Youth Ministry
Youth Education Director: Katherine Schuh

Youth Education: Katherine Schuh
Nursery: Phaedra Karoy
UNITEENS and Y.O.U.: Shari Frisbie

Spring is the season of new beginnings, rebirth and transformations. New life is blooming and abundant everywhere. The daylight hours are longer, green leaves and spring flowers are bursting forth on tree branches or shyly peeking from the gently warming ground. Our children have a new “spring” in their step and their creativity is in full bloom. I do love this time of year. We begin preparation for Easter with the beginning of Lent on March 6th. Youth Education class will celebrate the Easter Journey with some beloved stories from our Nursery Team Leader Phaedra’s own childhood. These are wonderful stories from the Serendipity series created by Steven Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. These stories use both real and fantastical animals to illustrate everyday moral and spiritual values. Special spring themed art projects and activities are planned to accompany these stories. If you take the time to visit our Youth Education area you will see spring butterflies, flowers and beauty in abundance thank you, Phaedra for these additions.

Children’s Easter Celebration - April 21, 2019
Youth Ministry Children’s Easter celebration will be during their regular class time and will include music, crafts, games and of course our ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT. We always have extra children for this fun event so please tell Katherine or Phaedra at least one week in advance, if you are bringing children or extra children. We want to have enough eggs, Easter games and surprises for everyone.

Y.O.U. SPONSOR: Shari Frisbie
Our Y.O.U. group is very excited about attending Spring regional Rally, April 12th to April 14th. We bless the church family for the wonderful support of our fundraisers that helps make our participation in this transformational activity possible. Megan Williams and Shari Frisbie are planning to attend this event at Camp Cispus.
March 3 Foodraiser: Irish Sundaes (baked potatoes & toppings)
April 7 Foodraiser: Pizza muffins with assorted toppings.

VOLUNTEERS where are you?
Katherine Schuh is on a sabbatical for the next few months while she continues to heal & your help is needed to keep our Youth Ministry thriving until she can return. If you can spend one or more Sundays a month with the children as a teacher or class aide, if you can share the gift of a story, music, or teach a dance, yoga, meditation, or facilitate an art project, etc. talk to us about it & let’s get going. Everyone who volunteers and misses the Sunday service has the choice to receive either a written transcript of the meditation and lesson or a CD of the service. We also need help on other days to keep our supplies organized, Bulletin Boards decorated, toys sterilized and our children’s books & toys in good repair.

Our Y.O.U. (teen) Sponsor also needs help. If you can see yourself helping to nurture our children’s spiritual evolution in any way please contact Katherine, Rev. Bernadette or Phaedra. Call the church office at 360- 696-0996 and leave us a message or email Phaedra at


March Affirmation for Divine Strength:
Through the Christ in me I am strong in all that I do.

April Affirmation for Divine Wisdom:
By the power of divine wisdom, I know the way to go. I am wise with the wisdom if infinite mind..

For more information on any of the events at Unity of Vancouver call the office at 360-696-0996 or
email Unity of Vancouver Adminstrator