Youth Ministry
Youth Education Director: Katherine Schuh

Youth Education: Katherine Schuh
Nursery: Phaedra Karoy
UNITEENS and Y.O.U.: Shari Frisbie

Have you noticed the summer blessings that surround us? They include early sunrises, bright blue skies, awesome sunsets, bountiful gardens and the amazing energy of children of all ages claiming the joy of summer. The beauty of God’s creation abounds and we are part of it. I encourage you to make a list of what you enjoy the most in summer and go enjoy it. If you find this hard to do, ask a child to help you and take the suggestions. Children are experts on finding joy in the moment!
Our Youth Ministry classes will be doing exactly that. We will make a list and see how far we can get before summer ends. We will be outside for some Sunday classes, using the beauty of summer for inspiration in our lessons and activities. Our lessons will include the power and use of affirmations in our daily and spiritual life. Even the youngest child can create and speak an affirmation. Our summer classes will include lessons on Understanding and Will, our Spiritual Powers for July and August.

Volunteer Opportunities Are Now Available
Can you imagine what goes on downstairs while you are sitting in a pew upstairs? Wouldn’t you like to find out? You can, it is so easy. You can volunteer one Sunday a month with the Youth Ministry team. Training provided, and a CD or transcript of the service will also be yours. This is a way to connect with your church family at an amazing level and have fun too. Please contact Katherine, Phaedra, or Rev. Bernadette for more information.

Shari Frisbie has announced that in August she will be releasing her role as sponsor for the teens in our church family. Shari has done a wonderful job leading Sunday classes, conducting fundraisers, and accompanying Uniteens and Y.O.U. members to regional events, including rally, retreat and rendezvous. She has driven hundreds of miles, eaten at Spiffys, survived the ropes course, and been chased by bees, hornets and wasps, and always returned with a smile and teens who were spirit filled and inspired to share their light with us and their world. Thank you, Shari you are blessed, and a blessing!
Congratulations to Megan as she completes High School and the Y.O.U phase of life. We see a wonderful journey of opportunity and creativity before you. We see you richly blessed and divinely guided in all areas of your life.Thank you, church family, for all the support you have given our group through the years and in the years yet to be.

July, our last food fundraiser, will be themed “A 4th of July Potluck.” Please bring your favorite Picnic Dish to share with the church family.

Scholarships Needed
Your financial help in any amount is needed to give our children these amazing spiritual opportunities. Mark your gift, “YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND.” It will not be used for anything else. Thank You! For information call: 360-696-0996.

Yes, I am every Spirits child,
All grace and ease commanding,
Born within a moment of quiet understanding.

July Affirmation for UNDERSTANDING: I understand I AM a child of God.

August Affirmation for WILL: God’s Will for me is good. I am open to knowing and doing God’s Will.

For more information on any of the events at Unity of Vancouver call the office at 360-696-0996 or
email Unity of Vancouver Adminstrator