Youth Ministry
Youth Education Director: Katherine Schuh

Youth Education: Katherine Schuh
Nursery: Phaedra Karoy
UNITEENS and Y.O.U.: Shari Frisbie

Are you ready for the new beginning that is Fall? The old saying is Spring is a new beginning, but when I really think about it Fall is a new beginning. I let go of all the carefree summer days and plunge into the ‘get ready’ energy of grabbing on to the autumn breezes. I am ready for cooler mornings, shorter days and the brilliant colors that accompany heading back to school and schedules and preparing for the big winter holidays to come. In September and October, we celebrate our spiritual powers of ORDER and ENTHUSIASM. (**Enthusiasm comes from a Greek word meaning “in God”.) I know all is in Divine Order and I feel the vibrant enthusiastic energy that is arriving with Fall.

Youth Education
This Fall we will resume our exploration of meditation, a powerful way of connecting with Spirit. Even the youngest child can be drawn into a meditation practice that can help transform the challenge of a long school day, time on the soccer field or in a gymnastics class, doing homework, or make the experience of a long car ride more balanced and centered. There are many forms of meditation, starting with breath, walking, chanting and forms of art. We hope to explore these using such books as Baby Buddhas by Lisa Desmond, Meditating with Children, and Sunshine and Starbright. Meditation is something a family can do together by learning to listen to your heartbeat, watching the breath, and learning to feel the inner change to balance and peace. It is in Prayer that we talk to God. It is in Meditation that God Speaks to us.

Volunteer Orientation • Sunday, September 9 • 11:30 to 12:15
We have arranged a special time to share our Mission and Vision of Youth Ministry with those interested in joining us in the great adventure of Youth Ministry. We have need in all areas for your talents. This is an opportunity for you to find where your talent and time will fit best, what the expectations are for volunteers and what you can expect to give and receive as a cherished Youth Ministry Volunteer. Bring your coffee, we will provide a treat! Our Teen group leader Shari has sent out a special prayer for a volunteer or co-sponsor to help with Uniteens and Y.O.U. Could this be you?

Harvest/Halloween Celebration • Sunday, October 28
Children of all ages are invited to wear their costumes to class as we celebrate this special time of year with crafts, stories and music, and special treats.

We really enjoyed our summer with the Regional Rendezvous in Spokane, but we can’t wait to begin Fall activities and classes. We will continue our food fundraisers as we look forward to Regional Retreat in October. We bless our church family for its awesome support.

Our upcoming food fundraisers are:

September 7: Ice Cream Social
We love this event and you will too!

October 4: Annual Super Souper Sunday
This is one of our favorite events of the year! Bring your favorite soup or bread to share and enjoy a special time of fellowship with the church family.


September Affirmation for Divine Order
I put first things first. God is in charge, all is in Divine Order..

October Affirmation for Zeal & Enthusiasm
I pray, think and act with enthusiasm to do what is mine to do.

For more information on any of the events at Unity of Vancouver call the office at 360-696-0996 or
email Unity of Vancouver Adminstrator