco de Mayo

May 12 The Little Red Hen; Happy Mother’s Day

May 19 Law #2: “The Law of Healing: Overcoming The ‘Incurable’ In Your Life”;
Discussion Group Meets

May 27 “The Law Of Protection: Purpose & Protection on the Eternal Path”;
Discussion Group Meets • Memorial Day Service

Wednesday Midweek Services 7:00-8:00pm
Great Storiess of the Bible: 9 Old Testament dramas in the saga of humanity’s evolving awareness of God.

May 1 Adam & Eve
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service

May 8 Cain & Abel

May 15 Sodom & Gomorrah

May 22 Judah & Tamar

May 29 Samson & Delilah


Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am

June 2 Law #4: “The Law Of Creation: Imagination”;
Prosperity Banks (blessing by Gayle Starker) • Board Mtg. Team Reports • Teen Foodraiser -Strawberry Shortcakes

June 9 Aging To Perfection; Happy 98th Birthday Margaret!
I invite you to share our family’s joy on this special day. Margaret turns 98 today and Iselin turns 8 on June 30th. Oh, what a difference 90 years make!

June 16 Law #5: “One Presence & Power: Father’s As Healers And Teachers Of Truth”;
Karen Fox Music & Silent Unity Prayer Service,
Happy Father’s Day!

June 23 God Is Your Dream Maker;
Children’s Celebration Sunday. Please join us after service for refreshments in the fellowship room.

June 30 How Free Are You?;
4th of July Celebration Sunday

Wednesday Midweek Services 7:00-8:00pm

June 5 Ahab & Jezebel

June 12 David & Goliath

June 19 Jonah & the Whale;
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service

June 26 The Story of Ruth & Naomi

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