Youth Ministry

Youth Education Director: Katherine Schuh
Team Members: Katherine Schuh, Phaedra Karoy, & Ms. Braelyn Johnson

Youth Education - Ages 3 to 10

In the middle of a dark and rainy midwinter, a new year has begun. Children are returning to school, and families are settling into their post-holiday routines. Our Youth Ministry team is focusing on the year to come. Although our Youth Ministry program remains suspended, we will be working to rebuild a welcoming team of volunteers and to restore a vibrant environment and an inspiring curriculum for our classes. In the months of January and February we will be drawing on the spiritual powers of Faith and Love to set and visualize goals for this year.   

Until we once again have volunteers to greet children, I call on each of you to be present for the children and teens in your life. You may wonder what that means, or you may be actively involved on a daily basis.  You can share simple acts of kindness with them (Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th).  Let them lead a blessing at a family gathering, remind them of the power our words and thoughts have to create joy, love, prosperity and power, to achieve our dreams. You might invite them to share some time in nature or plan a family game night and let them choose the game and share in the laughter.

On February 22, we mark the beginning of our Lenten journey.  As we look to Easter in April as time of rebirth, we will await the return of the longer daylight hours and emergence of life about us. January may be a cold, wet, dark month, but we have faith that life and love will prevail and the hope that fills our mind and hearts will bring us into the Light.

The reason birds can fly and we canít is
simply because they have perfect faith,
 for to have faith is to have wings.
~J.M. Barrie

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