Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am
The theme of our March lessons is: “Seeing with spiritual vision and living the Unity Way of Life.”

March 1 The Bluebird of Happiness;
Karen Fox Music & Silent Unity Prayer Service; Prosperity Banks • Board Mtg. • Team Reports
Foodraiser: Irish Sundaes

March 8 Keep Your Windows Clean
Daylight Savings Time begins (set your clocks 1 hour forward)

March 15 Service Cancelled

March 22 Unity Works if You Work It

March 29 Think on These Things

Wednesday Midweek Class 7-8:30pm
“ECSTASY” - Begins March 11 Understanding The Psychology Of Joy through the Greek myth of Dionysus and its relationship to early Christianity. Reconnect with the powerful, life-changing ecstatic element that lies dormant and often repressed within us.

March 4 Enfolded in Love

March 11 What is Ecstacy?

March 18 Service Cancelled

March 25 The Other Side of Ecstacy


Sunday Celebration Services 10:00am
Our April lessons will focus on the Easter Season as a time to remember that life is eternal and that although change comes, God’s help is enduring. Jesus Christ said that God is within each one of us and God is leading us onward, upward, God-ward, and Christ-ward

April 5 Forgiveness;
Karen Fox music & Silent Unity Prayer Service;
Prosperity Banks
Palm Sunday
Foodraiser: Pizza Muffins

April 12 The Empty Tomb
Easter Celebration

April 19 The Courage to Doubt

April 26 Conversion Experiences

Wednesday Midweek Class 7-8:30pm

April 1 Fools Rush In & The Celebration of Life

April 8 Return of the Scapegoat

April 15 Filled With Light or Air

April 22 The God Connection

April 29 Living Your Best Life

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