Youth Ministry

Youth Education Director: Katherine Schuh
Team Members: Katherine Schuh, Phaedra Karoy, & Ms. Braelyn Johnson

Youth Education - Ages 3 to 10

Are you ready for spring 2022?  I think I am. Certainly, nature is shaking off her winter coat in spite of the weather’s mixed messages. Tiny green shoots are popping up and out, the early morning birds are singing, and the daffodils are in bloom.  Ash Wednesday falls on
March 2nd this year, beginning the Lenten season leading to Easter Sunday on April17th.  Spring break for our Vancouver schools lasts from March 14th to the 25th, and spring is ready to be sprung on March 20th. As we move through the Lenten season and into spring and the spiritual rebirth that is Easter, let us focus on preparing ourselves for the new energy that abounds through and around us. As families plan to celebrate Easter traditions, plan to share the biblical Easter story as well as the traditional bunny and egg story which so symbolizes spring. The sharing of traditions through the generations bonds and builds relationships that nurture and support us through all seasons of life.

Today our Unity church is not open for services and our Youth Ministry program remains suspended.  While it seems that progress is not being made, it surely is.  We have but to look at the trees and flowers in the midst of winter waiting patiently to burst into flowers and green leaves with the coming of spring and know that all is in divine order and the creative forces of the Universe are moving us forward in ways not seen by human eyes.

The annual Y.O.U. Spring Rally is being held April 22-24 at Randle Washington.  More information available at Unity Northwest region website. Although we currently do not have an active Y.O.U. chapter it is important to know that Unity continues to support and encourage youth activities on a regional and national level.

March Affirmation for Strength:
“I am strong in all I do through the Christ in me.”

April Affirmation for Divine Wisdom:
“Divine Wisdom guides me in all I think, say, and do,”

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